Jim Lee & Geoff Johns To Make Big Superman & DC Related Announcement in June

Next month, at the Hero Complex Film Festival, DC Comics Co-Editor-in-Chief Jim Lee and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns will be sitting on the Superman and Superman II panel to discuss those films with Johns' former boss, director Richard Donner.

They are also teasing that there will be “bombshell announcements about the future of Superman and the entire DC Universe.”

What could it be?!?

Some are speculating that the announcement will be related to Flashpoint and/or whatever it is that comes out of Flashpoint that DC is being very tight lipped about. Sure, that's entirely possible. Maybe they're going to announce that they are going to work on a book together. Hey, you never know. But it would be a weird place to make those kind of announcements, wouldn't it? It's a Superman film panel at a film festival. It's not really a place that screams big comic book announcement. Me, I think it's going to be an announcement related to the Superman film and/or the future of DC films. Maybe they are going to get more aggressive about connecting their films? Or maybe they will announce a Justice League of America film?

One big clue: On the film festival website it says of the panel: "…special appearance by DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, discussing the big-screen future of the DC Universe."

Yes, Jim Lee being on hand gives some credence to the idea that the announcement will be comic book related, but it just seems like the perfect place to make a major movie announcement. We'll find out for sure on June 11.


  1. Superman crawls around the northern hemisphere. First flight, then walking, now crawling.

  2. Seems to me like this might be the definitive answer to the question of whether or not their movies are gonna be integrated. Part of me is hoping that Johns and Lee will be the new creative team on the comics, but the former is more likely.

  3. You’ll believe a man Hitchhike! But seriously, could be great news for DC movies.

  4. he starts to Jog across America?

  5. Maybe Superman shows up after the credits in Green Lantern.

  6. Announcement of an announcement…aparently the video game industry has pagued everyone.

  7. If it involves Jim Lee, it definitely appears to be a comic book announcement.  If it is about the films, though, then it might have something to do with the disputed rights of Superman.  I’m guessing they reached a deal with the estates of Siegel and Schuster for more Superman movies.

  8. @muddi900  yes sir

  9. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we heard you cries and complaints. We, in DC Comics will finally take the titles, JLA and JSA seriously now”

  10. In a horrible negotiations blunder, DC loses not only the rights to Superman to the Siegel & Shuster families, but also somehow lose the contracts w/ Jim Lee & Geoff Johns to them as well.   Wat? How?

  11. wtf, Geoff Johns is 38!?  Man, I am aging like shit.

  12. it could be footage from the new movie, couldn’t it

  13. My guess would be that they plan on intergrating the films. While I think what Marvel is doing with their Avengers films is very cool, I don’t think it would work with DC and Justice League. Don’t get me wrong I love the JLA, but I just don’t think it would work as a film. The characters are too iconic. When I picture a live action supes and bats on screen together it just looks…Rediculous.

  14. I believe Bleeding Cool speculated that DC would be rebooting everything. I don’t believe that, but who knows.

  15. @JosephDanielsTCR7  I hope not, but I could see DC revamping everything.  This might be a “Ultimatization” of the whole line.  Perhaps, All-Star on steriods, hopefully minus the Miller.  I mean, they are lagging Marvel not matter what they try so I figure they’ll just reinvent the world.  1 Batman, 1 Robin, Wonder Woman with or without pants?  Hmmmmm.  Yes quite the new world ; )

  16. So far this is all coming across as genuine and fresh. We’ll see. Here’s hoping it’ll be cool! 🙂

  17. By the way, this.

  18. Of course it is going to be All Star Flash !

  19. I’d be curious to see if it was a reboot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re was a “Ultimate” style line for new readers connected with the movies to ease integration between the two

  20. Is there anyone else who noticed a billboard ad with the Superman/Batman logo during one of the earlier scenes in “I Am Legend”?  I think it was when Will Smith was hunting the deer through Times Square. 

    I swear I saw that and a date of 2012 under it.  Maybe they will make a Superman/Batman movie in lieu of a JLA movie.

    But seriously, did anyone else notice that billboard?  Or was it all some sort of crazy dream?

  21. Lois becomes EIC then it’s revealed she’s pregnant

  22. @BizDaddy  Everyone noticed that; it was a nod to the fact that the director was slated to do the World’s Finest movie that fell apart

  23. It still won’t get me to buy Superman.

  24. Jim Lee will announce that he will be drawing a bi-annual series…

  25. WB/DC will announce a FLASH movie or will have a complete comic reboot that will tie into Batman Begins.

  26. Please do something with superman and while your at it do something with jla to make me buy those books

  27. I highly doubt they are going to do a major reboot of the universe post Flashpoint. I could see a couple new creative teams and some new titles, and maybe a couple characters from the Flashpoint universe bleeding into DCU proper, but not a major reboot. Regardless I’m excited for the announcement. I’m also curious as what they are going to do when September solicitations come out.

  28. They’re going to announce that Lee’s and Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin will coming, sometime next year? lol  I would guess something Justice League movie-related or maybe they’re working on Superman together post-Flashpoint.  We’ll see in a couple of weeks!

  29. @ Heroville.  Thanks  I thought I had imagined the whole thing.

  30. @RapidEyeMovement: It won’t have anything to do with the movies. DC makes comics not movies. Even at Marvel, Marvel Studios makes movie annoucement and Marvel comics make publishing announcements.

  31. Justice League movie will star either Tom Welling or Brandon Routh as Superman?

  32. That “sipes starts jogging across America” line cracked me up…

  33. @Bluestreak  Geoff Johns is the CCO of DC Entertainment, which is involved with the movies/TV shows/comics/etc. He’s one of the producers on Green Lantern.

  34. Not that I think this is what it is but now that all the original heroes are back (Hal, Barry, Arthur, and J’onn)A Justice League of America book starring the original seven written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee would be awesome. Not to mention It would be DC’s best selling book by a mile. Of course Lee would have had to start drawing it in 1997 for it to come out on time. Add covers by Perez and its the world’s perfect comic book. Again I doubt it but I can dream.

  35. They’re going to relaunch Action Comics with a new number 1

  36. rumor is that they are going to reboot the entire DCuniverse after the FLASHPONT mini ends

  37. @conor – thanks for the correction. DC is in a lot of trouble

  38. Superman Video game?  (after success of Arkham Asylum?   by Dini)