iFanboy Upstarts: Elisa Féliz

Some of the greatest artists are never discovered because they don’t know how to get their work out in front of people. The comics industry has a long tradition of showmen (and women) who are just as comfortable promoting their works as they are doing their work. This week’s iFanboy Upstarts is a renaissance woman who’s adept at penciling, inking, lettering, and even publishing.

Born on the island nation of the Dominican Republic, Elisa Féliz has been creating art since a very early age. At the age of ten she hard a copy strip published in her home country’s leading newspaper El Listen Diario, and in 2008 Féliz moved to the United States to attend the Kubert School. While attending school, she made her formal comics debut coloring the independent press book RX Tales and followed that up doing a two issues of a comic based on the television series Dallas. In 2009 she did the covers for six-part Villikon Chronicles: Proclivity  for publisher Silent Nemesis Workshop, and illustrated that series fifth issue. That same year, Féliz started her own comic publishing outfit — XSIDE Comics — for her own creator-owned work which are still in progress.

Since then Féliz took jobs as a colorist for 803 Studios’ KIP: Knowledge Is Power and worked with Jens Altman on a comic pitch titled Intrepid. During this time she also picked up a unique gig drawing and lettering a comic for the Girl Scouts called Your Multi-Gen Workforce, but her most well-known work to date was illustrating a story inside the Womanthology: Heroic anthology released in late 2011.

Although Féliz work isn’t as honed as the A-list talent drawing the top comics today, her work shows a lot of potential and an immense amount of progress, especially for someone so young. Her enterprising skills self-publishing in addition to being a freelance artist are something rare in comics, and something that will almost assuredly bring her more into the mainstream as time goes on.

Look over these samples of her penciling work and let us know what you think: does she have a long future in comics, and where would you like to see her work show up in next?

Xero_Error_Pencils_by_Britney_x xcon_world_2011_logo_by_britney_x-d4cip0p VC_Proclivity__Chapter_3_Cover_by_Britney_x ultraviolet_p3_by_britney_x-d34yq06 ultraviolet_p2_by_britney_x-d34ypw3 ultraviolet_by_britney_x-d3ixglg ultimate_x_men_page_2_by_britney_x-d3hz7c3 ultimate_x_men_page_1_by_britney_x-d3hz6ms sucker_punch_pencils_by_britney_x-d3gra20 S_C_A_R__Page_1_Inks_by_Britney_x Red_Sonja_Page_Inks_by_Britney_x parallels page1 colors3 jean_and_elayne_by_britney_x-d4jj7q6 Emily_The_Strange_Page_3_by_Britney_x Emily_The_Strange_Page_2_by_Britney_x Emily_The_Strange_Page_1_by_Britney_x el_zorro_by_britney_x-d4jj412 el_zorro_3_by_britney_x-d4jj3ip el_zorro_2_by_britney_x-d4jj3r6 Dark_X_Girl_colors_by_Kyle_R__by_Britney_x 539541_10151223358431320_2060760658_n 531658_10151117765971320_1990978541_n 529619_10151120664171320_1143510270_n 216436_10150217715176320_7226372_n 337884_10151201548716320_1809010110_o



  1. Put this artist on a MARVEL or DC book NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Holy hell not just a woman but a Dominican. I don’t think there’s that many of us at all in the industry.

  3. Interesting. Some of the later ones give off a Young Avengers vibe.

    • Yeah, I also see a bit of McKelvie in some of the facial expressions. The un-inked work also reminds me a bit of Michael Ryan (the guy that drew Whedon’s Runaways run) — whatever happened to him?

  4. wow

  5. Good stuff, I love seeing the raw pencils then pieces from the same artist with inks and colors from different inkers, colorist’s or themselves doing it all, it gives a great show of range and possibilities with whom to collaborate.

  6. Very good choice this week.

    …Can I admit Sucker Punch is on my ‘Guilty Pleasure’ list?

  7. Love the panel layouts. Clean lines. Awesome