Just the facts, ma’am. New Comics for 04/09/08!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

This week I’m most excited by the long awaited return of Suburban Glamour and the first issue of Titans!

Bonus Question: Who is your all-time favorite TV cop?

I am partial to Detective Frank Pembleton from Homicide: Life on the Street.


  1. Light week; the only things I’m pulling for sure are "Criminal" and "Wolverine."  I might check out "Titans" or "Green Arrow/Black Canary," depending on how they look. 

    Favorite TV cop is HARD — except for the part where I know they work in Baltimore.   It’s hard to argue with Pembleton, but I think I have to go with Bunk from "The Wire."

  2. Looks to be a pretty good week for myself.  Totally excited about that first issue of Titans.

  3. Is issue #7 of GA/BC the start of a new arc? Just making sure.

  4. Solid week… Huge books that I’m kind of excited about… We’ll see. W00t.

    And yes, I will pick up Titans…

    BQ: TV Cop? I don’t watch TV cops all the time. I’m actually fairly partial to Charlie, the main character on Life… Now I have to go and watch The Wire… Damn you, Conor!

  5. My GOD there is a metric assload of comics this week.

    You know I’m going with the Bunk right?

    There are a lot of second place cops in there.  Freamon, Dutch, Lem, Mackey, Pembleton.

  6. @meccaed – We’re still in the middle of an arc on GA/BC.

  7. I think I’m only pulling Countdown this week, which is good because I’ve got plenty to catch up on.  Stabler from SVU is one of my recent favorites, and Odo from DS9 if he counts.  Does anyone remember the show Hunter, that was a good show.

  8. Did you guys catch the new team announced for Iron Fist? Looks pretty sweet. Hope they can keep up the good work!


  9. All DC all the time for me this week.  Most looking forward to Titans and Batman Confidential.  Not looking forward to Labor_days going on about how great Suburban Glamour is(:P).


    BQ:  Harvey Bullock in Batman: The Animated Series. 

  10. Tough question, Conor.

    It is a tie between Det. John Kelly (NYPD Blue), Calleigh Duquense (CSI: Miami) – oh she has that little accent that is SO cute – and finally, Officers Malloy and Reed (Adam-12).

    On the honorable mentions list would be any one from Reno 911. 

  11. A nice calm week for me…Echo #2 and Serenity #2.


    BQ: Dexter!

  12. ps – why do I keep buying Tiny Titans?

    pps – I almost pulled Jesus hates Zombies – because – well…with a title like that… 

  13. Some of the comics I am looking forward to include:

    BPRD 1946
    Serenity: Better Days
    Green Arrow/Black Canary
    Suburban Glamour
    Amazing Spider-Man
    Dead of Night Featuring the Man-Thing
    Terry Moore’s Echo

    BQ: Barney Fife! 

  14. I’m most looking forward to Justice Society, Titans, and Suburban Glamour. I agree with gordon about the Jesus Hates Zombies…it ranks up there with Battle Pope.

    BQ: Not sure if you would call him a cop, per se, but my favorite cop-type TV person would be Inspector Morse. Any cop who loves Glennfidich and can drink on the job is ok with me.

  15. @target242 – Inspector Morse is definitely a cop!

  16. I’ve got 17 books this week.  Never, ever had that many before.  I’m really looking foward to Serenity and Dock Walloper.  TV Cop:  Carl Winslow for Family Matters.  Yes, the show with Steve Urkel.

  17. Criminal #2 (finally what the hell was up with the delay!?!??!) and Wolverine this week, yess great books this week!

    I like Jason Aaron’s Wolverine stuff so far, even though I think his his Ghost Rider stuff is better, but is he only doing Wolverine for one arc? It seems like the next arc is Mark Millar’s Oldman Logan, which looks….bizarre. Tell me Aaron is staying going to last more than an arc on Wolverine!!!!

  18. @PatK – I don’t think CRIMINAL is on a monthly schedule anymore because of it’s increased page count.

  19. Looking forward to Booster Gold and Titans.

    BQ:  Does Ricochet Rabbit count?

