“King Pete” on Top Shelf 2.0

King Pete, a 4 page short story, which some of you might remember from our Sequentially Ever After Contest, has been published on Top Shelf 2.0, which is their portal for publishing material on the web. 

King Pete is the story of a world where there is a sword in a stone, and it’s pulled by Pete, who works in accounting.  I did the script, with great art by Doug Hills and fabulous colors by Jordan Boyd.  I even lettered the thing!  It’s a very fun little story, and I’m definitely going to think up some more tales for this world.  So look out for “Turd’s Quest” in the near future.  I’m not nearly done working with Doug or Jordan, either.

Also make sure to check out so many of the other comics on TS 2.0, where there are all kinds of comics, from single stories to long term ongoings, like Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung-Fu.

I believe this marks the first time any of my work has been published anywhere other than my own website, so that’s pretty cool.  Thanks to Top Shelf for the opportunity!

If you happen to be looking for more of my comic book writing available on the web, you can always go to my website.


  1. That was really enjoyable, hope you get to do more in that universe Josh.

  2. i loved this.  i hope to see a ton more from you in the future

  3. A fun story to read.  Me want more!

    Congrats for getting published!

  4. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to throw lightining at a hot dog vendor?

    Great job, Josh! I loved it!!

  5. I’ll admit, this was enjoyable and well done.  Even the lettering was good.  I thought I wasn’t going to like it.

    I have to ask though, one panel sparked my interest.  Is Josh a soft on crime kind of guy, or tough on crime?  Me, I can’ts stands me no crime!  No seriously, I’m all for "tough on crime."

    Anyway, just wondered about that one panel.  Thought it might be revealing in a way.  And good job!

  6. That’s really cool, Good for you Josh. I do look forward to the further adventures. (And more Wizards killing people in the background goodness)

  7. The lady in that panel is crazy.

    I’m not prepared to take a public stance on crime until I announce my candidacy.

  8. I really enjoyed it as well.Really like the art as well. All in all, what I enjoyed most was the tone and the atmosphere it managed to build in just 4 pages. Light-hearted and without consideration of consequence. Just like the dude on the throne.

  9. this is great josh. i look forward to more fo your work. i checked it all out on the link you gave us and its awesome!!

  10. Awesome! Great concept! Beautiful art! I’d love to see more.

  11. That made me smile, nay, laugh as I haven’t laughed in several days. Good stuff, man.

  12. Congrads on your first published work! Send my congrads to the artists as well; I like Doug Hill’s style.

    Also, great cameo by Gandalf towards the end.

  13. The art was good.

  14. I really enjoyed that, Josh.  Congratulations!  Is it wrong that I’m most impressed by the lettering, seeing has how my handwriting is atrocious?  Well done.

  15. I think this is the first time my work has been posted by a site I’m not directly involved with, as well (well, if I don’t count the original iFanboy contest).

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the story. It was a blast to work on with Josh and Jordan. Maybe we’ll get to do something like this again in the not-too distant future. 🙂

  16. Rest assured that that lettering is completely and totally digital, as my handwriting has completely atrophed.

    Also, someone tell the artist Doug (HavokDH) to get himself a damned avatar!

  17. I for one am against crime. I know, I know, that’s a controversial statement, but it’s one I stand by.

    Dear HavokDH,
    At the request of Mr. Flanagan, I ask that you would you kindly get a damned avatar at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
    A guy you’ve never met

  18. Great, just awesome sir, if i wasn’t at work and firewalled i would tweet a link to this. I’ll have to remember when i get home

  19. That was really cool. Interesting concept as well. Would love to see more of the world in the future.

  20. @Josh – As I mentioned earlier on Twitter, this was very funny.  I’m proud of you.  

    I’m assuming you got some of the inspiration for the more obnoxious characters from the ifanbase.

    @HavokDH – Impressive work.  Good job. 

  21. Cool site. Jeff Lemire even has two stories here. The Boxing one was really good.

  22. Congratualations Josh and Doug!!

  23. Now is there anyone in the comic we would recognize? Cause those designs for the King and his friend look oddly specific.

    Oh and I can definitely see that the man in the orange sweatjacket is josh. 🙂

  24. Great work!

  25. Great job to all involved! I really like it.  Reminded me of the Moores’s 2000ad Future Shock work–fantasy/sci-fi fused awkwardly/lovingly with contemporary life.  Very cool.  

  26. Nah, the characters are all original. I think the only iFanboy homage I placed in the comic was the one dude’s mutton chops. 🙂

  27. ‘Course now that I look at it, I should’ve made them bigger.

  28. nice work

  29. He did it! (the avatar, that is)

    Oh, forgot to mention: excellent job, guys! It was really great; you kids’re gonna go places! (I say with absolutely no clout or insight into the business)

  30. That was a fun story! It’s nice to see some people with the ability to tell a good yarn in as little as 4 pages. Hopefully, you will get to do some more work in this world. Good show. 

  31. Nice work, Josh. Looking forward to seeing more. Great art, too. Beautiful colors.

  32. Great news Josh! I’ve been waiting to see your comic work since you briefly mentioned it in passing a loooooooooonnnnngggg time ago on the site/podcast/forum


  33. Congratulations to you, sirs and all that were involved. Great work! Good luck on your future endeavors. I look forward to seeing more work from you guys.

  34. Nice job, but can you really trust a guy with a yellow baby as an avatar. 

  35. That was really good!  I loved the stuff in the background with the wizard and hot dog vendor.  I would definetly read more if and when they are posted!

  36. Way cool, congratulations!  Funny stuff, and the art is gorgeous!

  37. Great stuff. Art and colors were amazing, and it was a nice, succinct intro to the characters and the "world". Even the lettering was good. Wow, I can find nothing to complain about – are we sure this is the internet?

  38. I loved how that little scenario taking place in the background of the reporter panels sheds a lot of light on the unspoken new mechanics of this world. 

  39. This slightly eastern-influenced style matched with the camera-man perspective reminds me of the cartoon adaption of "The Boondocks"