iFanboy at Emerald City ComiCon 2010!

Comic con season kicks off this weekend in Seattle, and you can find Ron and Conor at the Emerald City ComiCon on March 13 and 14. 

iFanboy has hit Emerald City for the last two years and we've had so much fun that we wouldn't miss it this year!  The talent lineup for this show is absurdly good, since so much of the comic community calls the Pacific Northwest home.  As always, if you're on the convention floor, walk up, say hi, get to know us!

And if you don't spot us on the floor, come check out the just added iFanboy/Graphic.ly panel on Sunday at 1pm in ballroom 6E. Our panel was a late edition to the show, so you won't find a listing for it in the show program.

We will most likely be going for drinks on Saturday night… we just haven't worked that out yet. Stay tuned.

We're excited, and we hope you're excited too!  We'll be shooting lots of video in both places for those of you stuck in the rest of the world, because we can't leave you out!

Check out our show from Emerald City ComiCon 2009:



And our show from Emerald City ComiCon 2008:



  1. I’m going to miss the first iFanboy/Graphic.ly panel of all time!!  Damn my East Coast ass.  Have fun, guys.

  2. This looks like THE con to go to nowadays. Oh well, I’ll see you guys at Wondercon.

  3. Yes! But why does your panel have to be at the same time as a Marvel panel? Oh well, still super exciting! See you guys next weekend. 

  4. @AtomEve

    I think the iFanboy panel will be a lot more fun. Besides there’s going to be a book version of the Marvel panel soon. At Wondercon last year, I definitely enjoyed the iFanboy one more than the others.

  5. I’m so glad I live in Seattle! This bitch is going to be amazing.

  6. Sweet!  This will be fun!

  7. I love your con videos! Can’t wait for this one.

  8. I’m going!

  9. I missed you guys last year, i’m looking forward to saying hi at some point this time!

  10. I think a get together would be fun!  If it happens is twitter the best way to find out or just ask around at the Con?  Yes I’m new to this big convention scene…

  11. Awesome. Can’t wait. Should be good.

  12. Looking forward to this weekend. I still gotta figure out what I want to have signed.

  13. Can’t wait to see you all there at downtown. I’ll be there first thing in the morning on Friday. My shift; however, will be 4 hours on saturday morning or so. I have a few papers and a mini comic to hand in so here’s hoping I don’t screw up and pull an all nighter on wednesday night.


  14. Aww, I’ll be missing this for the first time in 3 years. And the first iFanboy panel, no less!

    Have a great time guys. 🙂 

  15. Stoked

  16. Crap. I just realized I won’t get a real wink of sleep until thursday night @_@…

  17. This will be my first comic con ever. Any advice for the rookie? 

  18. cant wait, i am going to go through some long boxes soon and see what i wanna bring to try and get signed. see yall there

  19. @SuperMoore: there have been many responses from the ifanboy trio. Check out Episode #131 for the basics, and the above episodes for what it’s like.

    Some things that always come up at this con: When you go there do make sure you have plenty of room in your backpack. Have a decent one, and definetly, definetly, wear comfy shoes. My feet are practically lead from 6 hours of standing in my part time job so that’s one of those things I neglect to say. Make sure you carry cash since the atm lines might be longer than your willing to wait in (if you have Chase or USbank, you’re probably better off going down a block and using the ones there though). Finally bring something to eat and drink, everything in there is expensive. I’ll go on a fast before buying a $7.00 pizza slice.

  20. @SuperMoore – We’re actually doing a chat this Thursday on that topic over at Graphic.ly.  Info can be found here on our Facebook Fanpage. Mangaman has a lot of sound advice.

    I’ll see everyone at ECCC!

  21. Pacific Time I presume?

  22. The chat tomorrow is actually MST so it’ll be 6:00 PM PST.

  23. Also Mangaman if you were referring to the panel this weekend, that is Pacific Time.  Sorry if I confused you at all.

  24. ‘scool man. Gonna have to remember it being at 6.  I’ll be at the convention center on friday (at some point in the afternoon) to help out as usual and get a quick check on things to photographically remember where they are for saturday.

  25. @Mangaman, Thanks for the tips! I can’t wait for this weekend…

  26. Sweet. I’ll see you Saturday.

  27. PowerDaughter and I will be there Saturday.  She’ll be wearing a Cassie/WonderGirl costume (a "W" shirt, blue jeans, and wristbands), and I’ll be in my iFanboy Members t-shirt (I have a pony tail, not too much hair on the top of my head, and body wise I’m not "fat", but I’m not exactly someone who has ever missed a meal in his life — sorry ladies, I know I sound like quite a catch, but I’m married!  Hahaha!).  If you spot us, please feel free to say hi; I’m always eager to meet other iFanboys.


    Apparently Tiny Titans differentiate between "Cassie" and "Wonder Girl" (they have a more classic "Wonder Girl" on the team, besides the character of "Cassie"); so my daughter’s been repeatedly telling me she’s "Cassie" not "Wonder Girl". So if you see us, I know she’d love to be recognized as "Cassie" specifically, if you have a chance to remember. But no worries either way!

