Okay, so it’s not a light week. Just go with us on this one, okay?


Josh Flanagan says try…


Lazarus #1

By Greg Rucka & Michael Lark

There are a whole lot of comics coming out this week, see? And if you read anything instead of reading this new title from Rucka and Lark, you’re blowing it big time. These are the guys who brought us Gotham Central, and now they’re doing their own thing through Image Comics, and I could not be more excited. Do not skip.

Conor Kilpatrick says try…

Before Watchmen_Minutemen_Silk Spectre_HC

Before Watchmen: Minutemen / Silk Spectre HC

By Darwyn Cooke & Amanda Conner

After all the sturm und drang that came with the announcement of Before Watchmen, we were left only with the books themselves to rise and fall on their own. And in the end there were really only two stories that were really worth all the hoopla and it just so happens that DC has helpfully packaged them in one convenient collection. How nice of them!


Paul Montgomery says try…

Age of Ultron_10AI

Age of Ultron #10AI

By Mark Waid, Andre Araujo, Frank D’Armata, Clayton Cowles

I’m really eager to see how Barry Allen brings order to Marvel’s chaotic time stream. I kid. This is actually a showcase for Hank Pym and his new role in the Marvel Universe now that Ultron’s all said and done. My actual interest stems from the creative team of Mark Waid and  André Lima Araújo. Andre’s really, really good. He’d be welcome on today’s top science fiction books like Prophet or Manhattan Projects, so a robot-themed book like Avengers AI will likely prove a nice fit. Though, hey, doesn’t this cover look a little…familiar?



  1. I’m not sure about Age of Ultron #10AI. I’m probably going to wait for the ratings and if it is worth 4$, I’m going to buy it digitally.

  2. Every month I try to keep my monthly pull list at a minimum, but Image keeps launching interesting titles like Lazarus

  3. If one were to rate all four Before Watchmen hardcovers, what would the order be? Theres Minutemen/Silk Spectre, Comedian/Rorschach, Nite Owl/Dr. Manhattan/Moloch, and Ozymandias/Crimson Corsair/Dollar Bill.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Are you asking for a reading order or an order of quality?

    • I got all the BW in floppies & would say that for story I’d read Minutemen/Silk Spectre. For gorgeous art, Jae Lee’s Ozymandias (I’ll be picking up the new Batman/Superman purely for Lee’s art).

      Recommend staying away from Rorschach completely (unless you like books where the main character just gets ridiculously beaten up all the time – but never killed by thugs) and the tiresome pirates story.

      I didn’t know Jae Lee’s work until this: are there any other things he’s done that are work checking out?

    • It was Jae Lee’s work on Namor that originally caught my eye (and everybody else’s).

      For a monthly comic on the stands featuring a character who got cancelled regularly, it was awesome.

      I got some of his Image stuff but I can’t say that I ever read it.

    • He worked on the Inhumans series from a few years back, my first experience of his work

    • Quality

    • he is also apparently handling the new Superman/Batman

    • It also looks like Inhumans with Paul Jenkins is worth checking out.

      It won as Eisner.

    • I bought all the BW books for $80+. Minutemen and Silk Spectre are the 2 I would rate as “best” objectively. They both managed to add layers to the characters inside of the continuity. Ozymandias is beautiful, but alittle too long I thought. Dr.Manhattan was my favorite; great art and a great sci-fi story. Nite-Owl was decent I thought. Comedian was probably the worst of the bunch IMO. Dollar Bill and Moloch are both ok but entirely unnecessary. I thought Moloch was more interesting and a better story overall (plus good art). Just my 2 cents.

      Oh right, Rorschach. Great art, ok story. Its only 4 issues tho, and not as bad as Comedian in my eyes. Good reading for Rorsach fans maybe.

    • Best bundles:
      1. Minutemen/Silk Spectre (9)
      – Minutemen: art 5, story 5 (Darwyn Cook is a hero, must-read for every Watchmen-fan)
      – Silk Spectre: art 5, story 3 (Nice way of giving the Watchmen-universe a female perspective)
      2. Nite Owl/Dr. Manhattan/Moloch
      – Nite Owl: art 3, story 4 (Focuses a lot on the relation between Rorschach and Nite Owl, which is nice)
      – Dr. Manhattan: art 5, story 4 (This is a work of art, one of the most complex and intruiging of the stories)
      – Moloch: art 4, story 4 (A lot of people hate on this one, but I like the drama of this character)
      3. Ozymandias/Crimson Corsair/Dollar Bill
      – Ozymandias: art 5, story 2 (The story is like a retelling of Watchmen completely, but Jae Lee shines!)
      – Crimson Corsair: art 4, story 2 (The story is sloppy, though I like the art)
      – Dollar Bill: art 4, story 3 (Hate it or love this one-sided campy story, I thought it was funny)
      4. Comedian/Rorschach
      – Comedian: art 3, story 1 (The story just drags on and on, art can’t save this one)
      – Rorschach: art 3, story 2 (It’s just… mediocre, nothing special to this one)

  4. Picked up Minutemen in issues. I should read those soon.

    Maybe I’ll order that trade from the library.

  5. Wasn’t there supposed to be a BW “epilogue” one-shot? Or was that a troll and the “epilogue” is the Watchmen story itself?