James Spader is an Egomaniacal Artificial Intelligence in ‘Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Deadline reports that Pretty in Pink’s James Spader will provide the voice of the titular villain in Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. As a paunchy gentleman myself, I would imagine CG and practical effects will combine to create the visuals. This fall, Spader has joins the growing number of creepy people trapped in transparent cells (Magneto, Raoul Silva, Loki, Hannibal Lecter) in NBC’s The Blacklist.



Meet your new machine overlord on May 1st, 2015.


  1. Oh this is just too perfect. Even more psyched now

  2. nice.
    i never thought about what his voice would sound like, but if i had to think of one spader’s maybe slightly modulated wouldn’t be bad. he has that serious “arrogant-esque” sounding tone.

  3. Man he has the perfect voice for this. It always struck me as cold and creepy.

  4. You know what else is hilarious. I just started watching Buffy the Vampire slayer TV show season 1 for the first time and (if i remember correctly) one of the “hot teenage girls” in it names James Spader as “a sex symbol”. Funny as hell.

  5. I like this. His voice touched up to sound more robot-like just seems perfect for Ultron.

  6. I knew Robert California could take over the world if he tried.

  7. This is an inspired choice. I’ve been a fan of Spader’s since Boston Legal. He will be perfect for this.

    And Marvel Studios continues it’s trend of actually having its shit together when it comes to casting.

    • Give Ben a chance…

    • Just stop. This isn’t the time or the place.

    • “And Marvel Studios continues it’s trend of actually having its shit together when it comes to casting.”

      Yet it’s the the time and place to complain about DC’s casting choices which mysteriously started a week ago?

    • “And Marvel Studios continues it’s trend of actually having its shit together when it comes to casting.”

      Yet it’s the the time and place to complain about DC’s casting choices which mysteriously started a week ago?

      Quid por Quo, man. Both sides gotta let it go if we wanna move forward.

  8. Whenever I see Spader act he always comes off as a smarmy, smug type just begging for a backhand. He will be perfect for this role.

  9. Sweet deal. I’m glad they’re going for an actor with range instead of a voice to stereotypically go “I AM ULTRON BWAHAHAHA!”

  10. Well, there goes my “Jarvis will mutate into Ultron and thus give Paul Bettany something more meaty to do” theory . . .

    That said, Spader is a great choice for the role.

  11. I don’t think I’ve seen Spader in much since “Sex, Lies and Videotape,” his breakout role. And because the word “videotape” is in the title, you can tell how long ago that must have been. But I think he will be fine to excellent. I always imagine Ultron as speaking with an electronic sounding voice, like the ones you hear on old answering machines, or maybe the electronically altered voice singing “We’re up all night to get lucky” on the Daft Punk song. I hope they do alter Spader’s voice, because I don’t think he should sound human.

    • I picture Ultron’s voice like the one from 2001 a space odyssey. Hal. Creepy. Spader’s is just like Hal’s. Soft but not in a comforting way.

      But of course this is just me.

  12. First of all…
    Wow, is very interesting the contrast in the reactions to the recent casting news.

    I’m a fan of James Spader and think this will turn out great. It sounds like a very well fit.

    But I have a question…
    What about poor old Thanos? It will be a little disappointing if we don’t see him do something in Avengers 2.

    • Marvel and Joss Whedon (to the best of my recent knowledge) are saying Thanos and Loki WON’T be in Avengers 2. So the casting of Thanos is moot (for now).

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Thanos will play a shadowy role in Guardians of the Galaxy and likely some yet to be announced Phase 3 films, setting him up for Avengers 3.

    • Has Whedon said officially that Thanos won’t be in Avengers 2 in the same way he’s stated Loki won’t be? If not, I would expect a small glimpse of him making mischief behind the scenes, but not a large amount of screen time.

      Personally, I’m glad Loki won’t be in Avengers 2. Don’t get me wrong: I loved him in Avengers, and look forward to him in Thor 2. I just think that they should be careful with overexposing him. Let him reside in the Asgard realm and let other villains have a turn to shine . . .

    • Djimon Hounsou (Korath) apparently let slip during a panel that his character was “Thanos’ main guy” or something to that effect, before Feig shut him up. So if they’re using him in GOTG, my guess would be that he won’t appear in Avengers until the third film.

    • Ahh, I see.

      I expected as much when they made official the name for the sequel (Age of Ultron) but like I said above, I’m a little disappointed about that because the wait for Thanos will be too long, so just hope as a consolation prize that his not-official part in GotG and maybe an additional cameo in A2:AoU is something meaty to get everyone excited for the whole thing in Avengers 3.

      P.S.: Who expect to see Hank Pym, at least a cameo or very small role in Avengers 2, besides me?
      I think it will be the wise move to make, because the character is not as popular as others for the not-fanboy audience that go to the movies, which they are the majority, and having him just appear for the first time in his solo film could be risky in my opinion.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Whedon has said that Hank Pym will not appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    • I suspect at this point Hank Pym may be relegated to the same status as Dr. Blake in the first Thor movie, a character referred to but never seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a scene in Ant-Man where we get some background exposition like “Pym Particles were discovered by . . . ” and that’s it. Personally, I’d like to see Pym in some form, if for no other reason, so that we can have Janet as well . . .

  13. I am more disturbed by the Spader picture on the ifanboy home page that accompanies this news.

  14. Again, I’ll just say that Marvel is better at casting and making movies that AREN’T divisive.

    Looking forward to this.

  15. As long as we get a scene of Ultron and Tony Stark sharing a scotch and cigar on the balcony of Avengers Tower, it’s all good.

  16. I don’t want Spaderto just do the voice for a CHI character. I want him to be covered in tin foil and blinking Christmas lights a Ultron!

  17. Apart from Lincoln I can’t recall any other movies I’ve seen with Spader in it. So I honestly can’t say if this is ultimately going to be a good choice or not.. But I trust in Whedon and I’m sure this is going to work in the end. Besides, his voice is probably going to be modulated enough where it’ll be hard to tell if it’s him or not.

    I’m more excited to see what Ultron is going to look like in this movie.

    • {GASP} You haven’t seen the original Stargate?!

    • See Crash. Not the shitty one…the one where people get sexually turned on by car crashes.

    • @Nightwing: Oh that’s right, he was in that! Well it was a very long time ago since I’ve seen it in my defense.

      @Chris: Not to get totally off topic but I find the ‘shitty’ Crash to be a good film. (But not a Best Picture film). But I like Cronenberg and for some reason I haven’t seen it yet. Netflix away!

    • No Spader films?
      I’ve enjoyed: 2 Days in the Valley, Wolf, Stargate, Bad Influence, the Watcher…just to name a few off the top of my head. Oh, and if you’re a total perv try Secretary or Crash. 😉

    • Man True Colors was a really good Spader film as well. The one with Cusack in it. Two friends going in separate directions.

  18. maggie gyllenhaal is in for it now Adamantium hands have gotta sting

  19. I wonder if Tony is going to use Destroyer tech in the build for Ultron?

  20. James Spader returns from Less Than Zero to continue to make RDJ’s life hell. “I thought this was cool”

  21. Daniel Jackson! Interesting news. I like it, but it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Spader would actually make a pretty good Pym. (Yes, yes, No Hank Pym, but the Whedon lies, too.)

  22. He has experience with a robotic lover, so that probably helped him get the role.

  23. Good voice guy. Really miss Boston Legal.