  20. @hickchilli- He was the sheriff of Hoopen Holler, so I’d say that counts

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #556

    Batman Confidential #16

    Bprd 1946 #4 (OF 5)

    Criminal 2 #2

    Green Arrow Black Canary #7

    Justice Society Of America #14

    Suburban Glamour #4 (OF 4)

    Titans #1


    Most excited for those last 3.  


    BQ – tossup between Elliot Stabler of L&O SVU and Carl Winslow of Family Matters 

  22. Countdown

    Fantastic Four

    Green Arrow/Black Canary



    Simon Dark

    BQ:Dani Reese from Life. She’s tough as balls. 

  23. Amazing Spider-Man #556

    Bprd 1946 #4 (OF 5)

    Classic Dan Dare Hc Reign Of The Robots

    Criminal 2 #2

    Dock Walloper #3 (OF 5)

    Fantastic Four #556

    Nova #12

    Wolverine #64


    BQ:: I don’t think I have one…Does Jack Bower count? 

  24. Its got to be titans, I have been looking forward to this book for a serious amounts of months, I hope its what im expecting coz I really want this book. JSA will also be a good read, right now Geoff Johns can do no worng and while I understand the qwarm about Johns bringing in to many characters and not moving on the story, I do think its a aweseome book. Its not a huge week, I have 9 books, 8 of which are DC, none are Marvel (I dropped Amazing Spiderman on the last issue of the freak).

    Im hoping to pick up surburban glammor in trade as that sounds awesome.

    Top T.V cop? Does Angela Lansbury count from Murder She Wrote. Not really a cop but she goes round solving murders. I Tell you, they should have a murder she wrote / diagnosis murder crossover with angela lansbury and dick van dyke. Would have been brilliant!

  25. I am neither excited or dreading Titans #1. I am simply concerned. Deeply so, in fact. Ian Churchill is a big part of that, Starfire is the other part. Also the preview of the first few pages were fairly awful. But I loved Titans East. And Winick won a lot of good will from me w/r/t GA/BC and Trials of Shazam. So we shall see…still…Churchill. /bad Supergirl flashbacks

    BQ: The Bunk.

    my pull list:

    Booster Gold #8
    Countdown To Final Crisis #3
    Green Arrow Black Canary #7
    Green Lantern Corps #23
    Justice Society Of America #14
    Serenity Better Days #2 (OF 3)
    Suburban Glamour #4 (OF 4)
    Supergirl And The Legion The Quest For Cosmic Boy
    Terry Moores Echo #2
    Titans #1
    Wasteland #16
    Wonder Woman #19
    Young Liars #2

  26. Guys, Serenity Better Days 2# is coming out ! That is taking up all my excitement right now, I will probably have to pick up the titans one too.


    does chuck norris count, Walker was a Texas ranger but still the best "cop" ever.

  27. Amazing Spider-Man #556
    Fantastic Four #556
    Green Lantern Corps #23
    Terry Moore’s Echo #2

     Two comics on issue 556 in one week? How weird is that?

    BQ: I’m not sure if I’ve watched enough cop shows to give any kind of accurate answer.

  28. Booster Gold # 8

    BPRD 1946 #4

    Criminal 2 #2

    Dr. Who Classics #5

    Fantastic Four #556

    McNulty (or McNutty as Bubs would say) from The Wire 

  29. Most looking forward to ASM and Fantastic Four.

     Also picking up:





    The Hedge Knight

    Green Lantern Corps

    Wonder Woman 

    Booster Gold

    Nothing on the chop block, although it’s the last issue of Hedge Knight.

    My favorite TV cop? Do private investigators count? If yes I’ll drop a nod to Emerson from Pushing Daisies. 

