iFanboy.com Site Updates

It may have been a holiday weekend these past few days in the United States, but we've been busy here at iFanboy HQ and we've got a couple of small updates to iFanboy.com that we wanted to share with you.


Reply Button in Comments

We've added a new "Reply" button to the comments on posts.  So now when you'd like to reply to someone's comment on the site, all you need to do is click "Reply" and it will add the username of the user you're responding to, so you can start your response.  You can use this function to reply to multiple comments from multiple users.  Now since this is new, you may need to clear your browser cache to see it work, so if you're not seeing it work correctly, just hold down the Shift key and click Refresh on your browser.


Twitter Integration

We're all using Twitter so much, we thought we'd add a way for people to easily find one another on Twitter. Now you can add your Twitter handle to your profile and have it appear next to your name in your comments.  All you need to do is click "Profile" in the upper right corner (after you've logged in) and then click "Update your Profile" under Settings, and add your Twitter ID to the box.  Here you can choose whether or not to share this publicly as well, so if you'd like to keep your Twitter info private, just check that box.

Once you've added your Twitter ID and chose to share it publicly, you'll see it show up next to your name in the comments, and if you hover over it with your mouse, you'll see a neat little pop up with your Twitter info.  This works for any users who share their Twitter ID publicly, so it's easy to go follow any of your friends that you met on iFanboy.com!


We hope you get some use out of these small changes to the site and you can stay tuned for some more cool stuff coming to the site in the upcoming months!


As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments by emailing contact@ifanboy.com or leaving a comment here in this post.


  1. A Huzzah! for the new site updates.

  2. Done and done!

  3. Awesome. The future is here!

  4. @Heroville  And they work!

  5. It works!

    Can’t wait for the new forum, too!

  6. Nice

  7. Both are excellent changes. Well done.

  8. Functionality, yay!

  9. @reg5000  No, this is the past! (Okay, this is the future. I really just wanted to reply.)

  10. @Woomer  And I mean done! (sorry just wanted to try it out)

  11. Hey iFanboys,
    My Twitter name is jeffrey_b, but when I try to enter this the iFanboy site says it can only have letters and numbers in the Twitter handle. (In short, the iFanboy profile page is being too restrictive.)

  12. I need an underscore for my twitter name but it says i can only use numbers and letters. Besides that problem the updates are cool.

  13. These certainly are nifty additions. Thanks!

  14. Everyone’s Twitter handle is the same as their usernames. Interesting.

  15. The site is informing me that my Twitter handle must have only letters or numbers (it’s mm_young).  Won’t accept my change.  Bug, or feature?

  16. Oh, forgot to say THANKS IFANBOYS!  These are nice features.

  17. @WilliamKScurryJr  Actually, reg5000 has a different Twitter name, and actually mine is different as well (but I can’t enter it because it has an underscore).

    Not a biggie, just thought I would use the REPLY link again!  Too fun!

  18. sounds cool about the comment replys. Can’t wait to try it out. Would be awesome if you could edit and/or delete your comments if needed. Keep up the good work!

  19. How about an edit button?

  20. Looks good, cheers for the updates 🙂

  21. Sweet! Nice job guys!

  22. These are two awesome updates.

  23. Great updates guys! Thanks!

  24. I wanted to comment just to see the twitter update in action! You gentlemen definitely have your community pegged.

  25. Would it be possible to add a column to our profile pages that lists the most recent replies to our comments (like the Twitter @ tab)?  That would be rather handy.  The site has grown by leaps and bounds (in terms of users and posts) making it a bit harder to keep track of conversations.  An @ column would make it somewhat easier.

  26. sweet awesome stuff guys

  27. Underscores and dashes are fixed in the usernames.  Sorry about that.

  28. Excellent update. You guys really grasp that the sense of community is where the site’s strength is.

  29. Well done, gang!

  30. Usually when a website *coughIMDBcough* changes, it’s for the worse. Once again, iFanboy.com breaks the mold!

  31. These updates are awesome! What other diabolical schemes will you guys come up with to further cement my addiction to this site?


  32. i say, quite lovely.

  33. @mmyoung: Victory!

    Also, it’s apparently possible to reply to oneself.  Noted.

  34. I DON’T LIKE CHANGE! What’s next, Paul shaves?

    @comicBOOKchris and @PraxJarvin: Ignore this reply! IT IS ONLY A TEST!

  35. @dave  Thanks, Dave!  I am Twitter complete!

  36. I’m with @stuclach, it’d be nice to know when someone is commenting at/to me more easily. A special page would work wonders.

    Olsen, get on this!! And don’t call me ‘Chief’!

  37. “All you need to do is click “Profile” in the upper right corner” – it’s on the upper left corner on my screen. So, I was looking for “Profile” for almost two hours. 🙁

  38. @drakedangerz  Don’t even joke about that! Losing Paul’s beard would be like losing a lifelong amigo.

  39. @WilliamKScurryJr  

    How about we just use Name and dash  (name- “comment”

    This isn’t twitter and it’s a pet peeve that everyone uses @name in the first place

    Why is that such a default for adressing someone?


