Light Week? Try Star Trek: McCoy, Siege: Young Avengers, and Irredeemable Special

Sometimes you look down at that pull list that you just made and you realize there aren't many books on it and that you've got a light week! And that just won't do! You can't go all the way down to the comic book store for just a handful of books. It's at times like these that you need some suggestions on new comics to try. Well, luckily, we're here for you.


Ron says try:

Star Trek: McCoy

Star Trek: McCoy #1
By John Byrne

I haven't been reading the Star Trek line of comics from IDW, despite being a huge Star Trek fan.  I'm not even really sure why, probaby because I have too much to read as it is.  But when I saw this book pop in the comics list, I laughed.  Something about the concept of giving one of my favorite characters, Dr. McCoy his own series and calling it "Frontier Doctor" made me laugh.  And then I saw that it was written and drawn by John Byrne!  Could it get any funnier than that?  So this week, I'll be picking up Star Trek: McCoy #1 and pray that it doesn't suck me into a world of Star Trek comics, but I think I've already lost that battle. So join me, won't you?


Josh says try:

Siege: Young Avengers #1

Siege: Young Avengers #1
By Sean McKeever & Mahmud Asrar

The Young Avengers are characters who I really like, but mostly in small doses.  So far, we haven't seen anyone do these characters in such a way that makes a regular monthly book seem like a reality, and I'm actually OK with that.  In this mini, we've got a talented writer and artist, both known for their excellent work on younger characters.  Sean McKeever is damn hear pigeonholed as the go to guy for teen characters thanks to his various work like Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and The Waiting Place.  Mahmud Asrar made the world of Dynamo 5 come alive, and he did it with style.  I hope this book will be a fun one.


Conor says try:

Irredeemable Special #1

  Irredeemable Special #1
By Mark Waid,
Howard Chaykin, Emma Rios, Paul Azaceta

I'll admit it, even as a big Irredemable fan, I almost blew right past this one.  It would appear that in this instance, "Special" is just another way of saying "Annual" and, at least from the sound of the solictiation, it would seem that this is a must-read issue for Irredeemable fans. One of the best things about Irredeemable so far as been the little glimpses into the past, into the pre-(overtly?) evil Plutonian era and that seems to be what this issue is about. If that wasn't enough enticement, you've got three excellent artists with totally different styles: Howard Chaykin, Emma Rios, and Paul Azaceta.


  1. This might be my new favorite feature. Mostly cause the last month has been fairly light for me, or it has seemed light.

  2. I have a light week, so I’m giving Kill Shakespeare #1 a try.  I’m seriously considering that Irredeemable Special, as well.  I love the cover of that Star Trek issue.

  3. Too much to buy this week, so I’ve got to stick with the list. I’m personally looking forward to the Irredeemable special – great line-up of creators and as Conor says, it looks like a must-read. And if you’re digging the pre-evil Plutonian stuff, certainly give Incorruptible a try – probably better than the main series right now.

  4. Not a light week for me, and I’m picking up Irredemable 1. Love this feature thought.

  5. I might pick up Star Trek just to see a full page shot of McCoy saying "Dammit I’m A Doctor!". Epic… 

  6. I actually have a fairly full week. I would love to try Irredeemable though. I just hope that they collect the first dozen or so issues in a nice collection. While I’m glad that the first trade is nice and cheap, the second one sure as hell isn’t. 

  7. Coming off the heels of the Black Widow mini, Deadly Origin, I’d recommend people try out Black Widow. I know I am.

  8. @Ron, Yes, I’m looking forward to "Star Trek: McCoy : Frontier Doctor", and in fact already had it on my list. ("I was a fan of the band before they became popular!" – Hahahaha!)

    I’ve really been enjoying Byrne’s other Star Trek works, with the possible exception of "Star Trek: Assignment Earth" which was so-so; but Hollow Crown was great. The stories so far fill-in Star Trek history gaps, continuing story lines started in the show or movies, or illuminate what was happening elsewhere during important episodes of famous Star Trek stories (at times its like “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”, and at other times its like “Back to the Future II”).

  9. @Conor, FYI…the "Star Trek: McCoy : Frontier Doctor" image above links to "Invincible Returns" #1.

    Are you trying to send us a secret message? Is "Star Trek: McCoy : Frontier Doctor"…invincible?! Perhaps it refers to the return of an invincible piece of work from Star Trek?! 

    I think so! Message received, loud and clear! Conor secretly endorses Star Trek!

  10. Really not a quiet week with some nice new issues and hardcovers/tps a gogo, but I’ll be picking up the Irredeemable Special, despite following the series in trades – it’s the art team that’s getting me to grab it now.

  11. Not a quiet week for me either, but good choices. I love it McCoy is getting his own comic. How many times will his catch phrase cone up you think?

  12. I’m going to give irredeemable a shot. If its solid i might get the first trade.

    hopefully though, this isn’t anything like what invincible returns #1 was. 

  13. @Conor the IDW Star Trek stuff is pretty good but the John Byrne Star Trek stuff is AMAZING…  Buy his Romulan TP’s if you can!  I got suckered early and buy almost all of the IDW Star Trek product.

  14. Sorry that should be for Ron.  Don’t read that Conor!!!!!!!