iFanboy’s All Over the Radio This Week!

In the midst of summer movie season, a few radio stations across the United States have very wisely sought out comic book movie experts to appear on their shows to discuss the deluge of four color adaptations.

Those people were busy so they called us.

Josh will be appearing on 850 KOA-AM in Denver this Thursday at 6am EST! If you’re an early bird, he’s going to be on for an hour talking incomprehensible gibberish because, quite frankly, it’ll be 6am. And if you’re not in Denver you can catch the show live on their websiteUPDATE – You can listen to the recording here.

Conor will be appearing on 1420 WCOJ-AM in Philadelphia this Thursday at 5:30pm EST! If you’re driving home from work tune in, I’m on for 30 minutes. If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, the show should stream live from the station’s website.

Ron will be appearing on America Tonight with Kate Delaney which syndicates in Dallas on KVEN, Salt Lake City on KSL and in 131 other stations around the United States on Thursday at 12:15pm EST! It’s a 15 minute spot. You can listen to it live on the show’s website.

Josh will be appearing on 92.1 WMIS-FM in Minnesota this Friday at 10:05am EST! Don’t forget about this one, it’s a quick 8-12 minute segment. They don’t appear to stream their programming over the internet, so all of us outside of Minneapolis are out of luck. This one didn’t end up happening. Twice!

Ron will be appearing on 830 WCRN-AM in Massachusetts this Friday at 3:20pm EST! It’s a quick 10 minute spot, but Ron will try to say “wicked” as often as much as possible. If you don’t happen to be in Massachusetts on Friday, you can (hopefully) listen to the show at the station’s website.

Josh will be appearing on Newsweek On Air, talking comic movies with a Newsweek film critic, on Saturday at 1:30pm EST! It’s syndicated all across the country in places like Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, New Haven, and overseas on Armed Forces Radio. The shows are also released as podcasts. UPDATE – You can listen to the show here.  It’s the 07/13/08 show and it’s 00:27:00 in. Here’s the blog post from Newsweek for the episode.

UPDATE – Conor & Josh will be appearing live in-studio on The DeVore & Diana Show of Maxim Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio on Wednesday at 7:30pm EST. If you’ve got Sirius Satellite Radio, check it out!

This should be fun, I hope everyone can find some time to catch at least one of the shows



  1. Wont be able to listen im afraid because im out of the US and none of the Stations are allowed to stream outside of the US.

  2. Am I the only one who wiahies Josh would appear on a Maine Radio station? Or a British one? Way to go guys!! Matt Lauer will be calling soon.

  3. As a Minnesotan, I must clarify that WMIS is listed as broadcasting to the greater Bemidji Minnesota listening area and not Minneapolis, which, unfortunatley, is way out of my radio listening range. 

    Also, WMIS is a self described "Female Oriented Talk Station" … … … that is soooo right up Josh’s alley. 

    Let me know how it goes!

  4. Insane awesome!  iFanboy = Comic gods!  I’m sure when you guys started this whole thing, you never thought that you’d be considered "comic book experts" who would be actively sought out, but it’s also got to be one of the coolest aspects of it all.  Nice work fellas.

  5. eh Ron, look’n wicked fah’wahd tah hearing yor spot on the radio pahl.  Gonna be a wicked good time.  Give a shout out to tha ‘sox fah me. 

  6. Is there any way that ifanboy can post the apperances on the website? Via extra speacial podcast!!

  7. Wow! You went from three guys who started a fansite to experts that the media interviews and yet make no money from this. 

  8. Yeh it would be good if some kind soul could capture the streams, convert to mp3 & upload…


    It’s just a matter of time now before each fanboy shows up for the podcast with an entourage. Conor is going to start dating J-Lo and the tabloids will call them "Conifer." 

  10. Make sure to bring your bell….Morning Zoo Crews love that stuff.

  11. Josh will become tired of being recognized everywhere, and grow his facial hair to what can only be called "Alan Moore-esque" proportions, and go into seclusion. But the fame will most heavily take a toll on Ron.

