Image Comics Announces Image Expo 2013

The revolution will not be televised but you can buy tickets.

Today at the Diamond Comics Retailer summit in Chicago, Image Comics announced Image Expo 2013, which will be held in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on July 2, 2013. What is it?

Image Expo 2013 will be an all-day event featuring announcements from Image Comics, the publisher of the best-selling comic book titles The Walking Dead, Saga, Fatale, East of West and Jupiter’s Legacy, as well as appearances by superstar creators, including Image partner and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Ed Brubaker, co-creator of the Eisner-nominated Fatale, revealing panels, and autograph sessions. Tickets for this exciting event will available to the general public for purchase on May 3, 2013.

Image Expo 2013 follows the publisher’s successful 2012 Image Expo convention, which was held in Oakland, California. Image Expo 2013 will be be the most intimate comics event of its kind, offering unprecedented access to creators, exclusive swag, and the first chance to hear what the publisher that has been taking the comics industry by storm has planned for the future.

Image Comics has set up a page on their website for Image Expo 2013 so you can keep abreast of guest announcements and get ticket information.


If I had to guess I’d say that Image Comics’ newest employee might be bringing a bit of MorrisonCon to Image’s show, but we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Sounds quite interesting but too far away from Montreal!

  2. I went the first year they had Image Expo. It was the best con I went too. I was able to have lots of face time with people like John Layman,Richard Starking,Johnathan Hickman and even Robert Kirkman. It was the perfect size not to big.Its all about the comics. A must go if you are a fan of comic books. Most writers and artist have or are working for Image so you see alot of big names. Maybe you might even run into now big shot Ron Richards.

  3. Why a Tuesday?

    • I’m betting because by placing it near a major US holiday, anyone who needs to take time off to attend will have one fewer day to take off.

  4. I’d consider going, but only if I knew for sure that Ron Richards, the Image Comics superstar Director of Business Development, was going to be in attendance.

  5. RON!

  6. I went to Image Expo in oakland last year and it was great. This year’s is only a block or two from my office so will have to check it out!

  7. If there’s any LA based iFanbasers that would wanna organize a roadtrip I’d be down. (ticket price/availability permitting)

  8. In CBR’s write up this they even mention Ron by name, citing his MorrisonCon’s influence over the changes to ImageCon. Way to go Ron! Way to go Image!

  9. so it’s a one day event now?
    i wonder if they will have the small press/artist alley section again
    and if so if they’ll be holding registration for those table spaces.
    what an odd change.

  10. The timing of this doesn’t work for me. I’d really like to attend but can’t. I’m sure someone like Fiona Staples will be there and I’d love to meet and pester her with a hundred questions before security escorts me away. Not sure why they’d schedule the con this way. Oh well, maybe next time. I am bummed…

  11. Ahhh I love Image but live on the other side of the country! Here’s hoping that Hero Con in Charlotte, NC is good this year.

  12. Man I am loving Image these days. It’s weird that it’s so different from what it was back when it first started. Not every book is for me, but I greatly appreciate the variety and all the talented people make the books they wanna make.

    Now SF is a bit too far away from me, but I’m sure it will be a bad ass show.

  13. YES!! I was hoping that Image would do this again! This will help lessen the blow of not being able to go to SDCC this year!