“Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo, third officer reporting. The other members of the crew, Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash and Captain Dallas, are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off. Come on, comics.”

Josh says try…

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century – 2009 #3

By Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill

CONFESSION: I still haven’t read the last one that came out. I know exactly where it is, and I know I need to read it, but I’ll be honest, this stuck up on me. So here it is kids who want to support Alan Moore and not the properties being produced from work he previously did. It’s creator owned, and it’s all Alan and Kevin. I’m actually kind of impressed to see it so soon. Let’s talk about what Alan Moore is doing, rather than what he’s complaining about, and remember that this guy is about the best there ever was.


Ron says try…

David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil: Born Again Artist’s Edition

By Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli

A bit more expensive than the usual Light Week pick, but come on. If there was ever a book for you to spend your hard earned cash on, it’s this.  Collecting the original art of modern master David Mazzucchelli and reproducing it in Eisner Award winning fashion by editor Scott Dunbier and IDW, this collects the classic Daredevil story Born Again, written by Frank Miller and bound to make your head spin at how beautiful it is.

Conor says try…

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #10

By Joe Harris, Ethan Van Sciver, Yildiray Cinar & Norm Rapmund

Honestly, I just wanted to pick a book with a long title and with someone on the cover who is standing with their leg up on something. I didn’t want to feel left out.


  1. lol clearly Conor is already in summer vacation mode

  2. hahaha.. i love Conor’s pick

  3. Avatar photo Mickey">Mickey (@GeeksOfChrist) says:

    For a second I thought that was a new Mazzucchelli up there. I wish dude would draw more comics.

  4. There are a few Wednesdays a year where I lose my shit in excitement. This is one of them. I have never owned nor seen one of these IDW Artist Editions before, but i hear so many good things about them. I can’t wait for this one!

  5. @Josh, you really should read LoEG Century 1969, it’s some really fun stuff. Particularly the finale, it’s flat out the best artwork by O’Neill yet. Looking forward to this new one very much!

  6. For 1969, pay attention to the “groper.” You’ll know it when you see it.

  7. I’m hoping that Mazzucchelli will be at SDCC signing that book like Simonson did last year with the previous artist’s edition. If so I will buy it there.

  8. That Firestorm cover is pretty nice – mainly because of the old, flat style of coloring. If the inside is colored in the same manner, I might be tempted to check it out.

  9. The League stuck up on me as well. 😉 It is interesting where they have taken these literary charcters. I’m looking forward to this one as well.