    Hugh Jackman will bow out of "X-Men 6:The Quest for Money", and since he has the burns already, Ron will be asked to play Wolverine. After the movie bombs he will party without bounds until he is found wandering around Sunset strip with plastic claws taped to his hands and the X-Men logo tattoed to his forehead. After a brief stint in rehab, he will write the self help book "Im Ok, You’re Ok. Bub!", and will become a staple on Oprah and Ellen.

    Be careful guys! 

  12. I see Josh becoming the Leonardo DiCaprio of podcasting because he’s on two shows in two different markets.  Pretty soon he will be doing podcast documentaries about global warming and Darfur and he’ll be in Africa drinking martinis with Brangelina and be on the campaign trail stumping for Obama.  He’s already the most Hollywood of the iFanboys with how he likes obscure books and painting himself as the intellectual of the group.

  13. @Unoob- "X-Men 6: The Quest for Money"…Hilarious!…and Ron as the Robert Downey Jr. of iFanboy, brilliant.

  14. Ha ha! You’re now one of those "experts" they trot out on news shows! I never thought I would see the day. This is a big moment in podcasting history. First they listen to bloggers, and now podcasters- comic book podcasters! There goes the neighborhood 🙂

  15. Spread thy comic goodness my brethren…….. How long till iFanboy appears on the David Letterman show?

  16. That’s awesome, gentlemen. Break a respective leg!

  17. I’ll be listening on Friday here in Boston, Good luck to all three of you

  18. Hey I might be listening to you Conor since I’m in the jersey area. Hopefully I can get a reception, cause where I’m at AM channels are a little fuzzy to hear. But still it’s awesome you guys are branching out a bit. Wish I could here Josh and Ron though as well.

  19. 92.1 WMIS is out of range of Minneapolis/Saint Paul; yOu have to be up north tOo listen Ya. Josh to prep for the accent you should watch the movie ‘Fargo’ a few more times.

  20. Not sure if he knows this but Josh will be on the fox news of the airwaves here in Denver. Be sure to talk about the corrupting influence of comics. they’ll love that 😉

  21. You think I can’t do that accent in my sleep?  😉

    And I’m ready for a drop dead right wing/left wing fight any time they want it.

  22. Ths is great news, guys! Have a lot of fun!!

  23. Awesome guys. Hopefully I will be able to listen to at least one of you streaming. Not exactly reception for anything here in Maine. Probably just one more reason Josh doesn’t live here anymore.

  24. @Josh

     Are you going to be on the "Gunny Bob" show? I hope so.

  25. Congrats all around.

  26. Can anyone get the Denver stations live stream to work?

  27. @conor

    I have now tried 3 browsers on 2 operating systems, and they all seem to get stuck on the "Loading Content" screen. I’m guessing their stream’s screwed up.

  28. @atma – Same here.  Oh, well.

  29. @conor @atma

    Well, Im glad to know it isn’t just my computer. That really sucks though.

  30. You are probably using Liberal radios

  31. is it just me or Josh sound rather differently on that Colorado radio recording?

  32. Josh:

    Were you at all afraid that this Rick guy would actually die during the interview?  He’s clearly like 1000 and has no idea where he is. 😉


  33. In my mind, it was going to be much worse, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    The reason I sounded different is that it was 6AM, and I’ve had a cold.  And apparently, at that time, I have no sense of humor at all.

  34. Anyone else having trouble getting Conor’s stream to work?

  35. I tuned into Conors spot and instead I got Alvin and the Chipmunks

  36. Weird. 

    It’s over now.  Hopefully they will put the recording up on their website.

  37. I did’t have any trouble here. Anyway good jod Conor! I think Joshs show on Fri might be on iTunes.

  38. Just listened to Josh on the Denver station. Good job!!! Man I hope you guys keep this going.



  39. Josh – updating because I finally finished a little bit ago.  That guy is funny shit.  He’s not funny in any way that he means to be, but I was spellbound none the less.

  40. Josh – that guy in Denver was so shocked that kids do not read comics, lol

  41. UPDATE! Ron’s on the radio again!

    UPDATE! Conor’s on the radio three more times!

