Light Week? Try 1 Month 2 Live #5 and Action Comics #893

You ever get that feeling like your comics reading is lacking something.  That new and exciting feeling you felt the first time you cracked open a comic book? Relive that magic this week with one of these recommendations:

Ron says try:

1 Month 2 Live #5

By Rick Remender & Jamie McKelvie

I know I've raved and recommended 1 Month 2 Live in previous Light Weeks, but this week I mean it.  I've thoroughly enjoyed this month long mini-event at Marvel filled with heart and emotion the only way it can happen in the Marvel Universe.  But now, with the finale, they put together two of my favorite creators (who I never even though of pairing up myself) with writer Rick Remender and art by Jamie McKelvie.  Trust me when I say that even if you haven't read a single issue of this mini-series, pick this up to to entertained the only way 2 great comic book storytellers know how.

Conor says try:

Action Comics #893

By Paul Cornell, Sean Chen, Nick Spencer & R.B. Silva

If it wasn't enough that Action Comics under Paul Cornell has been one of the most fun books on the stands — Lex Luthor is the star! He has a creepy Lois Lane robot sidekick! — but now we add a co-feature written by rising star Nick Spencer starring that lovable, bowtie wearing scamp Jimmy Olsen and his ex-girlfriend Chloe Sullivan. And if that run-on sentence wasn't enough to convince you then… comics… boy, I dunno.


  1. I’m really enjoying Action Comics like I haven’t in a long time. Really a great job by Cornell.

    1 Month 2 Live will definitely be a trade pick-up based on Ron’s raving and the creatives involved. So under the radar it’s disgusting.

  2. Action comics is really great right now. I resisted for a while, but its a really well done comic. 

  3. I’m in the same camp as Wally. Action Comics just keeps getting better.

  4. It is indeed a light week.  But, can you really pick up Action in the middle of the Lex run?  I have resisted picking up this title prior to now, despite the rave reviews, because I was afraid I would be lost or it would read better in trade.  

    @Conor: Great West Wing reference! 

  5. @ctrosejr: Yes, you can.

  6. @ctrosejr – The Lex arc has been extremely straightforward, so you should be able to catch up very easily (he’s seeking the power behind the black lantern, etc).  I just wish I’d enjoyed the issues as much as everyone else.  I’m hoping this week’s issue will be strong.  It looks promising.

  7. I was gonna pick up ACTION no matter how light or heavy my week is/was!  It’s one of the best things coming out of DC right now!  I didn’t really get last issue to much, but the two before it definitely make up for it and so I’m nowhere near ready to drop it yet, if I ever do at all.  And yes, you could just start reading this run from any of the issues yet so far with no problem.  Lex has only been at it for three issues anyway, and you only really need to be bother with the first two.  I’m sure you could scrape them off a rack somewhere…

  8. the LL Action arch looks interesting, if they don’t trade it I’ll be sure to watch to see if it gets released digitally…

  9. How many issues has Action Comics been at since Cornell took over?

    Maybe I’ll catch up with that since my week is so damn slow. 

  10. @TheNextChampion – without checking, it’s probably been 2 or 3 issues since Cornell started.

  11. @TNC: Cornell started with ACTION COMICS #890.

  12. @Dan/Conor: Thank you both. Hopefully if my LCS has all of the back issues (and I hope they do) I’m definitely gonna pick them up.

  13. Loving Action Comics right now.

    What happened to comic xx by x and x?

  14. I’ve been reading 1 Month 2 Live and I really enjoyed the first two issues alot,  3 ad 4 were a little campy, I’m hoping 5 will cap it off well…I really think this series is going to lead to something big coming up.