  30. Amazing Spider-Man #556

    Booster Gold #8

    Countdown To Final Crisis #3

    Criminal 2 #2

    Fantastic Four #556

    Goon #23

    Green Arrow Black Canary #7

    Justice Society Of America #14

    Serenity Better Days #2 (OF 3)

    Suburban Glamour #4 (OF 4)

    Terry Moores Echo #2

    Tiny Titans #3

    Titans #1

    Wolverine #64

    Bonus: Barry Allen

  31. I’m excited about Titans #1.  Hopefully Wally sees some good writing there, if no where else. 

  32. Slow week for me!


    Booster Gold #8

    Countdown To Final Crisis #3

    Doktor Sleepless #6

    Serenity Better Days #2 (OF 3)

    Wolverine #64

  33. Decent sized week for me.  Five books

    Fantastic Four #556

    Last Defenders #2

    Titans #1

    JSA #14

    Countdown #3

    Can’t wait to see the resolution of Countdown!  And I am excited about Titans!

    BQ: Matt Parkman from HEROES 

  34. I think I’ve fallen out of step with the iFanbase; I’m buying maybe four things this week. I am genuinely excited about all four, though. Not a pity-buy in the bunch.

    BQ: Is there no love for Chief Wiggum?

  35. Holy freaking crap! Criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A book that will no doubt be the best this week, but probably won’t be POW.


    Also,  Charlie Crews

  36. Most excited about:




    Green Arrow/Black Canary

    This looks like it has the potential of being a great comics week…hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

    BQ: That cop who dated Phoebe in ‘Friends’.  Specifically when they’re lying in bed and he just shoots the bird that’s singin’ making noise outside the window.  Comedy GOLD!! 

  37. @jimski – You need to buy some non-Marvel books now and then.  🙂

  38. Green Arrow/Black Canary and Wolverine are the only definites for me this week. I’ll make a call on Titans in the store.

    While the Bunk is the man, Josh, I’m going with Lester Fraemon. 

  39. Five books, one or two to many for me, but I’m excited about them all.  It looks like a good week, and a week off from skrulls, at least for me.

    Criminal 2 #2

    Green Arrow Black Canary #7

    Fantastic 4 #5 something something

    Suburban Glamour#4

    Serenity #2 

     bq:  Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Dale Cooper.  No question. I do love McNulty though: "What the fuck did I do?"



  40. He’s not really a cop anymore in the show, but Adrian Monk might be my favorite.  Followed closely by Andy Taylor.

  41. I gotta go with Vic Mackey (The Shield).  One of my favorite shows.

  42. Light one for me this week, Criminal, Echo, Gamekeeper 2 (seriously people, the first series of this by Andy Diggle was fantastic). 

    BQ:  I think I’m a little partial to Herc from The Wire, seriously, he just gets dumber and funnier each season, I think, still haven’t seen Season 5 yet, but I’m guessing there’s no redemption for him.

  43. Im excited this week for BPRD, Serenity, FF, Wolverine, Booster Gold, JSA, and most of all Criminal.


    Now favorite TV cop, ummm Lester Freamon from the Wire, wait actually I love every cop on The Wire.  But favorite cop thats not on The Wire would be . . . Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: SVU. 

  44. @DavidB I like Herc too

  45. Oh, Conor, I have my Dark Horse and Image book. 🙂 DC doesn’t want my money, although the team of Busiek and Bagley is more likely to get it for them than just about anything.

  46. I’m really excited for Criminal and JSA, both of which are amazing every single time they come out. I’m also thinkin’ about Titans, but I think I’ll jhave to look through it for a bit before I decide.

     BQ: Detective Munch from Law & Order SVU, followed closely by Ice-T’s character 

  47. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    I’ve only got two titles on the pull list this week: Jesus Hates Zombies GN and Wolverine. Looking forward to both.

    BQ: Robocop (Prime Directives) 

  48. Holy Crap! So much stuff this week, I count seventeen. Its a weird mixed week. SG is ending, Young Liars and Echo are continuing. GA/BC rocks, and I love the Fantastic Four so much now.

    Tooooooo much this week, a touch tooo much.

    I’ll probably stop reading Gen 13 after this arc.

    Oh yeah, and…






    BQ: I love Chris Noth as Detective Mike Logan on Law & Order, mostly because of the plaid ties.

  49. Looking forward to Nova, Suburban Glamour, Titans.

    Dropped Young Liars because I couldn’t remember or care about what happened last issue.

