Kieron Gillen Goes Big Time: Marvel Exclusive and Uncanny X-Men

When you look at the path his career has taken over the last few months, this isn't terribly surprising, but it does make sense.  Kieron Gillen, who we knew from Phonogram has been steadily and swiftly climbing the ladder at Marvel, and he's reached a bit of apex.  He's been made exclusive to Marvel and now will join Matt Fraction as co-writer on Uncanny X-Men.  For those of you who follow this sort of thing, that's a pretty big deal. It's also reminiscent of the paths of Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman, who quickly reached the writing peak at Marvel Comics. If experience serves us, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see Gillen handling Uncanny all on his own before too long.

Gillen's been cutting his teeth on mini-series here and there and much lauded by ultimately canceled S.W.O.R.D. series, as well as a stint on Thor, before Fraction takes over full time.  This summer it was announced he'd be working on the Generation Hope series in conjunction with Fraction as well, so his all seems to fit as a nice little puzzle.

If you've watched Gillen's multiple appearances on our video shows, you know that the man can tell a story, and that he has an unnatural attraction to the compact disc, so read the following quote with his unmistakable voice in mind. "For the last thirty years, Uncanny X-Men has been superhero comics' truest reflection of the age. That's what I have to live up to and take it into the future, trying to write the definitive twenty-teen take on the X-Men," explained Gillen. "Any less is underselling what the book deserves. Co-writing with Matt seems a worryingly natural development, as we were friends, then were working together creating the five lights for Generation Hope. The exclusive is the proverbial gravy. In the words of Ms. Knowles:' They liked it. They put a ring on it.'"

Look for his debut in Uncanny X-Men #531 in December. Apparently the X-Men will face the loss of their powers at the hands of the Sublime Corporotion.  No word on whether this will feature quotes from the defunct long beach band, but clearly he's not above quoting Beyonce, so anything is possible.


  1. So……Does this mean Fraction might be leaving the book and Gillen will take over?

    If that were the case then I would SO go back to reading Uncanny in issues.

    Either way, it’s fantastic news and I’m happy for Gillen to get a big job like this. 

  2. If Greg Land leaves, I will read Uncanny again….

  3. Good. Hopefully this will moderate some of Fraction’s more negative qualities.

  4. Has Sublime been used by anybody besides Fraction since Morrison stopped writing New X-Men?

  5. @ mrmister

    I think he appeared in Phoenix Endsong and/or Warsong.

  6. Sword and Thor were awful.  Just the truth.

  7. It’s odd…Brubaker and Fraction are writers who I respect immensely and love pretty much all their work. For some reason, though, I found their respective runs on Uncanny to be so-so. Not necessarily bad, but far away from their normal caliber of talent.

    Gillen is also a writer I highly respect, and I loved his Marvel work so far, especially Sword and Thor. I can’t wait to read his run with Fraction, and I have my fingers crossed that the talent will match up with the run this time around.

  8. I loved the cartoon series, and am interested in the big cross-over events but don’t think I could ever jump into X-Men for an ongoing basis.  Just as the guys talked about on a previous POW, you really have to be ready to jump on full time on all the books and tie-ins to keep up on what is going on and for someone like me who jumps in and out of Marvel/DC/Image/etc books, I just couldn’t commit even though I like the writers involved. 

  9. @KickAss – No. You’re wrong again. S.W.O.R.D. Just the truth.

    @comicBOOKchris – I’ll be keeping an eye on this and his Generation Hope work. If he ever does start writing Uncanny by himself, they will be pretty indicative of what we can expect.

  10. Fraction’s gonna be writing Thor? I am WAY behind on my Marvel news.

  11. I guess I’m one of the few that haven’t really liked Gillen’s work, which has to do more with his concepts than anything. That and I haven’t liked any of the artist who team up with him, especially in sword. I’ve been looking for a reason to leave Uncanny, this just may be it.

  12. Dammit, now I have to pick up another issue of Uncanny to give it a shot.  I hope I’m not disappointed.  If Fraction eventually hands things over to Gillen entirely and I’m not reading the comic at that point, then I’ll also give that a shot.  I really want to read Uncanny, but I just don’t like Fraction’s take, even though he is overall a good writer.  I know when they announced him taking on Thor he said he was stretched quite thin, so this is obviously to help with that.  Whether they eventually transition to just Gillen we’ll have to wait and see.

  13. Intrigued by this news.  I’m one of the ones who’s been liking the Fraction Uncanny, although would have to admit that there’s something missing that we see in his more successful works like Invincible Iron Man and Immortal Iron Fist.  I think it sometimes feels as though it’s lacking a definite direction, maybe Gillen can sort that.  Either way, as I say, it’s intriguing…

  14. I am glad of this. Fraction has just not been working as the Uncanny scribe. Uncanny is the flagship X-book and steers a course for the whole universe. Fraction has shown no love of the X-verse or knowledge of the characters. He has done some nice pieces, here and there, but some clangingly discordant pieces as well. I like Gieron. I like his Thor and loved his S.W.O.R.D., so I am ready to give him a shot.

  15. Agrees w/ Kickass.  Time to drop Uncanny soon.



  16. Finally.  A new writer!

  17. I loved the Phonogram books. This is real awesome news. Also, congrats to Mr Gillen.

  18. I want to say that I saw this comming but in honesty, I was just wishing it to happen. It was obvious that Marvel was going to get him exclusive, but I thought they’d get him to work on other titles and never give him a shot at the big X title.

  19. Good for Kieron!  Congrats!

  20. @KickAss


    His Thor issues were the best in a very long time, and SWORD was awesome. Sorry it had more substance than LOOK GUYS SUPER VIOLENCE LOL ITS AN ATTACK ON COMIC BOOK NERDS IM SO META.


    I’m very excited about this. I don’t even dislike Fractions Uncanny(seriously, it’s the best run in a very, very long time) but I will totally be stoked on a Kieron Gillen Uncanny run. Congratulations.