Indie Artists Create Movie Posters for Criterion

Recently, comic art blog viewers might have noticed some reinterpretations of movie posters by comic book artists.  Apparently Criterion, those of the company who put out fancy DVDs and Blu-Rays of movies we should watch but haven't, commissioned a bunch of artists to do posters for a series of 22 films picked by filmmaker Jim Jarmusch at All Tomorrow's Parties in New York. Also, this is the kind of cash movie companies can splash out for minor events with indie cult heroes.  Different world right there. 

Anyway, there are some swell pieces of art.  Here's a test, but you can check the rest out at Super Punch, where he collected a ton of them.

A Colt is My Passport by Francesco Francavilla


Easy Rider by Scott Campell and Erik Skillman

 The Killing by Connor Willumsen


The Night of the Hunter by Matt Kindt

Thanks to Blair Campbell for pointing it out.


  1. that Easy Rider one is awesome

  2. This is genius.

  3. wonderful work. Criterion is such an awesome company….they hit a home run with their designs just about every time. 

  4. I wish Criterion would make these available.  Beautiful work.

  5. Darwyn Cooke also did a horror movie collection, maybe 5 years ago. They are really nice looking too.

  6. "The Killing" poster is awesome!!!

  7. This combines film and comics, two of the things I most love.  The Night of the Hunter poster is a perfect represenation of the story to me, from the balled fist to the tiny little children.  What a great poster.  Now I want to see Chris Samnee do the poster for Seven Samurai or the Hidden Fortress and I want to see Sean Phillips do the poster for The Third Man.  Is that too much to ask?

  8. Kindt and Francavilla could do movie posters all the time if that is possible.

    Thanks to @gothamcentral, so can Allred and Phillips. 

  9. One of the lead designers at Criterion is also an indie comic creator so there is that connection which explains the sensibility towards high end illustration and design. 

  10. oh, man. that’s fantastic. Really awesome stuff. 

  11. Those are really great! Plus, criterion always puts out amazing releases. I have a pretty decent amount of Criterion DVDs in my collection and they are among my favorites in terms of both movie quality and bonus features.

  12. Great stuff – perfect match with Criterion. "The Killing" is a great movie.

  13. We had the posters up on our site first. Super Punch found them through us, and linked to us in the "via" section at the end.

  14. Kate Beaton doing Five Easy Pieces is cool. She should do more covers if given the chance too. 

  15. All of them are great.

  16. I wish I could afford to buy every Criteron release.