  40. sounds good

  41. Sweet, cool features!

  42. wooooaaaahhhhhh

  43. FUN CITY!

  44. I’m living in the future. iFanboy flying cars? 

  45. This is neat. I already follow many people from here & I like comparing & contrasting names also finding people I do not follow. Good work iFanboy.

  46. @WadeWilson  it’s ok. You’ll find it faster next time. 🙂

  47. I can’t seem to post comments if twitter integration is active.  I disabled it just now and it works.  Anyone know what’s up?

  48. @lantern4life  OOOOHHHHHH YEAH!!!! NOW THIS! THIS IS WHAT I’M TALK’N BOUT! So much better than my compulsive @ cut and pasting on notepad. Now I can actually post and reply to multiple people without making an ass of a long post.

  49. @Heroville  Awesome!

  50. Nice step in making the comments section rock.

  51. @AMuldowney  What browser/version are you using?  I’ll try to simulate it.

  52. Now all we need is an iFanboy iPhone app!

  53. How about an email notification to let you know when someone has responded to a post
    you commented on-  11:00 comics style?

  54. @AMuldowney  @dave  FYI…I’ve noticed a problem such as what AMuldowney is describing (except this was before Twitter configurations were put into place). In short, sometimes the page would come up in my browser (Firefox), I could type in the New Comment field, but the Submit button wouldn’t work.
    I found hitting the Reload button would correct the issue. (As if the page hadn’t fully loaded, and thus the java script wasn’t working as if code pieces were missing.)

  55. @Dave I’m using Chrome v. 7.0.517.44  No add-ons. 

    Powerdad’s description was spot on, except it only happened when the twitter handle feature was enabled.  Hitting refresh also didn’t do anything.  

  56. I’m assuming the ‘Reply’ feature is there so that people stop spelling Conor’s name wrong. 😉

  57. Awesome, iFanboys!!!  Great new tools!

  58. The reply feature doesn’t work on me. everytime i press that reply link it just refreshes the page. Is it because I have chrome?

    @jeffr so that’s how to spell conor? i keep messing that up, lol…
  59. Nevermind. I just cleared my cache. it’s working now. =p

  60. Clearing teh cache in Chrome seems to be working for me too.

  61. @powerdad  @AMuldowney  Got it, thanks.  I’ll look into it.

  62. @dave  Okay, here’s another request for your list. My visits to the site are inversely proportional to the amount of “work” I have to do or preoccpations with other interests (go Astronomy!).  So when I do come to the site, it’s often to catch-up on what I’ve missed. So what I would really love is the ability to see a list of articles by Author with most recent first.  (In example, I always like to catch up on Ryan’s Science posts, and then Paul’s Match-Ups, et cetera.)

    Right now I can only go through all past articles in chronological order, which means I’m spending a lot of time hunting and pecking for what I want. (Don’t you understand, I need to know if Abe Lincoln can beat Doctor Doom — okay, that’s an easy one, the backwoods man would hand Doom his butt. But what about George Washington vs. Abe Lincoln — oh man, oh man!)

    When Sonia was writing for the site, she was nice enough to do this very thing on her profile page (see https://ifanboy.com/users/soniaharris).  It made it easy to catch up on her work.

    Right now I try to do this by searching on authors name with a “by” on the front (example, “by Matt Adler”), but this doesn’t always give me the results I desire. (The ordering of the search results can be a little funny at times.)

    So there you have it, giving me some way to list the articles written by specific authors would really help me separate the wheat (Mike, Jim, Ryan, Molly, Jason, Matt, Paul, and sometimes Ali) from the chaff (Josh, Conor, and Ron).  You know, get to what’s important!  😉

  63. @dave  Also, you might want to update the About Us page (see http://www.ifanboy.com/about). It’s missing some people.

  64. @dave  Lastly, THANKS DAVE! You’re the man!

  65. you know what would be great. if you got a heads up when someone replyed to you.just sayin’.

  66. @powerdad  Actually there alredy is a way.  It should be really added as a link somewhere.


  67. @azrael1981  That’s not a bad idea, I’ll see what I can do.

  68. @WilliamKScurryJr  Not only do I have the same name on iFanboy as I do on twitter, I have the same name on my driver’s license. Spooky

  69. @dave  I think I might cry I’m so happy. Thanks so much for pointing this out!

    No more hunting! No more pecking! There’s time…there’s time enough at last… *CRACK* Oh no my glasses!! It’s not fair. It’s not fair!

    (Time Enough at Last, The Twilight Zone, November 20, 1959 — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZccXUlsWYQ)


  71. @powerdad  @AMuldowney  The problem with the submit not working should be fixed now.  I’ve tested it and I think I’ve got it but let me know if you still have an issue.

  72. @dave  Cool! I had the problem earlier today. What time did your fix go out?

    Again, thanks!

  73. @powerdad It wasn’t live until late last night.

  74. @dave  Cool! Thanks again, Dave!

  75. Follow me on Twitter – @iSteve.  I need followers.  “Kneel before Zod!” 🙂

    Do I sound desperate?  I don’t want to sound desperate.  Never mind…

  76. @dave  Hey, awesome.  Thanks a bunch.

  77. @dave  awesome.thanx.this is the best place to talk comics.