iFanboy Video Now on Roku

Post Revision3, we're continuing to expand our reach, and now we're back on the Roku box. Because it's not just for Netflix, people!

Here's what you do:

1. Add the Blip.TV channel to your channels.

2. Search "iFanboy".

3. Enjoy!

4. Write us a long email about why we're wrong, and how you've been reading comics since 1968, and we don't appreciate the contributions of Vince Colletta.

5. Disregard step 4.

More outlets will be forthcoming, and as we add them, we'll let you know.  Thanks everyone!


  1. Hey Guys,

    Do you think you’ll be back on TIVO?

  2. We’re working on as many options as possible, but we’re not going to promise anything unless we can deliver it. You’ll know when we do.

  3. that’s actually how I found out about you guys. 

  4. I’m not sure why, but the episodes don’t load/run as smoothly on Blip.tv as compared to rev3 roku channel.  The load time vs. watch time is frustratingly not worth it(about 1 minute of interruption of download time equals the same in actual watch time).  Anyone else noticing the same problem?(admittedly, my internet connection speed could be better, but I think i might have to enjoy the episodes straight from the site/downloads from now on)

    @ifanboy- you guys are mostly right;  I’ve been reading comics since 1998;  and I, too, do not appreciate the contributions of Vince Colleta.

  5. Wow, you’re on Roku!!  That’s great!!  That’s wonderful!!  Good going!!

    (What in the hell is Roku? Oh man, I’m too old for this new fangled stuff.)

  6. @darthrob – I’ve been working with TIVO to get our new feeds working on it – they’re having some problems on their end but they’re hopeful to have it done soon – stay tuned!


  7. And Zune Marketplace next, right? XD

  8. Awesome! Now I can catch up on iFanboy videos while I workout. I think I’ve already added the channel so I’ll check later. In the mean time I’ve been watch the video shows at work. That’s why they gave us dual monitors right… right? Shuuu don’t tell anyone.

  9. Vinnie Colletta was GOD!!! What that guy could do with a pen and brush was sheer beauty. Too bad he got stuck in the comic book industry. Check out the cover of THOR #126. What do you fools know anyway?

  10. That’s great Ron, it downloaded every Wed morning. Great way to watch the show. Hope they get it to work.