Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross Together Again for Kirby: Genesis

They haven't worked together since 1993's Marvels, but Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross are teaming up once more for Kirby: Genesis from Dynamite. Ross will be providing art for part of the product, and plotting alongside Busiek.  The way Dynamite describes it, "With Kirby: Genesis, Busiek and Ross are primed to expand on the vision of the legendary Jack Kirby with the same dynamic and unique perspective on superheroes that made Marvels such an original and successful story, allowing a new generation of comic book readers to become acquainted with the genius that is Jack Kirby!"

Busiek commented, ""If you look up 'dream come true' in the dictionary, it's defined as 'Working with Alex Ross on a big, epic project featuring dozens of Kirby characters.' In my dictionary, at least."Jack Kirby was the premier creative force in American comics history. And to have the chance to work with his creations in their purest form — some who've been seen before and some who haven't, from the Ninth Men to Galaxy Green to Tiger 21 to Silver Star — and to build a new world and a grand story with them is the kind of opportunity and challenge I couldn't possibly turn down. When we started talking about this, there was just so much stuff, so many great ideas, that I was confused as to where we could possibly start. But then Alex described one image — a single moment — and that was all it took to make me say, 'Got it. I see the whole story now. Man, this is going to be fun.'"

Alex Ross continues, "One thing that Kurt and I have always shared is our love for Jack Kirby's comics and legacy," adds Alex Ross. "The Kirby: Genesis project is a way to repay the impact this one man's creativity has had in shaping our lives. I'm excited to be plotting this adventure with Kurt as well as to be contributing to some of the interior art. This epic will be an ambitious assembly of every Kirby design we can lay our hands on."

That's a lot of promise, but it's also a lot of possibility.  I might even be a little excited about the prospect. 


  1. Busiek and Ross together again and doing a Kirby project?

    This is going to be A-mazing. 

  2. So much potential…

  3. I bought all the Topps comics in the 1990s, because they had trading cards in them. Some ideas OK, others, not so good. I remember "Bombast" being a cool concept. The trick to Kirby is that his success rate was 50/50 — it just so happens that his 50% was better than anyone else’s.

  4. Man, even if the story sucks, the art will be worth it.

  5. Looks nice. But I thougt that DC was going to leave the New Gods alone after Final Crisis. Maybe they just meant continuity stories. Anyway, would love to see an Alex Ross Darkseid.

  6. Ross has had a string of disappointments recently with both Superpowers and Avengers/Invaders being very poorly received. Gonna trade-wait on this.

  7. @Cedric Dynamite is putting this out not DC, the New Gods will not be appearing.

  8. N.I.C.E.

  9. The Ross art looks awful.

  10. @NawidA – I kind of agree with you, but his art was one of the reasons I got into comics. While his painted stuff looks stiff and cluttered, it gives weight to the comic and brings in people who may not have otherwise "respected" comic books.

  11. This may be interesting, but Ross’s stiff, elaborate art seems like the antithesis to Kirby’s powerful and kinetic style.

  12. If it was Ross & anyone but Busiek I’d be doubtful. Bring it on, I say!

  13. If there are any two people I know will respect the work of Kirby 100& is these two.

    Although I just noticed this says Ross will do ‘part’ of the series….So who’s doing the rest?

  14. I agree with EAGLEBAUER, as pretty as Ross’s stuff can be, it has lately felt very stiff and maybe a bit too reliant on the photographic referencing.  It lacks a bit of intensity and impact, which is exactly what Kirby’s art is NOT.

    Get Tom Scioli to draw it and you’ve got my meat in the seat. 

  15. Superhuman Woodstock

  16. Not a huge fan of Ross, but this sounds like it has a lot of promise. My decision on whether or not to pick this up will depend largely on who will be supplying the majority of the interior pencils.