    On the fence about Last Defenders, I’ll give it another week.

    Going to try Terry Moore’s Echo.


    BQ: Does Michael Garibaldi from Babylon5 count?  He’s cop-ish.

  50. So, again, with this week, I am forced to drop more books.  When you have a limit set in place like I do, it becomes kind of amazing how much I used to buy weekly when I was wild and free.  Amazing, in that, really ridiculously unhealthy kind of way.

    Most looking forward to Nova, the conclusion of Sub Glam (it’s just so damn purty), and Criminal 2 #2 (Ron’s right…that’s freaking redundant!).  I’m intrigued to see where Echo goes, GA/BC, and JSA.  I do believe we are in for a great week of comics.

    Not picking up, but would have if I wasn’t trying to save money:  Green Lantern Corps, Titans, and BRPD.

    BQ:  While I could create a list of awesome movie cops (John McClane anyone?), the first name that came to my head from TV is Grissom from CSI.  I don’t watch a lot of TV and can’t remember any of the funny, cheesy cops from long ago, so I’ve got to go with my favorite CSI character.

  51. Booster Gold #8

    Bprd 1946 #4 (OF 5)

    Countdown To Final Crisis #3

    Justice Society Of America #14

    Serenity Better Days #2 (OF 3)

    Terry Moores Echo #2

    Seems to be a light week for me, I’m debating Titans.  All though it won’t be so light when I pick up the zillion other copies of Serenity I’m pulling for other people through my box.  I still need to pick up a copy of Kick Ass #2 for someone else, hope my shop isn’t out.

    BQ:  Stabler from SVU.  He’s the only cop I’ve seen that can punch someone once and kill them through a heart arrhythmia.  Stabler Death Punch FTW!

  52. wait a second is that Conor pulling a Terry Moore book?  I thought you weren’t a huge fan?

  53. @jstump – I’m not a huge fan.  I’m a normal sized fan.

  54. Really, I got the feeling from the "Totebag" Episodes you weren’t a fan.

  55. Titans #1, Wonder Woman #18, Green Arrow/Black Canary #7 and Echo #2

    are what i’m looking forward to.

    Cops? Ponch and Baker from CHiPs were my favorites. 🙂

  56. @HBD — Garibaldi *definitely* counts.  Space cops, FTW.

    @deezer — Don’t forget, Munch was on ‘Homicide’ for 7 years before he went to SVU.  I think he’s shown up on 6 or 7 shows, total, by this point, but ‘Homicide’ was the original.

    Obligatory something-about-comics — I’m hoping that the Jason Aaron arc on Wolverine is judged enough of a success that they’ll briing him back after Millar’s arc.  Millar mostly seems to do big eventy stories instead of staying too long on one book.  Or possibly, I’m just being wishful, as I don’t care for his Logan at all. 

  57. Munch is so awesome he showed up on X-Files, Arrested Development, and yes even Sesame Street.  Damn why didn’t I think of Munch.

  58. @ohcaroline: Millar/McNiven are just doing thier one story (8 issues I think?) and thats it.

  59. small week only getting Serenity, GLCorps, and Countdown

    BQ:  My wife is a huge Homicide/Law and Order-verse fan.  My favorite cops are Angel/Robocop/Brisco County Jr. 

  60. Ooo, big "Indy" week. Wasteland, Echo, Aqua Leung. Excellent times.


    And please, Jimmy NcNulty by a mile. 

  61. Amazing Spider-man #556, Batman Death Mask #1, Batman Confidential #16, Criminal 2 #2, JSA #14, Nova #12, Titans #1, and Echo #2

    I wonder why not very many people are talking about Batman Death Mask #1. 

    BQ: Not really a cop but P.I. Thomas Magnum because Tom Selleck is too awesome.

  62. Booster Gold #8
    Bprd 1946 #4 (OF 5)
    Countdown To Final Crisis #3
    Dead Of Night Featuring Man Thing #3 (OF 4)
    Doctor Who Classics #5
    Evil Dead (Pp #806) #4 (OF 4)
    Fx #2 (OF 6)
    Goon #23
    Green Lantern Corps #23
    Justice Society Of America #14
    Last Defenders #2 (OF 6)
    Nova #12

    BPRD 1946 has been great.  Always love the JSA.

