Introducing: The Sindiecate – New Art Blog From David LaFuente, Ryan Ottley & More

Tellos by David LaFuenteOne of the recent trends amongst comic artists in the last year or so has been embracing the web and creating art blogs. Be it individual blogs where artists post their work and sketches or team ups like SkottieScott,which features Skottie Young and Scott Morse or the most well known of the group art blogs, ComicTwart, featuring Chris Samnee, Dave Johnson, Mitch Breitweiser, Francesco Francavilla, Evan “Doc” Shaner and many more.

We’re excited to share with you a new group art blog called The Sindiecate.  The Sindiecate gathers together some of the best names in comics art today with David LaFuente, Ryan Ottley, Mike Choi, Jorge F. Munoz, and James Harren.  We had the opportunity to talk to LaFuente and Ottley to get the scoop on The Sindiecate:

iFanboy: Who came up with the idea to come together to form The Sindiecate?

David LaFuente: I had the idea and asked them to join me. I contacted a number of artists, some friends, some people I didn’t know in person…all artists whose work I deeply admire. I thought the site could function as both an homage to independent (comics) and a sort-of book club, like “Hey, we like this book, check it out.”  Also among ourselves, we take turns to pick the week’s theme. We are bound to find ourselves with a book only one or two have actually read. Discovering new books is always good.

The title was James Harren’s idea, spelled SINDYCATE but we finally agreed on SINDIECATE. He also pitched the idea to Ryan. We emailed and discussed and polished my initial idea. It’s everyone’s site.

Ryan Ottley: I’ve been thinking about how it’d be fun to do one of these group art blogs since drawing Invincible every month is so easy and I have so much time leftover each day! (That last part was sarcasm)  But still I’m excited to do it and glad I was asked to join! I’m always drawing whatever I want at a local draw night once a week so this would be perfect to work on there.

iF: What were some of your inspirations for putting together this blog? Why the focus on indie books?

DL: The inspiration was the phenomenal work of the Twarts and Eclectic Micks. I simply thought there was an empty slot, something more to do with these daily sketch blogs. An art site dedicated to tribute specifically indie comic-books. Part of me thinks that, even though homaging mainstream superhero books can be very interesting, it also works as advertisement for them. These companies already have marketing departments doing excellent jobs. Indie books don’t have as many resources and believe they can use the exposure.

Tellos by Jorge MunozRO: I’m so glad this blog is Indie, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My favorite books just happen to be the creator owned ones, I’m not huge into supporting entertainment for the sake of supporting it. Its entertainment, its gotta be good or I drop it. Plain and simple. And there is so much great indie stuff out there, we’ll never run out of content.   These artists are turning in some amazing stuff already, I’ve been a fan of these guys for a while so this is great to be a part of.

iF: Your inaugural book is Tellos. Why start with that book?

RO: Tellos is a great book, and a great way to start off the Sindiecate. I miss Mike Wieringo. I miss the occasional banter we had over e-mails and DeviantArt. I miss his art. I won’t be doing a serene scene in loving memory though, I’ll be drawing something I think Mike would have gotten a kick out of.  My pic will be posted on Thursday!

DL: I join Ryan in the love for Wieringo’s work. I’ve been following him since The Flash, and really miss him. Certainly we are paying homage to books we really love.

iF: What other indie book characters can we look forward to coming up?

DL: Personally, I’m looking forward to do something with Turf, Savage Dragon and Rasl for example.

RO: I’m excited to draw from some of my favorite books like Orc Stain, Locke and Key, and Skullkickers.


Be sure to check out The Sindiecate, updated daily, Monday through Friday.  They’ve already posted the Tellos art by Jorge Munoz and David LaFuente (which we’ve highlighted here) and the rest of week should see Tellos pieces by Ryan Ottley, Mike Choi and James Harren.


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