Just who IS Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Over the weekend it was confirmed that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was indeed joining the cast of Christopher Nolan's third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. Speculation began as to who Gordon-Levitt would play in the movie. Almost immediately, it was widely reported that Gordon-Levitt would be playing mobster Alberto Falcone, the son of mobster Carmine Falcone, who appeared in Batman Begins.

Now Entertanment Weekly is saying that their source with knowledge of the movie says that Gordon-Levitt is NOT playing Alberto Falcone. Their mysterious inside sources are also not saying WHO Gordon-Levitt is playing.

So just who IS Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing in The Dark Knight Rises? And whose inside sources are more reliable?


  1. There’s absolutely nothing precluding both options from being correct. (I mean, How long have we had Deathstroke rumors?)

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    But I…THEY LIED?!

  3. its obvious…he’s playing “UR MOM!” ooooh burn. just kidding. must be something top secret. Would be so awesome if they could keep it hidden and he could just surprise us. damn internets 

  4. It could be a hybrid character. A mix of Mad Hatter and Mr. Zero.

  5. joker…

  6. Is he “not” playing Alberto the same way Liam Neeson “didn’t” play Ra’s al Ghul?

  7. Hey look you never know what can possibly happen remember in batman begins we thought ken watanabe was RAS al ghul? but it was Liam Neeson instead?

    maybe levitt is going to be announced as playing someone BUT they will do the switch during the movie

  8. What if he’s alfred in a flash back scene!!!!!

  9. Professor Pyg

  10. The best reason to keep it secret (like they did with the Ra’s fakeout) would be a Joker recast. Normally I’d scoff at this, but Gordon-Levitt looks enough like Ledger to make it plausible, however unlikely.

  11. @Heroville  That would be fucking awesome.

  12. New hotshot detective on the GCPD. Detective prodigy.

    Name’a Tim Drake.

  13. @CaseyJustice  Oooh, I like the way you’re thinking!

  14. Is anyone feeling Jason Bard?

  15. Cobra Commander?

  16. i want Charlie Sheen to be cast as the villain.  name of the new villain?  Winning.  trolls and warlocks do his bidding.  muaha ha ha ha!

  17. Look at him- Of course he is playing Falcone.

    In this sketch it’s like someone cartooned the actor on sight.

    This is just a diversion tactic.

  18. Dick Grayson.

  19. I am not sure I see Levitt as a mafia head type of guy since naturally that’s what Alberto Falcone would be since his father is incapacitated, but I have defintely been proven wrong before with Heath Ledger so let’s see what happens. Maybe they might make him a skinny Harvey Bullock?

  20. Maybe Tom Hardy was a fake out, and JGL’s playing Bane!

    I’m still hoping for E. Nygma to make an appearance.

  21. Remember when Anthony Michael Hall was sworn to secrecy for his role in Dark knight, and he payed a nothing character that didn’t matter? That may happen again.

  22. Alberto Falcone could also be a sort of Holiday or Hush type villian I guess too.

  23. What about something like this…………he’s Clayface, and so everyone doesn’t get up in arms about someone reprising Heath’s role as The Joker, he shapeshifts into a JGL version of The Joker. Any takers???

  24. I rather like not knowing everything there is to know about a film before I see it.I’m officially not reading anything about it till we get a trailer.

  25. He’d make a great Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

  26. Not like I don’t want to see Deadshot in a Batman film (or any film for that matter), but Levitt as Falcone makes much more sense to the tone of the film. The mob was completely decimated thanks to the Joker, Batman, and the Comissoner in The Dark Knight. Who better but to bring the mob back then the son of an already infamous mobster?

    I was so hoping Black Mask to be the ultimate villain in this. But having Falcone isn’t a bad idea either…..if that rumor is true anyways. 

  27. I like him as Alberto Falcone. If anything has been perfect in these movies so far its been casting so I am not fretting to much about it.

  28. @cromulent  Unfortuneately he’d be way too old to play 10 year-old Dick

  29. Hmphf.

    All I know is, he’s come a long way from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

  30. @CaseyJustice  oooh, nice.  Real nice.  

    My first thought was falcone’s (i think its his) other son.  The one who comes back and tries to go strait in Dark Victory, sort of a la Pacino in the first godfather.

  31. He’s clearly playing Arthur. And Tom’s actually playing Eames. And it’s actually just “Inception II: Incept Harder.”

  32. All I’m saying is. If they can recast Dumbledore they can recast the Joker.

  33. maybe they’ll pull a Back to the Future 2 (crispin glover fillin and outtakes) to give the Joker a cameo…with CGI anything is possible really.

  34. Deadshot would definitely be possible in the realistic Batman world.

  35. how the fuck would a quicky indie dude like Gorden-Levitt make a good Dick Grayson/Nightwing; who is naturally great looking and teh coolest guy in the room?

    Comic book fan film casting is retarded

  36. Clearly he will play King Tut…

  37. @edward  Ask girls about 500 Days of Summer they lurve him.

  38. @ResurrectionFlan  yeah, nerdy indie girls  love him. every other girl likes Brad Pitt

  39. @edward  My wife loves him and she’s not a nerdy indy girl

  40. @JohnVFerrigno  i don’t want to much assumptions here but she is married to a guy that posts a lot on a comic book forum so maybe she has something for nerdy indie dudes. 🙂

  41. You know who he could play? Jason Bard.


  42. Jason Bard, Dick Grayson, falcone. all good enough for me. but Deadshot – Gordon Levittown would ahem KILL as Deadshot. Opening sequence, Deadshot called in to hunt e bat, ala the Dark Knight cartoons from before Dark Kit returns

  43. @edward I call bull, by that notion anyone who posts to the contrary will be excluded by the fact that they’re posting here alone.

    It’s not that he’s not attractive enough, he certainly certainly is (oh man is he), and he’s pulled off suave pretty well too. I think more what’s giving you pause is his body type. Usually actors playing that type of role have a little more bulk, and if they don’t when cast then they will by time of filming. Just look at Ryan Reynolds. He played all sorts of goofy crap when he was younger (Sabrina the Teenage witch made for tv movie. Seriously.) Then Blade: Trinity happened and suddenly everyone realized he’s not just cute and charming he’s full blown sexy sex. Now he’s buff as hell and playing Hal Jordan. So. There you have it.

  44. @itsbecca  The pic of Ryan Reynolds as GL in the http://www.ifanboy.com/content/articles/The_Superheroes_Are_Coming_____Yay_ is not cute, charming, or sexy. Dorky springs to mind. Hope the final effects are better! I’m starting to worry about the GL movie, and that photo does nothing to assuage my fears.

  45. @itsbecca  wait a second you’re saying he’s attractive, right? i didn’t really follow

  46. @edward that was the just of it.

  47. @itsbecca  point proven. you’re a nerdy indie girl on a comic book forum. good night everyone

  48. Alberto Falcone…thought this was announced?

  49. @kidCharlemagne  Did you not read the actual article?

  50. @edward Oh you scamp, you got me there! I certainly look the fool. 

  51. @conor- yeah, sorry but i mean i heard it reported again on BBC i think, they said that it was leaked, then denied and then confirmed so i thought it was officially announced.

  52. @itsbecca  indie girls usually are sarcastic too

  53. @edward I had a more direct response, but it was deemed inappropriate and deleted. So I had to go the round about way to let you know my dissatisfaction after falling into your trap. Also, I just like the word “scamp”.