Labor Day Delay: New Comics on Thursday

Due to the Labor Day holiday here in the United States, new comics won’t arrive in stores this week until Thursday. Please note the following schedule changes:

  • The Comics section won’t be updated until Tuesday.
  • The Pick of the Week will be chosen on Thursday.
  • The Best of the Week in… Covers feature won’t happen until Friday.

Plan accordingly.


  1. Rats.

  2. the Comic God are mad at us!!!

  3. Yet another reason why our distribution system for comics is an epic fail.

  4. 1 day delay is an epic fail? Really?

  5. I don’t think it’s an "epic fail", but I wish they’d release the shipping list still. =[

  6. They release the shipping list on monday afternoon, presumably because people finalize it on Monday.  Since no one worked today, it’s tomorrow.

    You might not love Diamond, but they should get a day off now and again.

  7. What the hell is Thursday?

  8. Comics were a day late in the UK last week due to our summer bank holiday so it’ll be another Friday Fun day!  At least it gives me extra time to read some of them graphic novels I’ve been meaning to catch up on.  All those Astro City trades and the Rick Geary Treasury of Victorian Murders that I’ve been acquiring since watching those iFanboy video shows.  Every cloud…

  9. Grrrr!

  10. Canada gets ’em anyway. The world don’t stop for you folks you know?

  11. @ JumpingJupiter

    Enjoy while you can, soon as we are part of the North American Union Canada will wait too.

  12. Wednesday Comics on Thursday!?  lololol 

  13. @ jumpingjupiter at least comics are cheaper here than canada…heh!

  14. Very disappointing.  This kinda throws off my week.  Guess I’ll just have to deal.

  15. "NOOOOOOOOOO" -Darth Vader

  16. I like this news. 

  17. Eh, I figured this was gonna happen cause of the holiday. I’m suprised some people are suprised by this though, doesn’t this happen every National Holiday?

  18. Remember when new comics came out on Friday?

  19. @rush: I do!

  20. @comicBOOKchris: No, not every national holiday, just the major ones.

  21. may….hem?

  22. Ironically on Labor Day, the U.S. postal service has the day off.

    What sucks more is that I have school on Thursday. So no new comics until middle of the afternoon. Darn 🙁

  23. Well, boo. And hoo. And boobs.

  24. Doesn’t this happen every year? Thought you guys would learn by now, geez!

    Wednesday should be renamed “out of the basement day”. Lol.

  25. When I was a lad here in the midwest, it was always New Comic Thursday. This almost makes me nostalgic. If only Todd MacFarlane were drawing something on my pull list this week.

  26. @Aquaman, is that really you?

  27. Which means in Australia (specifically Canberra) we won’t get books until Monday. Which is my day off. And suits me fine, except I may have to go on media blackout (which means no iFanboy podcast) until Monday.

  28. I get paid on thursdays so through various schemes too complex to explain on this post I made this wednesday labor day, just so I could get my comics. Selfish? Maybe. Crazy? Probably. Brilliant? You Betcha.

    I blame 52…

  29. @DenverDave

    Yes. and I cant get this damn black ring off!!

  30. This is great news as it means that my watching of GLEE will not be interrupted – Fox, 9 Eastern. 

  31. I didn’t say 1 day of delay is an epic fail– I said our distribution system is an epic fail.  Which it is.

  32. "I get paid on thursdays so through various schemes too complex to explain on this post I made this wednesday labor day, just so I could get my comics. Selfish? Maybe. Crazy? Probably. Brilliant? You Betcha."


    Labor Day was Monday, so you fail at scheming.  But succeed nonetheless!

  33. @MikeFarley: ‘Tis why it was so complex. 😉 Story of my life.

  34. You mean this one day delay, delays the pick of the week. What is this witch magic!?!

  35. My epic fail of a local comic store gets the new issues 1 or 2 weeks behind everyone else. I have to go all the way downtown Toronto to get stuff on release day (30 minute drive).


  36. I’m used to it by now but I still don’t like it. Hey it’s Flag Day comics aren’t coming out til Thursday. What???  Look in case like Labor Day if it’s a federal holiday and the mail doesn’t run that’s fine. However, it seems like this happens on more holidays every year.

  37. I’m gonna drive down to Diamond headquarters and demand my books on Wednesday. Where are they located?

  38. Oh my god, I am so bored right now. I should be sitting down reading and sipping a sunkist.

    What did people do when comics weren’t out on Wednesday!?

  39. Yay, comics day doesn’t change for me!

    Comic days: the one thing Canada can claim it does better than the States. Comic day and hockey….. (oh wait… damn)

  40.  They still came out on Wednesday in Canada!

    We Canadians are better at these as well,not just hockey and comic day:

    1)BEER   2)Apologizing   3)Poutine   4)Maple Syrup   5)Elections

    Many more to mention I’m sure but just a short example.

  41. Oh yeah, gotta love us Canadians getting comics today!  All you Canadians here, high five!  We’re also better at crushing people’s heads with you thumb and pointing finger.

  42. It’s not just comics by the way guys. Everything else is behind too. I work at a video store where we get movies shipped to us a week ahead of time every Tuesday, but this week they won’t be in until Thursday. And Canada is better at hockey? Really? Don’t American teams win the Stanley Cup pretty much every year? And I don’t care how many players are from Canada. They’re playing for teams based in the Great U. S. of A.!

  43. Comment deleted. That’s quite enough of that.

  44. Maybe its just me but I’m not worried about the delay. I don’t pick my books up until Friday most weeks anyway. My advise would be to go pick up a trade of something and read it until the new books come out.

  45.  Mine only get shipped at the end of every month so most of the time i’m behind everyone anyways!They could come out Saturday and it wouldn’t change a thing for me.