Irony? ‘Hellboy’ Advertised in Marvel Comics

I’m reading my comics today, and I notice that on the back of this particular Marvel comic, is a big glossy ad for the Hellboy feature film. I get to thinking and realize the irony that a movie based on an indy comic is now the product of advertising which is supporting the publication of this comic. To go down the well even further, it could be said that without Marvel to keep the shops open, indy comics would die as well, at least the retail side of them. To push it one step more, the ad is most certainly done in the style of the X-Men movie, and I keep nearly mistaking it for one, what with all the bluish metallic in the shot.

It just goes to show us the twirling, interlocked reality that is media today. What was once the mighty and rich becomes the skinny and starving and vice versa.

Not that the Hellboy comic is going to sell much better after the movie comes out.

What do you think?


  1. I think that I hate the stores (like the one in my neighborhood) that stock mostly Marvel books at the expense of other companies (even DC gets under ordered).

    I think my brother saw the HELLBOY trailer and laughed (and not in a good way).

  2. *grins* I love the weird marriage of art and business….