Illuminati Returns!

The New Avengers: Illuminati mini series by Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed, with art by Jim Cheung was some of the best stuff Marvel put out at the time.  The big mucky mucks of the Marvel Universe decided that things needed to be done, and might have been ugly, but they went and did them. 

Like any good idea in comics, it seems to have come around again. And this time Medusa's taken over for Black Bolt.

Look for it in Avengers #8 in December by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.


  1. Huh. You know it is funny how times have changed.

    You look at the cover of this and see the cover for the first Illuminati appearance and you see sooo many changes from each character. 

  2. I’m not sure why Xavier or Strange are still involved

  3. This was one of those ideas that I think is fantastic but is just never executed well.

  4. @Gobo – because once you’re in, you’re in for life (Illuminati bylaws, section 8, paragraph 7).

  5. @daccampo You win the No-Prize!

  6. @SirCox – I thought the execution was fantastic… although I think I’m STILL waiting to see what was up with the Beyonder after his issue.  But there’s a good chance that was resolved and I missed it.

  7. Illumnati club Rule number one: There IS no such thing as the illuminati club.

  8. First rule of the Illuminati Club, is not to talk about Illuminati Club…  (Illuminati bylaws, section 1, paragraph 1)

  9. I know this is the nature of the beast and all now, with solicitations and everything, but I really wish I could just read a title like Avengers, finish issue 7, pick up issue 8 and actually be surprised by seeing the Illuminati.  

    You’d think a book like this with the caliber of creative team that it has wouldn’t need to hype like this.

  10. @RaceMcCloud I think execution was the wrong word. I just think it’s like, the Illuminati have never done anything that hasn’t exploded in their face like a hillbilly’s shotgun. You’d think they would just, you know, disband by now and realize it was a collossal failure. I totally forgot about the Beyonder business though and would like to see that. I just wish for once they showed how the Illuminati were useful and not collossal fuck ups.

  11. Dammit. I gotta start picking this book up again.

  12. I am excited for this, especially because of all the stuff going on with Strange/the eye and with black bolt apparently out of the picture for the time being…..but i am getting more and more over JRJR each issue

  13. soooo…… is it a team-up issue with the Illuminati/Avengers? are they the bad guys?
    Also I had no idea who medusa was untill i read Josh’s writeup

  14. why does john romita jr draw womens hair like that ???

  15. I understand why Medusa is replacing Blackbolt . . . but other than leading the Inhumans, Medusa is nowhere near the level of importance or power as Blackbolt.  They should have brought Namor back somehow.

  16. I’m not sure how she’s less important.  Blackbolt’s only importance was as leader of the Inhumans and that’s what Medusa is now.  She runs the largest cosmic empire!

  17. Sounds like someone who hasn’t read a lot of Inhumans right there.  Medusa ain’t no slouch.

  18. Wheres Namor?

  19. If I remember correctly Namor called them a bunch of self important bitches (irony?) and said he didn’t want anything to do with them at some point.

    Medusa is an extremely powerful character and as intellectually powerful (maybe more) then Blackbolt. Blackbolt may have been powerful but he was handicapped in that he could almost never use his power without doing immense random damage. Medusa could tear the arms off of 50 people in a crowd of a 1000 and not hurt a single person she didn’t want to.

  20. My own reaction when I initially saw this item on the home page was ‘Jesus,  Bendis is now recycling his own failed ideas and Marvel are happy to do another mediocre mini-series to keep him happy’.

    When I noticed it was an ‘Avengers’ story proper I changed my mind and thought it could be a pretty decent story – I am looking forward to this, as I think it might have potential.

    It did occur to me however. that the Illuminati could actually now be updated to reflect the new powerbrokers in the Marvel Universe?

    – Cyclops ?

    – Luke Cage ?

    – Nova ?

    – Steve Rogers ?

    – Jimmy Woo ?

    – Brother Voodoo ?

    (wouldn’t be quite as good a line-up I admit…) 


  21. COOL! I had a lot of fun with the illuminati mini and had been looking for more stuff with this team. I dunno if i like JRJR’s art on this…i mean Cheung’s stuff was pretty nice and its hard to top. I’ll def keep on the lookout for this. Too bad Blackbolt is not gonna be in it. I liked his role on the team. 

  22. This is awesome news, I loved the last mini series and now to see it done again with JrJr  is pretty tight.

  23. @cheeris – I don’t think Cage is the type.  I think he’d be put off by the nature of the Illuminati.  Roger’s possibly as well.  Cyclops, on the other hand, I think that’d make a lot sense. Maybe swap out Professor Picard for Cyke.

    @StupendousMan – I totally agree.  There IS a way to avoid "spoilers" like this, but it sucks: Stop coming to sites like this one.  :/  It’s not worth the price, IMO. 

  24. you know what?  i see Dr Strange and groan. That character’s been sucking the life out of New Avengers for about two and a half years now. I get the feeling Bendis loves the character but can’t see what he is doing to the book 

  25. @edward: Making it more awesome is what Dr. Strange is doing to NEW AVENGERS.

  26. @Conor: Seriously? What comic are you reading, chief? 

  27. @edward: NEW AVENGERS?

  28. @Conor: more like POO AVENGERS!