Iron Man Variant Covers Are Animated

Next month, Marvel Comics hands over the reins of two of their variant covers to the animation industry and the results are pretty great.

Invincible Iron Man #27 variant cover by Ronnie del Carmen, Pixar Story Supervisor on Up and Finding Nemo, Storyboard Artist on Ratatouille, and Character Designer on WALL-E:

Invincible Iron Man #27

I love this cover, which should come as no surprise if you know me and my tastes at all. Here's what I want right now this minute: The Adventures of Iron Man, Old West Gunslinger! Think about it: if there was ever anyone made ot be a morally ambiguous old west figure it's Tony Stark. He'd be up to his moustache in whiskey and whores.


Iron Man Legacy #3 variant cover by Bill Presing, Pixar Storyboard Artist on Up and Ratatouille:

Iron Man Legacy #3

This one also hits me where I live, as we see Iron Man reimagined with armor that mimics World War II fighter planes. I love the fact that although his look clearly recalls a fighter plane, he's clearly still Iron Man.That's some spiffy design. They should have had Presing design the robots in the Transformers movies, at least then I'd know what I was looking at on-screen.


I love thee kind of variant covers. I love when artists are given free reign to reinterpret the classics. Marvel does these a lot, most notably with Skottie Young, who really excels at putting his own spin on the familiar.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Both gorgeous. The old west one reminds me a great deal of Doug TenNapel’s Iron West. 

  2. wow, That’s pretty fantastic

  3. LOVE the Bill Pressing Cover.

    Very clever to have the 50’s pinup girl on kissing the arc reactor….could that be Pepper Pots.

  4. Both of those look awesome and that’s way better than having a bunch of Deadpool variants.

    @Conor: Tony doesn’t need to be in the old west to be up to his moustache in whiskey and whores.

  5. Those are great!

  6. Cover 1 reminds me a LOT of Doug Ten Napel’s Iron West. Both are loverly.

  7. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    It’s too bad these are only variants. I’d love to see an ‘Elseworlds’-style tale featuring either of these versions of the characters. Awesome.

  8. Damn you, Pixar. When will you stop being so awesome?

  9. oooooh. pretty

  10. so these are just drawn by animation people and not actually animated like what Esquire Magazine did a few months back? The title got my hopes up. 

  11. Gorgeous. I prefer the Presing but they’re both fantastic. This is a cool idea.

  12. Those are awesome. I wish Marvel would sell stuff like this as prints – not posters, but maybe 11×17 on nice board. I’d rather pay a couple extra bucks for that rather than the ridiculous purchasing of multiple editions of the same comic (or even buying one edition of a comic I wouldn’t otherwise get).

  13. @flakbait–like a folio of numbered prints or something. A lot of illustrators and fine artists do it. James Jean is one off the top of my head that sells some of his work that way, but he does lots of gallery work. There are licensing issues and ultimately the artists have control over that kinda stuff. You’d think they’d jump at the chance to create a little extra revenue. 

  14. "Pixar… there anything they can’t do?"

    I do love the Wild West version a bit more though. Great take on the character. 

  15. Wow, both are beautiful.