Kevin Keller, Archie’s First Openly Gay Character, Gets His Own Mini-Series

Earlier this year Archie Comics made headlines when they introduced their first openly gay character, Kevin Keller, in the pages of Veronica #202. It was a shocking move for many who still see Archie Comics as a quaint throwback, a tribute to the 1950s.

Not surprisingly, Veronica #202 sold out and was reprinted (it even got its own Archie Comics digital app). And now, striking while the iron is hot, Archie Comics has announced that Kevin Keller will star in his own four issue mini-series in 2011. It will be written and drawn by Archie Comics legend Dan Parent.

(Will the heat still be on Kevin Keller in 2011? Archie will sure hope so. Sometimes, comics can move frustratingly slow.)

This is actually a pretty big deal in an industry (and a society) that still makes a big deal about Batwoman being a lesbian and about her getting her own book. I can only hope that one day we'll get to a place where it won't be big news when a character like Kevin Keller gets his own mini-series under a brand like Archie and all that it, rightly or wrongly, represents. But for right now, it still is a big deal.


  1. I wonder how this will sell. I’m always surprised by how well Archie sells. I wonder how many regular readers will carry over.

  2. I hope it does well.

  3. this is going to be great. archie comics is my favorite publisher right now, and that’s crazy.

  4. The thing I find interesting, the headline says "first OPENLY gay" character…are they trying to tell us someone are in denial?

  5. I actually was at a party this weekend in Baltimore and this girl was telling me how she’s this die hard Archie fan and it was pretty awesome. I never have met a die hard Archie fan in their 20s. She’s probably super stoked on this.

  6. I picked the issue up for a friend who LOVES Archie but isn’t reading currently.  I thought the story was great and done very well.  Looking forward to this too!

  7. I might just go with the Dr.Doom riding a unicorn over a rainbow instead….

  8. Is his middle initial K?

  9. There are dozens of housewives, in their late 40’s and 50’s, that are appalled this is happening right now.

    Definitely cool though and glad Archie is (strangely) paving the way to have more openly gay characters in their comics. 

  10. What book is Batwoman a lesbian in? I didn’t know she had her own book.

  11. @taymill: BATWOMAN.

  12. Isn’t it something like ‘Batwoman in Detective Comics’ though?

  13. @vadamowens: No, Batman is back as the lead n DETECTIVE COMICS. Batwoman is getting her own book.

  14. I thought he was talking about the original Rucka/Williams III run.