Light Week? Try B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia #1, Near Death #1, or Star Trek #1

More DC titles will smack you well in the face this week. Some will be pleasurable. But we suggest that you need a cleansing scrub of other comics. These are what we’d do.

Josh says try…

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia #1

By Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Tyler Crook, & Dave Stewart

If you were ever going to try something just because of a cover, Dave Johnson’s got you covered, right off. I saw this one posted months ago, and was hooked then. But at the same time, you’ve got an ongoing story developing at the same time as a new epoch begins. Plus, at the end of the last issue, something really awful happened. Or did it? I don’t know. I can’t wait to find out!


Ron says try…

Near Death #1

By Jay Faerber & Simone Guglielmini

You may have heard me chat with writer Jay Faerber about Near Death on iFanboy: Don’t Miss this week, but in case you didn’t: DO NOT MISS NEAR DEATH #1. Seriously people, I know the DC Relaunch is exciting, but this is one of the best new books on the racks all year. Faerber and Guglielmini deliver some awesome crime action in the vein of 1980s TV shows. A blast to read, and one and done. it doesn’t get better than that. This is your chance to be one of those people who jumped on at the beginning! Don’t blow it and pick up Near Death #1!


Conor says try…

Star Trek #1

By Mike Johnson & Stephan Molnar

If you’re like me and you cannot believe that they STILL haven’t made the sequel to the 2009 hit film Star Trek, well you’re in luck. Not only are they actively working on the sequel right now but IDW is publishing this new on-going series that serves as both a sequel to the first film and a prequel to the second. I’m usually wary of the4se movie tie-in comics but the prequl mini-series that IDW put out in conjunction with Star Trek was strong and I’m hoping for more of the same here.


  1. You will seriously see me on an episode of Hoarders if so many good books don’t stop coming out!!! I may be forced to go digital just to save space.

  2. The Don’t Miss sold me on Near Death. I was interested beforehand simply because of the genre, but hearing that it will probably be comprised mostly of one-and-done stores got me excited. I don’t read Criminal monthly, and even if this is less of a noir book, it’ll still be nice to get a monthly crime book that’s a little more simplistic in its storytelling.

    • For me the last really good ‘crime comic’ was Dave Lapham’s STRAY BULLETS. There have been some interesting titles since, but SB was something I looked forward to and immediately read as soon as I got it home.

  3. Light week? NO!!!! (Thanks DC). But I still may try Star Trek #1. Plus, all IDW books smell like sweet tea! Yummmm

  4. I don’t think that many peolle will have a light week this week, or the next weeks for that matter

  5. I’m with Keith on the light week. But I will trade off getting TNMT #2 for Star Trek. I liked the movie prequls so I’m hoping this works.

  6. Does the ‘Light Week’ articles work anymore when everyone’s average in comic pulls have tripled thanks to DC?

    I’m kidding by the way.

    That Star Trek cover breaks the cardinal rule in comic covers: Never refer to real photos of real people. Comics that have that type of cover are usually:

    A) Never Good
    B) Sell terribly

    • Several of IDW’s Star Trek books have done that. I get that you’re saying and other than Karl Urban, I’m not the biggest fan of that cast. That probably will carry over into the comic.

  7. Now that I know Star Trek is a continuation and prequel to the Abrams movies, I think I’m on board for it.

  8. Near Death looks like it could be good.

  9. I never miss a B.P.R.D. series, or any other book in the Mignola-verse, so I can’t wait to pick this one up. Haven’t heard of Near Death before, but I’m willing to try something different, between making myself read all of the DC 52.

    I loved the last Star Trek film and hope that those involved can make a sequel that lives up to it. Meanwhile, I don’t think it would hurt to see what IDW has put together for those of us waiting.