iFanboy Upstarts: Patrick Gleason

Some comic stars burst on the scene and become A-listers right away, while others rise through the ranks to become the major talents they're destined to be. Take for example Fear Itself's Stuart Immonen; he toiled for years on smaller books for DC and in the indies before he got his first shot at a big book with Action Comics. This week's pick for our iFanboy Upstart is artist Patrick Gleason.

To those that have spent time with Gleason's work, you know what a talent he can be — but for those who haven't read the smaller titles he's been on or been able to appreciate his work on larger group-drawn series it might be hard. Gleason's best known for his work on Green Lantern Corps, and was one of several artists drawing scenes in the recently concluded Brightest Day. He's current toiling away on Batman & Robin as it ends its first volume and goes into the fall relaunch with writer Peter J. Tomasi. Gleason has worked exclusively for DC since the fall of 2002, after doing some smaller work on Jay Faerber's Noble Causes and an issue of Marvel's X-Men Unlimited. Gleason's linework shows an expert ability to mold shadows and shapes into distinct figures that are identifeable and unique to his style. Reminsicent in some ways of veteran artist Kevin Maguire, Gleason has a more serious edge to him that's turning up more and more in his recent work.

Here's an example of some of his recent work, including some commissions and convention sketches that show another side to the artist.


  1. Gleason kicks ass as long as there aren’t more than 2 or 3 inkers over his pencils. Tomasi is the weak link in their dynamic duo if you ask me

  2. weaker* link i should say. Tomasi still does great work.

  3. Loved Gleason’s work on GL Corps.

  4. His panel of the week from Batman & Robin a few months ago was great, the underside swinging over the city shot.

  5. I’ve met him a few times, great guy and easy to talk to.

  6. Glad Gleason and Tomasi are coming back to Batman and Robin. Their arc was pretty good and I think they can do some really good work.

  7. In my head, Everybody besides Gleason draws Guy Gardner wrong. Yes, even he great Kevein Maguire.

  8. I loved his JLA book with Patton Oswalt!

  9. Gleason is a class act and is always at the local Minneapolis Comic Con with his studio made Doug Mahnke. I remember years back he did a sketch for me of that black and pink haired girl from Gen 13. I can’t even remember her name. I need to find that again.

    He was incredible on GLC and I really liked his Aquaman work too.

    His star is definitly rising as he’s working on DC’s top tier properties. 

  10. Mr.Gleason’s art brought me into the GL fold.
    I find him to show the characteristics of Maguire, Dodson and Manke all bound by his own style.
    B&R will get him the recognition he deserves.  

  11. It’s funny, when I first got back into comics and I picked up GLC I didn’t like Gleason all that much. I thought his pencils were very inconsistant.

    But I got used to his style (and truth be told he has improved since joining that book) and I am pumped to read anything with his art in it. His first arc on Batman and Robin was amazing and I cannot wait for September to see more of it. 

  12. Man, every one of these upstarts are amazing. Too bad they seem to be doing mainstream work as far as I can tell. Do you guys only pick artists that are breaking into mainstream work?

  13. I am lovong this art! Especially the Robin in the lightning storm and the Wonder Woman! great stuff!