Learn From The Legend of Stan Lee

If you’re a burgeoning comic book creator, or any sort of fiction creator, there’s a huge opportunity to learn from the best.  Stan Lee is going to be lecturing via live webcast tomorrow April 24, Sunday April 27, Tuesday April 29, and Wednesday April 30th about all the various steps in the creative (and business) process. 

You can sign up for the webcasts online and get all the complete information. This isn’t free though, but it appears to be moderately priced, with a special of all 4 webcasts for $80.00.  Be sure to tell them you heard about it from iFanboy!

Here is a FAQ complete with answers to all your questions about the events.


  1. if you need advice…i’m right here

  2. This is kind of tempting. But then again, so was "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" The FAQ doesn’t say what happens if you miss the live broadcast? Can you watch it later?

  3. @patio. This was posted on the FAQ page. 

    Do we get a recorded copy to keep?

    No. We are similar to the movie theater – pay admission to see the feature presentation and buy a DVD if you want to take it home (but unlike the movie theater, you can interact with the featured cast!)

    What if we pay for the event and cannot attend?
    We are happy to give you a refund, as long as you send an email to workshops@biscaynewriters.com at least 72 hours before the event takes place.

    Hope it helps answer your questions. 

  4. No, actually, I’m not talking about a recorded copy to keep. I’m talking about a streamed version in case I come in late or miss a session.

  5. I’m guessing if you don’t give them 72 hours notice or are late, you’re shit out of luck.

  6. Damn, I was all about it until I saw the price.  I love listening to Stan Lee.

  7. It’s a hard pill to swallow. Then I thought, this might be my last (only) chance to see him (sort of) live. It’s a thinker…

  8. Stan Lee will also be at the Shrine Auditiorium in Los Angeles on May 04.


  9. Oooh, the LA Dirt Con!

  10. @Josh: Ouch.  of course, i’ve never been to the LA Con, so I can only assume your assessment is accurate, but still, ouch!