Light Week? Try Acts of Vengeance Omnibus, Power Man and Iron Fist #1, and Love and Capes: Ever After #1

Pull list looking anemic? Looking for something new to check out? We got your back.

Josh says try:

Acts of Vengeance Omnibus

By many, many, many, many people

This was my first crossover. Granted, it would have to be a real light week, but if you're a 30-40 year old Marvel fanboy, this is your stuff right here. The villains all switched their archenemies, and all hell broke loose! It went into every book, and you can get a cover from Alan Davis or John Byrne. Plus, this line is in the solicitation: Special guest-appearance by Abraham Lincoln! That's gotta be worth at least $50, or half the purchase price, right? 744 pages!

Ron says try:

Power Man & Iron Fist #1

By Fred Van Lente & Wellington Alves

We often talk about legacy in comics, especially when it comes to Marvel and DC, and one of the long storied legacies in Marvel has been Power Man & Iron Fist.  First teaming up in the 1970s, this duo has been bringing justice to the streets longer than you've reading comics.  But now that Luke Cage is Mr. Avenger, Danny Rand's been kinda lonely. Good thing there's a new Power Man in the city and Power Man & Iron Fist #1 is a great place for them to start their adventures.  The only good thing to come out of Shadowland was this new character and with Fred Van Lente penning their tales, there's no way this 5 issue mini series won't rock your socks off. 

Conor says try:

Love and Capes: Ever After #1

By Thom Zahler

I was looking for something new this week and while perusing the IDW section of the Comics page the cover caught my eye. I know nothing about this book, I've never read the original mini-series, but if Thom Zahler does his job that won't matter. I am looking forward to a fun story exploring romance through the lens of superheroes.



  1. Yay LOVE AND CAPES!! This series is adorable.

  2. I almost laughed out loud when I saw the Acts of Vengeance Omnibus in the article title.  Power Man & Iron Fist should be good, I’m really looking forward to it.  I don’t think the new Power Man was the only good thing to come out of Shadowland, but it was the highlight of the event.

  3. I was falling out of comics around the time Acts of Vengence was released, but the premise has me intrigued. I will own this… one day.

  4. Power man & Iron Fist is tempting. Im looking at three books to pick up, in addition to my normal pull-list, Emerald Warriors, Batgirl, or Power man & Iron fist. EW, Im thinking of waiting until the next issue that starts the War of the GLs, Batgirl is the first issue of the arc and besides issue #17 Ive been reading it in trades and Im thinking of sticking to that, PM & IF is a mini so it might read better as a trade. Thoughts? 

  5. I so want to afford the Acts of Vengeance Omnibus, as it really scratches my nostalgia itch.  I’m still surprised they could find enough material for the just solicited crossovers followup collection though.

  6. Most expensive Light Week ever!

  7. It wasn’t a light week for me, but I did end up picking up Love and Capes… it looked great in the shop and I couldn’t pass on it.  Thanks for the heads up!