The most powerful man in the United States is President Nixon. You’ve heard of him? Charles Colson is special counsel to the President. There’s a cartoon on his wall. The caption reads, “When you’ve got ’em by the comics, their hearts and minds will follow.”

Ron says try…

Nowhere Men #1

By Eric Stephenson, Nate Bellegarde, Jordie Bellaire, & Fonografiks

Image continues its assault of new series and this time, it’s one that’s putting it’s money where it’s mouth is. Written by Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson, Nowhere Men is another entry into the rabid science fiction genre, with a dash of rock-n-roll and a little bit of Mad Men. I’ve read the first issue and it’s the real deal folks. Get it while you can.


Josh says try…

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1

By Katie Cook and Andy Price

I… I don’t get it. I mean, I know it’s a thing, and there’s something to it, I guess, and maybe it’s wrong of me to harbor these doubts, but there you are. Eventually, we might live in a world where all “bros” can like Ponies, but that’s not the world we’re in yet. But the world is changing. They have sold a shitload of these comics. And that’s great for Katie Cook, who I really like.

Conor says try…

Arrow #1

By Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Mike Grell, Ben Sokolowski, Sergio Sandoval, Pol Gas, Beth Schwartz, Jorge Jimenez, David Lopez, Santi Casas, & Wes Abbott

Here’s the first thing: this Arrow show is pretty good. Here’s the second thing: these DC Comics digital first books have been really quite great. Here’s the third thing: Green Arrow legend Mike Grell is drawing one of the three stories in this. I don’t have a fourth thing, but then I really don’t need one.


  1. Ewww…Josh is a bronie now…the last iFanboy I actually liked…

  2. DDangelico DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    I don’t get the fuss about the Arrow TV show. To me the acting and writing is amateur at best–the only thing it has going for it are some decently choreographed fight sequences, but to each his own I guess.

    Nowhere Men looks really cool–I may actually pick that up.

    • The plot genuinely has me intrigued. The acting and writing are above amateurish, IMHO, but not great. Still, they are not at the point where they harbor my enjoyment of the story. Story wise, this is pretty good!

    • I didn’t like the first episode at all – I thought the acting was bad, it was too soap opera-ish, Oliver Queen was just unlikable (sadly portrayed by a good looking soulless actor, as most shows on the CW are) – and yet tons of people online seem to love it. I was totally surprised at how well it’s been received.

      And comic book history “easter eggs” aren’t enough to bring me back for more – I tired of those on Smallville long age.

  3. holy crap, there better be a discussion about MLP in the POTW podcast

  4. Is this a safe place? Can I admit here that I have a favorite My Little Pony pony and that her name is Pinkie Pie?

  5. Mr. Flanagan, what have you done?

  6. I love history so I should check out Ron’s recommendation.

    Good for you Josh open minded as always. For those who might be confused with the popularity of the new MLP show, as a person who studies narrative art let me use an analog from comics history. In comics you had the Golden Age with creativity, storytelling, and innovation was at its height followed a dark period after Watchmen before works like Kingdom Come, Astro City, and All Star Superman came out. Why the new MLP is so popular because it reminds people and harkens back to the 90’s Animation Resistance and 40’s Animation Golden Age. Alternatively the new My Little Pony could be compared to Watchmen. Like with what Alan Moore Watchmen taking analogs of the Charleton characters who were at best typical, cheesy superheros and reimagining them a new way making use of the comics medium and inspiring innovation in the industry Lauren Faust took what was basically the horrible franchised product which has been the butt joke of culture since the 80’s and reimagined them a way that worked with broke the mold of what a typical girls/kids show should be and created new innovative stories which appealed too all people outside the excepted age group. She took the flash animation medium, which was until MLP was considered a cheap, bland, flat method of animation and showed that one could achieve the same animated techiques as those applied with traditional animation. And like Watchmen, MLP allowed for a new boom in flash animated shows. As for the comic I am not sure if I am a fan of translating works from one medium to another though I will check it out.

    I have not seen the Green Arrow show yet but I might check the comic out.

  7. If Bleeding Cool is to be believed then that My Little Pony issue has more orders than Walking Dead #100.

    If true, how are we gonna live with ourselves when that is mentioned in the history books?

    • It’s my fault, I ordered three. One is a Christmas gift for a Bronie nephew, one is for my three year old daughter to destroy, and one is to be kept safe so she can have it when she’s older.