    Favorite TV cops: Quinlan from Riptide (especially *spoiler* right before he died) and Robert Culp as "tough-as-nails-by-the-book-FBI Agent Bill Maxwell" in Greatest American Hero (although he was a G-Man, not a cop, technically.

  63. I’m looking forward to Nova, Criminal, The Goon, and Pat Gleason & Tomasi’s (and Guy and Kyle’s) return to Green Lantern Corps.

    BQ: Pembleton’s hard to top as far as TV cops go, but I’m gonna go with Claudette Wyms from The Shield.

  64. Hmmmmmmmm…. I’ve only got 13 books this week.  Thats light compared to recent weeks.  Again, its tough to single out a book because I’m enjoying everything i’m reading right now.  The only book on the ropes, is Wonder Woman.  Even though my loyalty to Gail Simone will keep me on.  I suppose the book I’m awaiting the most like a giddy schoolgirl is…..

    TITANS #1 (i’m hoping this lives up to my expectations!!)

    Favorite tv cop – I don’t watch cop shows, so this is tough.  How about old school Barry Allen from The Flash CBS show?  Anybody by that set?  GOLDEN!!

  65. This is a bizarre week.

    I’m only getting two books and neither of them are Marvel. Serenity: Better Days and Echo. That’s it.

    BQ: I may have to agree with you on Pembleton. He’s pretty awesome. Munch is a close second.



  66. What a HUGE week. And all books I’m looking forward to.

    Amazing Spider-man

    Booster Gold

    Countdown to Final Crisis

    Criminal (I started reading this book in trade but have switched to floppies and I am not disappointed-all the extras you get!)

    Green Arrow/Black Canary

    Green Lantern Corp


    So not too many books but its quality not quantity sometimes. I can’t wait until Friday!

    BQ: Can I say Gil Grissom from CSI?

  67. A majorly light week for me only 3 books.

    Serenity: Better Days

    Titans #1

    Criminal 2 #2

    BQ: If FBI counts im going with Fox Mulder and if not John Munch.(notice a trend?) 

  68. I am looking forward to Amazing Spider-man #556 and as far as cops go I would say that Doakes from Dexter is the coolest TV Cop ever.  He’s creepy, superstitious, and isn’t afraid to do cool cop stuff.

  69. Whoa! This IS a light week. Of my usual books there’s only Wolverine, this week.

    BQ: Jack Regan from 70s British cop show The Sweeney.

  70. BQ: I know I answered but I thought of another one Gene Hunt from Life on Mars.  Awesome British bully cop DCI.  Fantastic!

  71. @jstump Gene Hunt and Life on Mars, rules. Not sure how the US remake, with Colm Meaney, will work out, though.

  72. @theswordisdrawn – NOOOOOOO!! Damn it!  I love that show, we’ll ruin it over here!  /cry

  73. Full week for me then yay !!

    can I have Dectective Vecchio from due south ? 

  74. Titans #1. BQ-Chief O’Hara

  75. I’m also excited about Suburban Glamour; also, Echo#2 has me eager to get to my LCS.

    my favorite tv cop will always be Columbo. Always. However, McNolte from The Wire is a real hoot as well. 

  76. Booster Gold #8
    Exterminators #28
    Green Arrow and Black Canary #7
    Green Lantern Corps #23

    These are my books these week and I’m looking forward to all of them.
    I’m thinking of checking Justice Society of America out because Geoff Johns is one of my favorite writers these days!

  77. Not really that big a week for me (sad to say $60 – $70 is not a big week). I’ll check out Batman Death Mask (gotta love 48 pages for $3), looking forward to Titans, GA/BC, JSA, Echo, and only 3 Marvel books(?!?!?!). Weird week, but I’ll take it.

     BQ: Does Jim Rockford count? Isn’t he a PI? How about Dana Scully (my one true nerd sterotype – love the lady!)?

