The groundhog saw no shadow, forecasting a light week of books for this first full week of February. Thus it is our public service to recommend these gems.

Josh Flanagan says try:

Snapshot #1


Snapshot #1

By Andy Diggle & Jock

Sometimes two creators were meant for one another, and such is very much the case with writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock. They make each other better, and both shine more brightly when working with one another. This is the Losers team reunion, with a creator owned piece being released from Image Comics, after already being serialized in the UK. I don’t know what it’s about, and I don’t care, because I saw the names on the cover. Sign me up.

Conor Kilpatrick says try:

Garth Ennis_Red Team_1

Garth Ennis’ Red Team #1

By Garth Ennis & Craig Cermak

Garth Ennis doing a hard crime story set in New York City’s drug war? Yes, please.

Paul Montgomery says try:



Dia De Los Muertos #Uno

By Riley Rossmo, Alex Link, Nick Johnson, Christopher E. Long, Jean-Paul Csuka, Dirk Manning, & Megan Wilson

I think my fascination with the Day of the Dead began with LucasArt’s Grim Fandango back in 1998. I’d certainly seen those skull heads before, but I probably just considered it a mere extension of Halloween. It’s a lot more than that, of course. Much more than a holiday created by the marketing people at Hot Topic or something Tim Burton doodled on a cocktail napkin during the production of Ed Wood. It’s a rich, cultural touchstone. A celebration of every link along the mortal coil. I’m eager to see what bones the fantastic artist Riley Rossmo and his team of writers unearth and catalog with this anthology.


  1. And here I thought I was gonna get out of a visit to the LCS this week.

  2. Yes, to all of these.

  3. We need a Grim Fandango comic. That was too awesome of a world they created to not be further explored.

    Definitely picking up Red Team. Read the preview. It seems like a solid pick. Not too sure about Snapshot because Diggle doesn’t really do it for me. If he is teaming up with Jock again, then no doubt it will probably be worth the dough. Picking up Dia De Los Muertos for the same reasons Paul listed. Grim Fandango had 13 year old me on a whole different level. Since then I have developed a fascination for day of the dead imagery.

  4. Looks like some good picks, was already thinking of Snapshot but I think I may also check out Red Team which I was completely unaware of.

  5. I’ll check out Red Team. Not familiar with Cermak’s work but I’m an Ennis junkie.