Let Me Recommend: ‘Dynamo 5’

We’re always on the lookout for new comics to check out, and for the past couple of weeks, Dynamo 5, published by Image has been calling to me. I saw multiple mentions of it on the web in various spots and then heard Augie De Blieck Jr. speak highly of it. I even held the first issue in my hand but for some reason put it back. Well, this weekend I was able to get a hold of the first 3 issues, and with issue #4 coming out this week, I’m going to officially add it to my stack.

So indulge me for a moment, and let me recommend this book for you – click on through to hear what it’s about and why I dig it.

What is it?
Simple answer: Superhero team book written by Jay Faerber, spun off from his other title Noble Causes.

Long winded answer: Superhero team book written by Jay Faerber, spun off from his other title Noble Causes that is a fine example of modern day superhero storytelling. The concept is simple: Captain Dynamo, the “Superman” of Faerber’s super hero universe died and now the city he protected is becoming overrun with villains again. His wife, who was a journalist/undercover secret agent, finds evidence that her husband had been unfaithful and that he got around, a lot, over many, many years. She guesses that perhaps there may be some illegitimate children running around who may have inherited powers. And she guessed right, and finds 5 kids who each have one aspect of Captain Dynamo’s powers. She brings them together, assumes the mentor role, and launches them as a super-team, Dynamo 5.

Why do you like it?
I would be remiss if I didn’t compare it to Invincible, from which it borrows a lot in both tone and approach. A modern day super hero type story, teens learning to use their powers, and a strong family influence. But it’s not a rip off of that widely successful book. So far, at least, it has shown a unique take on the concept with strong characters. The kids that make up the team have differing backgrounds, ethnicity and powers (The powers specifically are a point I was impressed with, the linebacker type guy has mental powers, while the goth girl has super strength — that sort of role reversal thing, like Ving Rhames being the computer expert in the Mission: Impossible movies). There’s definitely an X-Men feel too, kids with powers with an older mentor. It’s obvious, but again, not a knock off or anything to detract from the comic. There is a sense of a greater storyline at hand, while at the same time, each issue has been self contained (somewhat) and enjoyable on its own. The art is a strong factor as well. It’s somewhat typical to the art style one would expect from an Image published superhero book, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The artist, Mahmud Asrar has got a fluid style that compliments the scenes both in and out of costume, which is a subtle thing to get.

So what’s the verdict?
As I mentioned, after reading the first three issues and not being able to put them down, I’ll be buying the upcoming issue #4 and the subsequent issues. I missed the Invincible bandwagon a few years ago, but I’m jumping on early onto this one. Given a year or two of growth and consistency, this comic could be something special.

I believe they are reprinting issue #1, and I’m sure you can find issues #2 and 3 on your comic book stores shelves. Go grab them before someone else does!


  1. That does sound interesting. If I can get all the issues, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I’ve been picking it up since #1, and I’m enjoying it well enough. It isn’t amazing, there doesn’t seem to be anything new or original in the book, but it is well written and the characters are interesting, which I guess is still pretty good going. This and noble causes are refreshing in that they are well written self contained superhero comics, although neither i would say are quite of the same quality of Invincible. Something about the banter between the characters reminds me of Freshmen, and the dynamic is similar in that they are a group of teens who otherwise wouldn’t get along, yet are thrust together (although less goofy).

  3. Funny–I saw this on the rack and thought; “Hm, I bet if Ron were on the last podcast he would’ve said something about this.” Thanks for keeping me up to date.

  4. I’ll hunt down issue 1. If I like it, I’ll check it out. You’ve sold me at least that far. 🙂

  5. Best Image book not written by Kirkman. Ron’s comparison to Invincible is apt, as long as you are thinking about the heavier/darker tones in Invincible.

    Definitely worth it. Very very enjoyable.

  6. Great! I guess I’ll wait for the trade… I get Invincible… only in hardcover… need to get #2!

  7. This is a really fun superhero book. There are some really good twists in it. It probably wassn’t on a lot of people’s radars unfortunately because the first issue came out the same day as Captain America #25.

  8. Picked up issues 1 to 3 a few weeks ago and, while it’s not the best book out there, it is a fun read.

  9. I also heard about this on Augie’s podcast and have been lucky enough to be picking it up from the beginning. If this is any indication of Faerber’s work, I’m going to be picking up Noble Causes soon.

  10. I am a big fan of this book. It took me forever to get issues 2 and 3 because I was the only person at my LCS to get it and my CBG kept forgetting them at his other store. But I did get to read 2 and 3 back to back and 4 comes out tomorrow. Kick ass. It’s well worth checking out. And it’s becoming one of the books I look forward to most

  11. Interesting, I didn’t realize this was a spin-off of Noble Causes.

    I haven’t been reading Noble Causes for a while now, cause, you know sometimes you gotta make cuts, and Race coming back bothered me.

    But I used to enjoy it, perhaps I should check this out.

  12. Thanks for naming this one. Picked up #1-4 the other day and freaking love it. #3 is just great.

  13. Thanks for naming this one. Picked up #1-4 the other day and freaking love it. #3 is just great.