    UPDATE! Josh is now the Radio!

    Holy Jesus, did we get a publicist? 

  42. Josh, I felt for ya.  I could hear the cold.  The host was obviously closer to my generation, if not a touch older.  But you showed your chops by talking about the Freak Brothers and Crumb.  I wish they hadn’t kept the single caller from Denver on for so long.  It took the show a little inside.

    But I’m sure you guys will be doing more of this in the future.  Just get some sleep and have some chicken soup. 

  43. Are you guys eve going to have time for reg shos and the Hellboy show?

  44. It wasn’t that bad!  I had fun.  The calls were a bit off.  I’m guessing they didn’t have any others, so they just let those guys talk for a while.  Thanks for the support everyone!

  45. @superfriend82 – Yep, we’ll be fine.

  46. I could only listen to the first one, the Denver show, and Josh I thought you handled yourself brilliantly considering it was early, you were sick and that the interviewer was TERRIBLE! Would have loved to hear the other shows too.

  47. I’m an unemployed college student who sleep in until noon.  I missed them all 🙁

  48. @leland222 – There are two more yet to come.

  49. My next appearance is going to feature myself, and SENIOR NEWSWEEK FILM CRITIC DAVID ANSEN.

    Can you do voices Ansen?!  Didn’t bloody think so mate!

  50. U guys should compile all of these and throw together a "Special Edition". Providing u have the rights and all.

  51. @Unoob: Ditto.

  52. OK I just finished listening to the show Josh was on and uhm, wow those 2 callers were… interesting. And the host was… confusing.

  53. Wow, Josh has turned into circa-1960’s Michael Caine! Awesome!

    @Unoob – I also second (which is technically a ‘third’ I suppose) that idea.

    @JumpingJupiter – Couldn’t have put it myself better, dude. 

  54. Josh, any chance of getting today’s radio appearance posted on the site?  For that matter, any chance of getting any of them posted?  I could never get any of the live streams to work.

  55. Sorry, but if the stations don’t post them, there’s not much we can do.  It’s not our content to distribute.  We’ll let you know if there’s a podcast available if we can.

    Here’s the RSS for Newsweek on Air:  http://feeds.newsweek.com/podcasts/onair

    I don’t think it’ll be posted quite yet, but I could be wrong.  It was very short.

  56. Just saw the maxim show myspace bigging you guys up. This is ace!

    Awww, our iFanboys are all growed up and famous now! 

  57. Nice Newsweek interview.  Of course, I was surprised when asked about Batman that you didn’t respond with, "I’m sorry, I can’t express my opinions about the movie until our post goes up at iFanboy.com."

     I don’t know if it’s you guys or revision 3 that put the word out that you are the "go to" comic experts this summer but man that’s some smart marketing.

     Good job! 

  58. Added a link to the Newsweek recording.

  59. @conor

    If you prefer downloading to streaming (or want to save the show for later), here’s the MP3 the stream leads to:


  60. Wait a second… Josh, you’ve SEEN The Dark Knight??? Wha…..

    Jealousy aside, great interview, especially how tactful you were in describing ‘Wanted’. I remember your Mini description… "This is a bad movie!".

    @atma – Thanks so much for that link 🙂 

  61. Just listened to the Josh segment.  Good job.  It’s really cool that you guys are getting to do this.  I can’t think of any other site that would better represent the fanboy pov than you guys.

  62. @Eyun – the TRS guys have seen TDK, i’m sure iFanboy could get into a pre-screening 😉

  63. Wow. That there is pretty awesome. Congrats on the first step towards global domination

  64. @josh how did that caller take over the show? Oh my god! I thought you were great but I wanted to choke the host and the caller guy. Uggg. Be a little more "whorish" of your iFanboy show and site… and cut off those weirdos who call in. People will remember you better. That guy was on more than you were but he didn’t have anything to say. Just drink a Red Bull and get pumped up a little. The host was so dreary. Do what Natalie Del Conte does! I love to hear you guys on regular radio. You did a great job.

  65. It’s good to know that major news outlets are seeking out Podcasters as a viable and creditable source.

    keep up the great work!