  28. Really wish I was going, maybe next year I’ll convince the wife to take a trip to Seattle just on the right weekend…

  29. this chat session is slightly creepy. the way it’s set up.

  30. i take that back jstump

  31. it was… interesting… i was on until jmstump left and some guy named jacob started singing nsync or backstreet or whatever that popstuff was.

  32. @Ron, @Conor, so what’s the word on a get together at a pub? The meet up last year with Ron and Gordon was a lot of fun. 

    FYI…I’m one of the people who won’t have Twitter access at the Comic Con (last year they didn’t have a public WiFi for my iTouch to use), so if you’re thinking of planning this the day of via Twitter, then people such as myself are going to miss out on the annoucement. So an earlier heads up would sure be nice. 

    Thanks guys!

  33. There’s a TopatoCo party tomorrow night at my local comic shop!



  34. @powerdad: Unfortunately, the Saturday night get together is going to be pretty ad hoc and not planned in advance. We’re going to end up somewhere and then tweet it out.

  35. @Conor, okay, I’ll see what I can do to keep up with the tweets. Thanks for letting me know.

  36. Hey Powerdad if you see a really tall Canadian (Probably wearing a Gonzaga hoodie) just ask me if I’ve read any tweets and I’ll tell ya!  My name is Gregg!

  37. @Hawkboy, hey that’s really nice of ya!  Thanks!

  38. Yeah man that’s great. I don’t have twitter access when I’m mobile so yeah. XD.

  39. @Mangaman and others without Twitter access at the Con, my wife has nicely oftered to check Twitter from her laptop that evening for the meet-up location and then she’ll give me call with the details; so it now looks like I’ll be a good contact if you’re wanting to know the locaton of the get together.

    Okay, see ya torrow people. This should be fun!

  40. @powerdad: hey man you didn’t see me! I called you from the front of the Quesada line while you were talking to the ifancrew but I lost my voice while working, so it was more like me waving frantically like a psycho.

    I’ll pm you or if probably twitter.

    PS: I got blisters, and got hungry and exhausted so I bailed on the meeting for tonight. Hope I’m in better shape tomorrow for a meet up.

  41. I’m bringing a megaphone next year. No more "media guest" handling for me. I really don’t need the stress. I sound like f$@%ing Rorshach.

  42. @Mangaman, Oh man, sorry there!  There were a couple times during the con that I thought I heard my name, and would look around and see no one. My apologies for making you needlessly wave "…frantically like a psycho."  I’m sure everyone thought you were just playing the part of a frantic psycho, as a very clever ComicCon costume.

  43. @Conor, thank you for calling PowerDaughter "Cassie" when we saw you. She might not have shown it at that moment, but it sure went a long way to making her feel her costume was recognized.

  44. ECCC random comment…

    Mike Norton rocks!  Very nice to talk with, did a great sketch, clearly a good one with kids (i.e. PowerDaughter)…I felt almost bad I didn’t buy one of those BattlePug t-shirts, but he was even cool with that.

  45. Con-wise it sucks living in Ireland. You guys in the states have it great with all these cons. At least iFanboy is bringing us international viewers the best of the con.

  46. Mike Norton definitely rocks!  I went up to tell him how much everyone loves my Battlepug t-shirt, and he gave me a print!

  47. @bansidhewail, did you dress up as anything this year? Last years costume was pretty cool!

  48. Fun panel. Thanks for the shirts. My ankle and tailbone hurts from falling down the stairs with all that Con equipment. I’m exhausted and full of food amongst other things but it’s all worth it man, the rest of the staff and alot of the guests (Nuygen, Brubaker, Bendis, Quesada, JH Williams, and Rucka) really took well to my care. I hope the treatment will keep them coming back. Now if you’ll excuse me…  I’ll be sleeping a few days on my stomach.

  49. @Ron and Conor, It was fun meeting you guys at the con. I was the poor bastard holding the 100 pound bag of Strangers In Paradise stuff! My first comic con was a success and I look forward to attending more…

  50. LOL! I remember you! I thought you were going to have injuries from all that stuff man.

  51. @Mangaman, No injuries just larger biceps! Heavy stuff I was holding…..

  52. Hey! Next year bewary of theft!

    I’ve been hearing a ton of reports of theft where people are just realizing purchased peices going missing. It’s even gotten to the point where some artists and actual Staff members lossed some things, including me! Luckily the only thing I lost was my graphic.ly XL t-shirt but UNFORTUNATELY I lost my GRAPHIC.LY T-shirt! >_<**

    No worries though. I’ll be sure to get one next con! =)

  53. Just to let you know, the Emerald City Comicon site has posted their photos from this years convention.

    PAST SHOWS – Year 8 :: March 13th & 14th, 2010 (http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/pastshows.php)
    And here’s the link to my daughter’s photo from the costume contest – http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/photos/2010/costume/costume.php?p=9 . We’re all very proud of her Cassie/WonderGirl costume.