iFanboy Los Angeles Meetup on Saturday!

I have recently moved to Los Angeles so it’s time to welcome me to the West Coast with booze!

Come down to Cat N’ Fiddle on Saturday night and get some drinks and talk comics (or whatever) with me and other West Coast members of the iFanbase!

Scheduled to appear: iFanboy luminary Mike Romo!

Get all the info and RVSP to the Facebook invite here.


  1. Moved? As in actually living in Cali for good?

    If so, congrats! Shame I am 3000+ miles away from the meet up.

  2. That picture makes me laugh and laugh. It’s both an awful and wonderful shot.

  3. Dude, I’m totally there. Just turned 21 also!

  4. Congrats and skål!

  5. If this was in SF I’d so be there…

  6. Ditto on the SF. Sadly I also have work and a work party that day so I can’t fly down.

  7. cool so when i move to LA in the spring you can recommend the best comic shop to go to.

  8. Cat N’ Fiddle has great burgers. Pretty much anything there is awesome.

  9. The classic LA iFanboy crew are good people (based on the last unofficial meetup), so if you’re in LA you should definitely go!

    Conor’s alright too.

  10. Welcome to the westside.

  11. Welcome to LA!!

  12. I live on the westside… Of Australia 🙁

    • they’re are a few aussies on here. Most of us live on the east coast though.

      iFanboy really need to make an iphone app so you can see where the closest comic fans to you are.. Just like Grindr, only gayer.

      I’m kidding about the gay thing but that’s a not a bad idea. Conor?

    • Whatever happened to the ol’ Frappr map?

      Welcome to the West coast, Conor. You’ll enjoy not having to stay up til 1 am to watch sporting events.

  13. Cat N’ Fiddle.
    Wow Conor, just moved here and already an LA hipster.
    Welcome to the greatest city in America.
    And by greatest city I mean the weather and the ability to avoid strangers by staying in your car.
    Have a good time on Saturday.
    Without me, as I will be cursing your fellow drinkers blocking traffic for the valet on Sunset as I pass by to art openings.

  14. Hmm do I dare attend?

  15. I thought the 3 ifanboys lived in New York. So do you have to take a plane every week to meet up for the videoshow?

  16. So now we are right back where everyone started back in 2005. With Ron and Conor on one side of the country and Josh on the other.

  17. Fredric Wertham and Seduction of the Innocent are RIGHT. Comics lead to all kinds of bad habits! Like drinking!

  18. Awww man, I’m going to be in LA on Saturday. Two weeks from now. Bummer.

  19. Why the hell don’t I live in a cool city? Why?

  20. Bummed to miss this, but Saturday I leave on vacation for a week. Ah well. I dig the Cat n’ Fiddle, too. Welcome back, Conor. Maybe I’ll bump into you at Umami Burger or something. 😉

  21. Aww, Bummed I can’t make it, I’ll miss meeting up with my ifanboy peeps.

  22. Cat and Fiddle is one of only two bars I’ve ever been to in L.A. However, it is nice.

  23. Hey Conor, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you move?
    For love?
    For gold?
    For adventure?
    Did the East Coast earth quake this Summer make you long for more shaking ground?

  24. So the “how the hell do they continue to put out video show” plot thickens. Time to start CGIing Josh.

  25. Might just have to stop by. 🙂

  26. Well it sounds like good times however; I am in Chicago so no way to hang. Now if something comes up in Chi-Town let me know and I will be there.


  27. Hey Conor if ever close to Tijuana, let me know I know a great place for fish tacos, drinks and night life.

  28. I love the Cat & Fiddle, and I might get into town this weekend. If so, I’ll be there!

  29. And when is the Arkansas Meetup? 😛

  30. So is this just a very elaborate way of trying to get free drinks all night from the iFanbase ? ‘Cause if I was a cynic I might see it as such.