Karen Gillan & Benicio Del Toro Cast in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

The stars are aligning, and swiftly, for next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy film. This weekend we learned that Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan has been cast in a villainous role, and today, Deadline reports that Big Top Pee-wee and China Moon star Benicio Del Toro is headed for the cosmos as well. In Del Toro’s case, the role is said to continue into other Marvel Studios films as well.

Gillan and Del Toro join confirmed stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Glen Close, Michael Rooker, Dave Batista and maybe even John C. Reilly in what is becoming a stranger ensemble than we’d even guessed.

But who shall they play?

As for Gillan, I’ve seen names like Nikki Gold pop up, but nothing seems quite right. She’s an incredibly interesting choice as a villain though, the first female big bad for a Marvel Studios outing. Unless you count that one botanist.


My best guess is that Del Toro could play Knowhere, the massive Celestial head that serves as the Guardians’ secret base.



It’s probably not that though.



  1. I could see Del Toro as Thanos actually.

  2. Del Toro is clearly playing Groot.

  3. She could be Death I guess. I don’t recall Death doing anything but standing around giving Thanos the shade, though, so it seems like a waste. Karen Gillan is le sigh.

    • If you track down the pre-Annhiilation Thanos series, Death does play a more active role, speaking at length to Thanos. She more or less reprimands him for being obsessed with giving her what she already has plenty of, the dead, when he could have pursued more original paths to her heart. It’s an interesting use of her. So there would be precedent for giving her some lines of dialogue in the films. Plus, let’s not underestimate the effectiveness of silent gestures in the breaking of the Mad Titan’s heart . . .

    • I am really having difficulty seeing Marvel going so far as to put the personification of Death in the movie. I think that brings a whole level of abstract thinking that will leave movie goers confused. That being said I never thought they’d do Thanos.

  4. My wife hates her! I love her!

    Benicio as Adam Magus, no?

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Adam makes sense. It’s just so surreal even considering the prospect of Adam Warlock on screen.

    • Oh Gan that would be fantastic, I got a stack of Adam Warlock comics from the 70s and loved them. If Benicio dyes his hair white I think I can see it happening. I really like his performance in the Wolfman.

    • @IthoSapien
      Him and Anthony Hopkins performances were the best things about that movie. Especially the scenes they had together.

    • D’oh – I meant Adam Warlock/Magus… revoke my Geek-cred, oh mighty Nerdists/Big Bangers!

    • Adam Warlock was my 1st thought as well and hope it is, Benicio is a chameleon and could make that character come to life in a way unforeseen. Thanos isn’t a long shot either, I can see his face behind that makeup and he’s good with voices.

  5. I love Karen Gillan so much, great to see she’s going to be in this.

  6. Nebula?

    • My thought too…just because she’s one of the only women who isn’t Gamorra. And you don’t buy that red-head then shave her to make a moondragon. It’s like putting a helmet on Robert Downey Jr.

      Hopefully it’s a new or reinterpretted character.

  7. I love Karen Gillain, didnt realize the void in my life cause by a lack of seeing her. I’m not sure what she could play, especially since itll be a villain role. Del Toro, maybe voicing Rocket Raccoon or as Nova. This movie is shaping up to be something really really special, I hope it’ll take some cues from Abnet and Lanning’s GotG run.

    • Given the characters that they chosen, I think that DnA’s run on the cosmic line is going to be their point of departure. At least, that’s my hope . . .

    • It is taking major cues from DNA’s run, they showed the concept art costume designs and it looked just like DNA’s GOTG.

  8. I have to assume it’s Thanos. he’s a big name actor and could conceivably hold his acting own against the rest of the avengers 2 cast.

  9. This is intriguing news. I’m also thinking Death for Gillan. Seeing as Thanos will also be in Avengers 2, I think that it is safe to say that Death would be as well. Del Toro as Thanos? Has potential. I would love to see them tackle Warlock in the films, but wonder if that would be stuffing too much into one film? I would simply tease with the cocoon for later opening. Also, not sure if I see del Toro as either Adam . . .

    This movie is definitely shaping up into something intriguing. I also like that Marvel has pretty much confirmed at this point that we will be seeing the Nova Corps in some form or shape.

    Now, if only they could fit Cosmo into this film . . .

  10. Thanos and Death.

    Who else could it be?

  11. Universal Church of Truth might appear.

  12. From video game critic to comic book writer, now comic book movies, I’m so happy for Kieron Gillen! Really moving up in the world.

  13. Del Toro as The Living Tribunal

  14. Very cool to see Gillan have a major role in this movie. I know she is very well known because of Doctor Who but now she’s going to get an even BIGGER audience with this movie (hopefully). If Del Toro is going to be Rocket Raccoon that would be cool….But I’m still holding out hope for Jason Statham.

    This is a very weird mix of a cast going into this movie. Which I guess is going to be the selling point since, I think anyways, GOTG is a tough sell for most people. James Gunn is really going to have to wow me though because he previous work has been mighty disappointing and downright insulting to comics in general.

    • Ooooo – I’m not sure I ever thought of Rocket with a cockney accent… do they have raccoons in England? That would be a little hard to take seriously – a cockney raccoon.

  15. The latest rumor has Gillan playing Angela in the GOTG movie……that would be worth the price of admission alone