Jughead’s Dead Dog to Infect Riverdale in Afterlife with Archie



Those rascals at Archie Comics are at it again with another subversive addition to their line. Though they’ve meddled in the occult previously with cameos by Kiss, they’re now mounting a full scale zombie apocalypse in an all new ongoing. According to, ahem, Deadline, Glee staff-writer¬†Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has fingered Hotdog, Jughead’s beloved sheepdog as patient zero in the new series Afterlife with Archie. In a Burtonesque attempt to revive the pooch from a random act of vehicular houndicide, Jughead enlists the help of local sorceress Sabrina. Though Hotdog is back and kicking, he bites the hand that feeds him, setting off a chain reaction that sends all of Riverdale shambling.

Best yet, it’s an ongoing.

Aquirre-Sacasa previously helped salvage Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark after some now legendary development problems and more recently scripted the upcoming Carrie remake.

Everything about this screams fun, a common theme for a publisher too often dismissed as fluff peddling. In recent years, Archie has made some refreshingly progressive choices, unafraid to experiment with wacky ideas and poke fun at their own malt shop persona while retaining their felt crown with new and longtime readers. That kind of willingness to try something new with their established brand, tongue firmly between their teeth, is a rarity in today’s market. Especially when other publishers are often more interested in thumbing their noses at the guys across or up the street.

Looking forward to this particular apocalypse.



  1. I am so excited! Thanks for giving Archie his due, Paul!

  2. This should resolve the age-old question: Whose brain would Archie eat – Betty’s or Veronica’s?

  3. Wow. This sounds like a ton of fun. When’s it coming out?

  4. Looking forward to Archie Comics “Afterlife with Archie”

  5. I have an aversion to zombie stories, but gosh-darn-it if I don’t find this Afterlife with Archie interesting enough to pick up.

  6. That’s awesome.

  7. Its great to see Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on an Archie book. Especially after he one time got a cease and desist from the publisher.

  8. …………………………..

  9. Oh man… I sense the return of Archie comics to the podcast!

  10. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that Image and Archie are the only comic companies to really go outside the

  11. If this in any way has an EC Horror Comics vibe, then I’ma be ALL over this.

    Cuz that promo art sure looks it.

  12. All in.

  13. I will read this. I will read all of this.

  14. While I’m sad about the cause (Hot Dog! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!), this sounds…well, awesome.

    Damn, Archie comics have just been stepping up their game across the board!