iFanboy’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Round-Up

There are two weeks left until the holiday season ends which means you’ve still got time to tick some people off your list! If you’re looking for gifts of the comic book persuasion, we’re here to help. Or, we were here to help last week with the iFanboy 2011 Holiday Gift Guides! Click the titles to get to the gift guides:


Comics for Kids!

Have a litter of rugrats running around, banging into coffee tables and stuffing their lunch into the new Blu-ray player? Settle their sugar addled nerves with some soothing comic books!

Resident iFanboy dad Josh Flanagan has some holiday gift suggestions for kids of all ages. Whether it’s the resurgent Muppets or superheroes both familiar and new or swashbuckling and fantasy adventures–there’s something here for just about every kid on your list! There’s even Yo Gabba Gabba!


Must Have Graphic Novels and Collected Editions

There are a lot more to comic books than four color superhero adventures! There’s a whole world of comic books out there telling very personal, and very human, stories.

Josh Christie has your independent minded original graphic novel and collected edition recommendations, including one of Time Magazine’s Books of the Year: Hark! A Vagrant.


The Walking DeadNew Reader Friendly

Got a friend who loves AMC’s The Walking Dead? Maybe a cousin who is curious about your weekly purchases? Or how about an old college roommate who just loves good stories? Comics make great gifts for everybody!

Ali Colluccio has recommendations that cross enough genres to satisfy every taste. From as seen on TV zombies, to true life-(ish) Russian history, to brutal viking tales, and plucky teenage superheroes, there’s something for every new comic book reader on your list.


Comics Stuff That Isn’t Comics

There are a lot more to comics than just comics–there are also licensed (and sometimes unlicensed) products! And you know what? They make awesome gifts for young and old alike!

Conor Kilpatrick has a gift guide featuring a wide variety of goodies that will thrill and delight this holiday season. Video game? Check. Covert super hero t-shirt? Check. Awesome prints? Check. Cute dolls? Check and check!


For the Fan Who Has Everything

Even among the Weekly Wednesday Warriors there are strata of commitment. From casual to hardcore, there are fans of all stripes. But what if you have a buddy who is of the hardcore variety–the kind who buys just about every single issue and every major collected edition that comes out? And what if you have to buy that buddy a gift?

Josh Christie is here to help with some deep cuts from the collected edition library. If your buddy has all these books then you might want to think about getting them a toaster.


Lost Treasures

Nostalgic for comics from the days of yore? Old Man Paul Montgomery has your list of great collections of classic comic book material that is perfect for that person in your life whose taste in comics features a thin layer of dust.


The Expensive Stuff

For many comic book fans, bigger is always better. You dangle a giant, over-sized, comprehensive comic book collection in front of them and they cannot help themselves. Cement block sized omnibus collections? Need ’em. Art book sized and slipcased? Love ’em. Oversized reprints of collections you already own? Gotta have ’em.

Paul Montgomery has a list that will have your loved ones asking: is that a flat screen TV under the tree… or is it one of these giant comic book collections I hear the kids talk about?



  1. This lists have been great. They definitely helped me with a few unique gift ideas for some lucky/unsuspecting relatives this year. Thanks!

  2. For some reason I want that Weird Al DVD set for Christmas.

  3. What about the regular superhero trades? No section for them?

  4. So, it’s a roundup of roundups? The ultimate roundup!