  78. Oh wait, I want to amend my answer.

     Clearly the best TV cop is Keith Mars. 

  79. Very light week, just Echo and Serenity for sure. But I’ve just picked up Everybody’s Dead (I know it’s now out this week so it doesn’t count), and with Battlestar Galactica back this week I don’t have time for more comics than that.

    BQ: No one outside the UK will know this, but I gotta go with Van Der Valk, if only for the theme alone.

  80. @Eyun – Damn you! Now I’m going to have Van Der Valk trapped in my head for the rest of the week, as if piped by the marching bamd from hell… ;-D

  81. Suburban Glamour, Echo, and Amazing Spiderman after Bachalo’s art in the last issue.

    That was the first issue of Spiderman I’ve picked up since One More Day ended, does anyone know what the creative schedule is like, are they rotating artist every arc?

  82. BQ: that’d be a toss up between Officers Jon Baker & Frank Poncherello, they were one dynamic duo, it’s too hard to decide.

  83. @theswordisdrawn – lol Sorry! It’s one hell of a catchy theme though 🙂

  84. Looking forward to Green Lantern Corps, and Wolverien. I think I might check out Titans.


    BQ: Does Maxwell Smart count? 

  85. Bah. I misspelled Wolverine. I just realized you can’t edit your posts.

  86. Books I’m lookin’ forward to the most:

    The Punisher



    Fantastic Four

    BQ: Does Mulder count as a cop? If not … Chief Wiggum.

  87. Oh, my other favorite cop:


    Nick Knight, from "Forever Knight."  One of the best cop/vampire TV shows ever. 🙂

  88. I think this might be the heaviest GOOD comic week I’ve ever experienced

  89. BQ: Elisa Maza from the animated show Gargoyles

  90. Okay, so I’ve only got one book on my pull list this week – and that’s Wolverine. A book I’m not really that plussed about, to be honest, but continue to buy out of habit, and the whole Messiah Complex fallout…

    Somebody care to try and sell me something else this week, so I’m not driving over to the next town for one book… 😉

  91. @Quentin – Yes, the writer and artist changes with every story arc/three issues on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

  92. Okay I am just out of it but is there no Secret Invasion books this week. 

    Here is my list

    Amazing Spider-Man # 556

    Fantastic Four # 556

    Simon Dark # 7

    Wolverine # 64

    I don’t see All-Star Batman # 10 on the pulled list and Josh was talking about it on the Mini today ( 4/8/08)

    and the new Titans book I guess I wait  for it in TBP. 

  93. Oh yeah my favorite cop 

    I have to go with James Gordon from any of the Batman tv shows.

  94. @theswordisdrawn — Not exactly a groundbreaking rec, but have you tried ‘Criminal’ yet?  The new issue is going to be a standalone, I’m pretty sure.  It’s a nice thick book, vintage Brubaker, and the single issues have extra content that’s not in the trade.

  95. Criminal!


    And Booster Gold! Damn Geoff Johns for making me care about Zero Hour 


  96. @Quentin:

    the Spider-Man schedule for the next two months is as follows

    In May there’s a one-shot issue by Bob Gale and Barry Kitson

    Then 2 issues by Dan Slott and Marcos Martin

    in June the Slott/Martin arc finishes up

    then 2 issues by Bob Gale and Mike McKone after that.


    And then we also know that there is a big 6 part story by Slott and John Romita JR coming up sometime soon (August maybe?) 

  97. Most looking forward to JSA and curious about Titans.

     BQ: Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane

  98. I too am looking forward to seeing how the new Titans book is.


    Oh and I’m really just writting because I wanted to be the 100th comment.


    yeah I’m that sad.

  99. I’m really looking forward to the new Titans. That might just be because it equals more Nightwing. I don’t think I can get enough of that eye candy. 🙂

    Also, pretty excited to see a DC book at the top of the pulls. 


  100. My store didn’t get their shipment in:( How does that happen?

  101. Slow week for me. Looking forward to JSA, Green Lantern Corps and Titans.


    BQ:  I’m a child of the 80s, so it has to be Sonny Crockett.