iFanboy Upstarts: Pietro Antognioni

batma___n_robe_by_pietro_ant-d5gf0ckBrazil is a hotbed of comics energy, going back from early 19th century caricatures and cartoons in newspapers all the way to numerous comic anthology magazines thriving in the South American country. Many of today’s top comic artists in American comics hail from Brazil, such Mike Deodato Jr., Rafael Albuquerque, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. And now, one more is looking to join their ranks.

Sao Paulo’s Pietro Antognioni makes a living for himself as an illustrator for the Brazilian advertising agency DM9, doing everything from textbooks and magazine illustrations all the way to doing storyboards for various commercials and video work. The artist is also an ordained minister who takes up the cloth from time to time, as well as teaching courses in drawing and painting at the Academy of Arts Quanta. Between all that, Antognioni wants to be a comic book artist.

Antognioni has done work for several Brazilian comic magazines such as Brutal and has been working on his own graphic novel in his spare time, but he’s completely unknown outside his own country; the closest thing being some sample pages he did for Marvel that failed to get any traction in New York. Despite all that, he has a prodigious output of artwork online, split between his DeviantArt page, an art blog devoted to dinosaur drawings, and a sketch blog. His artwork is thrilling in that it has a stylistic panache but also based on strong fundamentals of anatomy and storytelling. If he’s serious about comics, I could easily see him breaking in through a creator-owned series at Image partnered with a name American writer or getting a shot on the right Marvel or DC book easily. In many ways he reminds me of a young Nate Bellegarde who posted his work online alot before becoming popular with Brit and Nowhere Men; full of talent and frothing at the proverbial mouth to get it out.

Look at samples of his work below, and let me know where you think he should ply his trade.


PG01 PG02 PG03 PG04 PG06 replicantes_by_pietro_ant-d5max74 shadow_by_pietro_ant-d540d7n red_hulk_sample____by_pietro_ant-d4hg0f7 red_hulk_sample___by_pietro_ant-d4hg0dt red_hulk_sample_by_pietro_ant-d4hg0be spinosaurus_fighting_for_food_by_pietro_ant-d5s3wwz sword_and_sorcery_sample_by_pietro_ant-d4g7sfi tales_of_avalon_by_pietro_ant-d4bef4i tank_girl_artfan_by_pietro_ant-d31oomo the_cell_death_by_pietro_ant-d51lvwr they_are_dead_by_pietro_ant-d3dtv2h red_door_by_pietro_ant-d6201cv  ptero_by_pietro_ant-d4nf8v1 orgy_of_flies_1_by_pietro_ant-d5l4nwg orcos_color_by_pietro_ant-d52p2n3 new_mutants_by_pietro_ant-d4hizys kuro_shiro_by_pietro_ant-d4slyx2 jill_chris_claire_by_pietro_ant-d4nobbw james_sunderland_by_pietro_ant-d4s2s56 hobbits_by_pietro_ant-d5611es goddess_of_fertility_by_pietro_ant-d59kqtz gateway_pg_28_by_pietro_ant-d55qxn7 gateway_pg_27_by_pietro_ant-d554uub final_boss_by_pietro_ant-d5sv3h1 EX_03 dracula_by_pietro_ant-d598d3o dino_crisis_2_by_pietro_ant-d4xafoi curso_de_ferias_julho_2013___anatomia_by_pietro_ant-d63ymmo Coxinha_by_pietro_ant commission_01_by_pietro_ant-d5hzhpm blanka_won_by_pietro_ant-d5b7dm5 biohazard_17_years_by_pietro_ant-d610c0q  all_truth_by_pietro_ant-d52c0zu 133_by_pietro_ant


  1. A well deserved spotlight.