iFanboy Video Taking A Week Off

We just wanted to let everyone know that there will be no iFanboy video show this week.  We’re busy working hard on our San Diego episode(s) which will be out starting next week, and we needed all the time we could spare.  So we’re taking this week off.  I’m sure some of you will find this unacceptable, but after 131 weeks of episodes, I think we’ve earned an extra week to bring you the best San Diego coverage around, don’t you?

Tune in next week for the power and the glory of the San Diego Comic-Con!


  1. Totally understandable. 


    Heeey, is that a Graham Greene reference?  Or just a Catholic reference?  

  2. Consider that someone on the globe is weeping over his jelly toast.

  3. This is totally not unacceptable!!!

  4. I had a feeling this week wouldnt show. it wouldve been an INCREDIBLE feat to get this weeks episode up especially from Con hangover. but now im TOTALLY exited for the San Diego Videos!

  5. Take all the time you need. you guys busted your asses, this weekend. Thanks for a great party and thank you for telling me about all the great creators i got to meet this year b/c of you guys.

  6. Totally I mean i didnget a double dose of ron on another podcast this week so I have had my ifanboy fix

  7. it’s a good thing there are good comics coming out tomorrow….well…. today or else i’d be super bored. 

  8. You guys should just stitch together Paul’s videos and put them in the feed tonight.


  10. As Lando Calrissian used to say (in Robot Chicken at least): "This deal is very fair, and I’m happy to be a part of it."

  11. It’s ok, my Ron shrine will keep me company.

  12. I understand not having a show this week, but I also agree with @miyamotofreak.  Slap the iFanboy intro on Paul’s video and put that on iTunes (if Paul is cool with that).

  13. I still haven’t had time to watch last weeks show, so it’s OK by me! take all the time you guys need!

  14. I’m sorry. I have no idea what happened there.


  15. Anyway, glad to see someone cleaned up that mess. Take all the time you guys need. After rewatching last year’s SDCC coverage, it’ll be worth the wait.


  16. Rest your voices, guys.  Any more strain and you’d have use a voice simulator, Steven Hawking-style.

  17. unacceptable ! 🙂

  18. do we get the podcast on sunday?


  19. @philipgraves068 yes, the audio podcast will be out on Sunday as usual

  20. @ron – Have your voices recovered?

  21. Thanks for all the hard work during the con and all the upcoming content.

    Take a nap! You totally deserve it!

  22. WHAT?! You guys are slacking! It’s like your whole lives are nothing but vacations anyway–and now THIS!!


  23. What’s a vacation?

  24. @Josh – A vacation is that thing your wife said she needed when she saw your new mustache.  Queue rimshot?

  25. Evidently it’s traveling to a wonderful vacation destination then seeing none of it as you run around and through mobs of people on a convention floor with camera and sound equipment to interview a huge number of creative types then recording audio about it so a show can  post on schedule.

  26. Strange we never see that sort of thing featured on the Travel Channel.  

  27. It would have been great to get an episode of Paul answering emails.  Or just create a 25 minute long video of him screaming "RICHARDS!!!" over and over again.

  28. Well as long as i get that audio odcast you guys can take ONE week off. lol

  29. Only three pulls this week AND no video podcast?!  This is such a shit week!  I sure hope I can scrape up some trades to read to last me all week but the shops around here have such shit selection and I have already read anything decent that they had!  FUCK

  30. CONNN!!! *clenches fist*

  31. This is what, the 2nd week off ever? I think that’s perfectly acceptable. You know…for a free show and all. Most free shows you get 20 some episodes of a year. 51 of this show? Yeah. Perfectly OK.

  32. Totally unacceptable!

  33. Apparently even comic book podcasts miss deadlines.

  34. Shit happens. Sounded like you guys got put through the ringer in SD so I’m not surprised. Get some rest if you can.

  35. WHAT!!! I can’t believe this shit! I mean, this is unacceptable!  I can’t discribe how infuriated I am rifgr now!  My Amazon order is late again! What, you guys arnt having a video show this week?  No prob, you guys relax.  You had a big week.

  36. Totally unacceptable, after hearing the audio show you guys need at least a month to recorver from SDCC.

  37. I like the idea to use Paul’s video.


    Or you could do iFanboy: Remix  and spice a rap by Missy Elliot and/or Ludacris into an old episode. 


    Enjoy your rest, gents. 

  38. My life was safe and comfortable…now everything is a ruin and tatters is their nothing sacred. Is there nothing that we can count on. I demand you video tape something, anything….I want 30 minutes of a hobo reading Spider-man out loud.

    I can only forgive this abomination if next weeks show is twice as long and has kittens riding roombas. 

  39. ok

  40. In my earlier post I meant to say "splice".  I just had a Victora-Beckham-induced Freudian Slip.


    …That’s cool. 


  42. i’m so sad now

  43. "Oh my god, you bitch! I’m so gonna slap you!"-Roman Holiday….kinda.

    Joking of course. I can’t wait to see how epic your SDCC video(s) will be.

  44. Completely understandable. You guys worked your collective asses off last week

  45. I think we can let it slip.  BUT!  Only this once.

  46. HA! I knew it! That’s why I didn’t watch last wednesday’s video. Chalk one up for this boy scout here… always prepared for anything. *pat’s self on back*

  47. Does this mean that there isn’t a pick of the week this week either?

  48. No, there is just no video show this week. Everything else is as normal.

  49. Well maybe if you didnt have that prime rib and fried ice cream….this wouldn’t have happened.

    Or maybe Thomas Jane had something to do with this….*plays dramatic music*

  50. My friend Gordon always fixes my car for free.  One time he said something like "Give me a few days to get to it". I dont know why,exactly, but this feels like that time. More power to you guys.  I got him a borders gift card I think. I will become a memeber when rent gets paid. I wish you guys had a tote bag like npr. seriously. or a button/badge.  

  51. totally afree with Paul’s videos in the feed. Otherwise enjoy your week off (smirks).

  52. afree ?????? Must learn totype

  53. I’d have been surprised if there *was* a show this week. After following Twitter you all busted your asses for us, and sounds like it’s gonna be the best Con show yet. Enjoy some rest, guys, you earned it 🙂

  54. @christian – You get some buttons and stickers when you join and if you get the big membership you get a t-shirt (I think).

  55. but i am nothing without the good ship iFanboy!! =(

  56. heck i aint madatcha

  57. Ok it’s wednesday.  You tell me ifanboy, whats the best video show you’ve ever done so I can rewatch it.

  58. I remember the really hard to watch "Love" episode. If you haven’t seen it, check it out solely for Josh.

  59. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Thanks for the love, guys, but I’m not quite ready for prime time. 😉

  60. Heh, just watched the beginning of it. I miss Gordon on the show.

  61. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Gordon appearing through the bedroom window is possibly my favorite visual in all the video shows.  

    Except, of course, for Josh trying to start the boat engine in his review of Tales to Astonish (my favorite Mini ever).   

  62. As long as you guys are drinking and not working it is ok with me.

  63. @Paul when did Gordon appear through a bedroom window?

  64. lost without you…

  65. I forgive you.