iFanboy Upstarts: Dan Ciurczak

This week’s iFanboy Upstart is a comic fan that traditional comic book store devotees have probably never heard of — but should have.

California-based artist Dan Ciurczak (who sometimes goes under the moniker of Soul Karl) has been active in the online comics community for years, contributing to the art collective Satellite Soda online and in several of its convention anthologies. In 2011 he did his his first proper comics project with the webcomic Killer be Killed with Corey Lewis and Daniel Stone. That project was short-lived, but it put all the pieces into place for Ciurczak to push forward with his solo endeavor and current hallmark, Vibe. Vibe, which currently is up to 78 pages, follows a modern-day witch doctor named Baron who hunts down magical Bad Vibes that can clog up people’s soul sinuses. Using the magical spirit companions known as Loa, Baron and witch doctors like him seek out these people with clogged soul sinuses to try to clear them up or kill them out. Ciurczak has been doing Vibe regularly for over a year now, serializing it on a page-a-week schedule every Tuesday. Inbetween this, Ciurczak did artwork for Viz’s Redakai manga/comic series written by Aubrey Sitterson, and also moonlighted as an animator for the video game Skullgirls for Konami, but his passion seems to be squarely focused in comics.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Vibe’s website to check out the supernatural and infectious story of Ciurczak’s voodoo vanquisher and check out the invigorating artwork this artist produces.



  1. This is awesome. I’d love to see this guy on a Big Two book, just to present a counterpoint to the overly photo-referenced and/or Jim Lee-knock off status quo.

  2. Wow. This is really fantastic stuff.