Late Comics: Jim vs. Jim

Jim Mroczkowski
has a lot, lot, lot of respect for the people who are actually out there doing it. He won’t be doing it again any time soon, instead sticking to Twitter and


  1. Brilliant. Nice job, Jimski. The devolving art is a perfect touch. And the fact that you have to write that it’s a "gun" in the last panel? Mwahahaha…

  2. That was awesome!!!!

  3. It’s funny because this morning I was reading the newest issue of GameInformer, and there was an interview with Jim Lee about his involvement with the DCU Online game.  The only thing I thought, while reading it, was that we’re going to get 1 to 0 issues of All Star Batman a year from him now.  He may have some great art, but his pace is in the wrong business.

  4. I get your point, but if Frank Cho, Bryan Hitch, and Joe Mad would turn off the Rock Band 2, the internet porn, etc. they could get a lot more done.  They get paid very well for their craft, and if it isn’t going to come out on time, I don’t mind if people drop the book, and if enough people do that, I don’t mind if a book gets cancelled.  If enough people did it, Marvel/Dc would get faster artists, because, as is pointed out all the time on this site, comics is a business.

    Funny comic, though. 

  5. Great job Jim! Always coming up with new ways to prove your point across. Ifanboy member of the year perhaps?

    Like SteveM I get the point your getting. Even if guys like Romita and Kirby can do 100 comics per month it still takes a long time to get a single page done. These artists (whether we like them or now) take the time and effort to try and make a visual of the story we are reading. Sometime the styles are simple, and sometimes the style of the artist is that of Michelango. But even if guys are late to the party all the time we still have to admit it does look good and give a good review on the art itself.

    But also with SteveM, some of these guys seem to take too long. You almost wonder if they are just saying their drawing the issue when in reality they are partying instead. People like Cho, J.G. Jones, and some others have taken so long for one issue to come out; they have caused shipping delays for the issue. Now Jones got help in order to get FC out to the stores, but Cho on Mighty Avengers was just plain ridiculous. Was he spending the extra couple of weeks making Ultron’s boobs bigger for the first arc? Seriously hurt Mighty Avenger sales with his constant delays. Plus dont get me started on Jim Lee, he should be getting ASB&R (man thats a confusing Acronym) out now instead of working on a video game that wont be coming out for a year or two.

    So yeah it’s a mix of both ideas really. Artists should be respected on one hand, but in another they shouldnt take so damn long on a single issue. There are a ton of artists (almost all) that can draw a single issue and put it out for the public.

  6. The last SNL joke is brilliant.  It reminds me of that big hardcover SNL 25 Years book, where they talk about planning three months for the first episode, and then it was over, and they were like, "Wait a second… we have to do another one IN A WEEK?!"  Nicely done.

  7. Bravo, sir. Bravo!

  8. Storywise- I thought it was kind of preachy. Artwise- It seems like the guy has a problem drawing hands and kitties. I’ll probably pick up the next issue to see where it goes but if it doesn’t get better I might seriously think of dropping it. Story: 2 – Kinda Sucky  Art: 2 -Not Very Good



    Story: 2 Art: 2

  9. I don’t understand it! I hate comics where I need to know every obscure detail of the backstory! Jimski was on drugs when he wrote this!

  10. Wow! Just brilliant!

    Thanks for continually sharing the contents of your twisted, maniacal yet oddly endearing brain 🙂

  11. Freakin’ hilarious….

  12. Very Nice, sir. This is delightful. Please do more in the future.

    It seems to be decompressed, as is the curse of modern comic booking. 🙂 I kid. Well done!

  13. Excellent points, sir. Nicely put.

  14. Hahahahahaha.


  15. Comment of the Thread Award goes to Camden!

    Have to say, Jimski draws better than I do.

  16. 1.  There are plenty of books that are late or were late that people love.  "All Star Superman" and "Astounding X-Men" immediately come to mind.  The problem with books like "All Star Batman and Robin" and "Mighty Avengers" is they weren’t generally worth the wait. 

    2.   Deadlines are a fact of life for every working artist or illustrator, except for the rock stars like Jim Lee.  Still, there are plenty of artists who deliver every month and those are the real pros.  Also, a comic book artist generally only gets paid for whatever he produces on a month to month basis, outside of whatever pin-ups, sketches, and pages he can sell online or at cons.  So most working illustrators can’t afford to not have their shit together.  

  17. "Jeebity Cripes" has now entered my lexicon.  Buy the t-shirt soon!

  18. It reminds me of Little Orphan Annie in it’s lack of pupils.

    Good stuff Jimski.

  19. good work, jimski!

  20. There sure are a lot of Skrulls on those comic stands. And the Sentry has apparently been forbidden from appearing on the cover of his own book. Nice.