iFanboy Presents… Talksplode!

As everyone knows, for the past couple of years we’ve been bringing you the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast where discuss the iFanboy Pick of the Week as well as the comics that come out each week. We also bring your the iFanboy video show where we discuss comics and talk to creators. We’ve gotten a lot of requests for more audio podcasts, specifically longer discussions with creators (like the ones we had with Paul Cornell and B. Clay Moore) and you know we aim to please.

So it’s with great pleasure we announce, iFanboy Talksplode!

iFanboy Talksplode will be our occasional chats with comic book creators or people we find interesting and worth talking to. Released on Thursdays, Talksplode will give us the opportunity to have more extended chats with interesting people talking comics. There won’t be a Talksplode every week, just when we have one to release, so you’ll have to subscribe to the iFanboy Comic Book Podcast feed and keep your eye out for when an episode is released. As we ramp up to this, we look forward to bringing you regular editions of iFanboy Talksplode.

iFanboy Talksplode #1 was released today with my chat with Jay Faerber, the writer of Noble Causes and Dynamo5 from Image Comics. Go take a listen and we hope you enjoy iFanboy Talksplode!


  1. You just sploded my mind.

    Nice move guys.

  2. John Suintres texted me and it read "ifanboyz = dead".  (Okay, not true.)  Great news!

  3. Listening to it now.  This is going to be a great addition to your podcasts.  Thanks.

  4. I am always impressed by how you keep making IFanboy better and better and i have no idea how you all have the time.

  5. Awesome way to fill in the Thursday gap

  6. Wow guys.  Umm at what point do you think you wont have anymore time in your day to create another iFanboy show?  Minis, Video Shows, Articles, Main Audio Show, and now Talksplode.  My hat is off to all that you guys do here.  Thanks.

  7. Hellz yeah!


    Now.. get… Brubaker!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  8. New content – awesome. Thanks much!

  9. I am being to think that you guys are’t human. I can’t to give a listen.

  10. Bravo! Now get Geoff Johns………

  11. Wow a new show and a made up word to boot!

  12. Sounds like a great idea, I’m sure all your interviews will be great; but we cannot wait when you get HUGE writers/artists for this thing. Although that guy from Dynamo5 could be very good…now if my Itunes would work properly on my laptop….

  13. First you kick Augie De Blieck Jr. in the nuts by doing a weekly "what’s coming out this week" mini-podcast.  Now you knee-cap John Siuntres by doing Talkspode! highlighting well-known writers and artists.  iFanboy is taking over the web… nay – the WORLD!

  14. NICE!!!

    Now get Dave Sim.

  15. Awesome stuff!

  16. @Cam – Now that would be interesting…

  17. @ultimatehoratio

    Got him on the Brain.  Managed to find Glamourpuss #2 when I went to the shop today. 🙂

  18. I love the hit list/marching orders.

    "We have a new feature, everybody. It’s ten minutes old."

    "Great! Now get Alan Moore!!!"

  19. How about… Micah Ian Wright.

  20. @ Jimski, yeah I was kinda joking (as I often am).  Seriously though, I’m looking forward to the Jay interview, I was sad to hear Noble Causes was being cancelled.  Sadly I’m probably part of the reason it is.  Initially I never missed an issue, then I went on the road and tracking it down became nigh impossible.  When I got back home I didn’t pick it back up as I was too far behind.  Still I liked it alot initially.

  21. BKV and Joss Whedon next please

  22. Ah you couldn’t start with someone better 

    I’m loving Jay Faerber, especially Gemini and The one Urban Myths that came out 

  23. Awesome. Thanks guys.

  24. Oh, awesome.  You guys are fantastic interviewers, so I really look forward to these podcasts.

  25. That is awesome! Thanks for the great addition to this fantastic audio podcast. Do you think you’ll be able to have group interviews as well? I’m wondering what it would be like if you got Dan Didio and Joe Quesada conversing in the same interview. Or maybe Geoff Johns and Bendis.

  26. thats great guys.

  27. nice addition fellas thanks again!

  28. keep ’em coming

  29. Cool.

    Now get Dan Abnett. Oh and the new guy from Guerilla’s.

    How about flagging upcoming interviews and getting the ifanbase to help suggest possible questions ?



  30. How do you guys have time for anything else?!?!? Do you have jobs?!? seriously, keep up the excellent content guys, i look forward to checking this out

  31. I can NEVER get enuff iFanboy content! Great job and THANKS!

  32. Yeah, but if they’re doing all that other stuff, they won’t have time to hang out with us anymore.  🙁

  33. Nice, welcome addition. Haven’t listened to it yet but it’s on the nano, waiting for my Saturday morning hike. I’ve burned through the entire WordBallon inventory this summer and need new interviews. Also, while I like Mr. Suintres, I’m looking forward to a different view/style from the interviewer (like actually calling a creator out and disagreeing with him/her, like Josh did with B. Clay Moore).

  34. This is amazing! I’m one of those who can’t get enough of your podcasts, so any additional shows are immediately fantastic. But to get more shows of this great idea and quality nearly blows my mind!

    Quick question: When do you guys get time to eat/sleep etc? 🙂

  35. Great addition to the iFanboy line.  I read some Noble Causes and wasn’t that into it, but this was still an interesting discussion.

  36. yay more iFanboy goodness. i LOVED Urban Myths. i voted for that

  37. @charlieblix – Yeah, I second that.  I love all the content, I just don’t know where they find the hours in the day to generate it all.  Talk about dedication.

  38. Good idea…hopefully you guys will get a chance to discuss "The Roberts" with Wayne Chisang. I heard an interview with him prior to it coming out on Around Comics and I would like to hear another one since its been released. Great Book..Great idea from you guys. Keep up the good work.

  39. Aren’t you guys busy enough as it is? It seems like every time I hit the site, you’ve gone and added a new feature. Take the time you need for family and friends for crissakes!

    Seriously, though, I’ve loved the interviews you’ve done so far and can’t wait to listen to some more. Perhaps you could interview Paul Cornell again. I know you’ve got enough people to talk to, but I’ve listened to that interview twice and still want to hear more of what he has to say.

    Keep up the good work!