Jock’s New Detective Cover is One Big Joke

There are amazing other cover artists out there, but I'm not sure any of them stun us so regularly. Between his covers for Detective Comics (for which he is also the regular interior artist), Scalped, and various Marvel covers, the guy is pumping out magnificent works of art at a ridiculous pace. So today, he must have known the fans would be thrilled to see his new Detective Comics cover.

You had to know Scott Snyder was leading up to Dick vs. Joker. It's too classic not to.

Also, Jock wasn't nominated for an Eisner for best cover artist. That's just dumb.


  1. wow. its so horribly creepy and frucked up. i love it. 

  2. Wow.  I love being a comic book reader.

  3. That is a masterpiece.

  4. This a story I have been waiting for. I really want to see how dick as batman takes on the joker.

  5. @SamIAm  And I want to see how Joker goes at a Batman that he knows is not the ‘real’ Batman.

  6. just gasped out loud in my office. absolutely beautiful, and agree with Josh 100%.

  7. please no silly movie banners slapped on top of this thing. Just let it be…

  8. @WeaklyRoll  Ha, so did I.  Got a weird look from the old Indian lady across from me.

    Looks like I got a new background for my iPhone.

  9. This is pretty amazing. I love the use of color and texture. I think we could in the middle of an awesome run.

  10. Wow that looks great!Wow that looks great!

  11. @wallythegreenmonster  Don’t hold your breath…

  12. Gee Jock, thanks for giving me nightmares FOREVER.

  13. @wallythegreenmonster

    My thoughts exactly, so I looked into it. From what I can tell, this will be the Late July issue, so the GL promos will be long gone by then. 

  14. This reminds me of why I read comics..

    Now I just think, why am i not reading this book? … Well, I guess i’ll pick it up in trade someday.

  15. Esao Andrews, Dustin Nguyen, and Jock do the best covers in comics right now. Incredible stuff.

  16. I can’t quite predict what form The Joker will take in Synder’s Batman world… but I know that I’m extremely excited about it. Cracking cover, obviously.

  17. new classic

  18. I started out cool to Jock a few years ago, on “Green Arrow Year One.” Now, however, I don’t think there’s a better designer working in comics.

  19. @wallythegreenmonster  One of the best pleas I have read all day

  20. Jock is an artist. Not a penciller, not an illustrator, not any of those things.

    An artist. And if you didn’t already believe it, this is proof.

  21. That right there is messed up in splendidly fun way.

  22. Shit ya!

  23. Good, but the Lee Bermejo one done in The Joker OGN is better and more original. The two spreads where he has glass glued to his fingers and when he sticks a gun in his mouth to taunt Batman are, sorry to say, better than this

  24. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Stunning stuff. That green bit on the right is an interesting little mystery. 

    @MajorLaser  Not sure how this is “less original.” No one’s contesting the greatness of the Bermejo cover either. 

  25. I really hope the joker’s hair turns into bats in the comic. I am so tired of covers not relating to the interior

  26. Not getting my hopes up that there won’t be a hideous banner tainting this great work of art. If DC isn’t still shilling the GL movie, it’s likely to be something else. Prob their new rebooted universe, college-aged heroes, or ipad app. But don’t let that take away from that fact that this is a gorgeous piece by Jock. And yes, it does disturb me that I just referred to such a terrifying image as gorgeous.

  27. WOW!!, if this is how Detective goes out,so be it, Jock is incredible and anybody who isn’t reading Snyders stories that are accompying that beautiful art is plain silly!!
    Keep up the great work Jock/Snyder i hope the “reboot” does not mean the end of your tenure on Detective! it would be a shame to see you two walk.

  28. R.I.P. Detective Comics

  29. @AquaPimp82  Did it get canceled???

  30. @conor  essentially

  31. Well there’s a new spot for my nightmares.

    Seriously though, fucking epic. 

  32. @conor – Off topic. But in your opinion, what are the odds that the Bat line of books makes it through this reboot stuff mostly unscathed? Out of everything I’ve read online, the main thing people seem to be upset about the idea of losing is the current Bat-verse. I very much share this thinking. Would be great if they can leave it alone, as it’s clearly working. Not to mention how much it would suck to see all the great Bat characters either done away with rewound (Dick, Tim Drake, Oracle, etc). I ask, one, because you’re the Bat authority around her. And secondly, you don’t seem too torn up regarding a potential universe reset.

  33. @j206  You’re right, that is completely off-topic.

  34. @conor – Well played, sir.

    Just so you know. I’m going to take that as you got some sort of inside info that you’re not willing to let in on yet. 😉

  35. @j206  @conor  since there was a detective Comics cover on here, I think it’s only like 90% off topic LOL

    Also, i am going to have nightmares forever because of this.

  36. @J206:  I’m happy with the way the Bat line and the GL line are right now.  I know how you feel!!  What’s gonna happen to Larfleeze, Dex-Starr, and Atrocitus?!  Those guys kick ass!!  I’m not a big Tim Drake fan but I’m mostly concerned with Damian Wayne as well!!

  37. That expression gives chills…beautiful.

  38. Snyder, Jock and Francavilla = the best Bat creative team currently.  I was so looking forward to a lengthy run and along comes Flashpoint to break up the party…

  39. @j206  I’ve been wondering about the same thing. To me, that really is the big question in all of this.