iFanboy’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Comics Stuff That Isn’t Comics

Comics… they’re not just comics! One of my favorite things in the comic book industry is the non-comic book items. The tie-ins. The ancillary products. The licensed properties. You know, the things that actually make the companies money. (I kid!) (Well, not really.) I love to give my comic book reading friends comics stuff that isn’t comics.


For the kid who likes Batman (because they’re damn sure not going to read the comics):

Yes, this one’s obvious, but I wanted to have one obvious one on here and how can you not have one of the biggest Batman properties in the world on a gift guide list? In its first week of release Batman: Arkham City sold approximately 4.6 million copies in the United States alone, which is around 20x more copies than the best selling Batman comic book. It’s no surprise that the comic book Batman is now sporting a costume very similar to the one worn by the Batman in this game series. I predict a lot of copies of Batman: Arkham City will be under Christmas trees this year.


For someone who likes things both intense and cuddly:


And, you know, the thing about a shark… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. Yes, there may be something creepy about the eyes on these Funko plushies but there’s also something endearing. It’s kind of like looking at a deer. Anyway, Funko has a ton of superhero plushies available of both DC and Marvel Comics characters. I think they’re totally adorable.


For the Franco-Beligianaphile:


Speaking of totally adorable, check out Tintin and Snowy from, of all places, Beany Babies. (Does everyone remember the Beany Babies craze? *shudder*) Just imagine going to see the Steven Spielberg film when it hits theaters and then two days later watching that special someone unwrap these babies. “See! It’s from that movie we just saw that you loved! How awesome am I?” Of course, maybe they hated the movie. Life’s a gamble, you know?


For the stylish yet whimsical:

This one isn’t so much a product as it is a service. You send Holly the shoes and tell her the comic book characters you want on there and she does the rest. That’s right–it’s custom comic book pumps for the modern professional woman! There’s really nothing that you can’t find on Etsy. It’s kind of awesome.


For the alcoholic Marvel Zombie:

Listen, it can be hard to be a comic book fan. Especially when you’re, say, a Marvel Zombie and you’ve bought into the idea that all of these comics fit together and make sense. They don’t, but you’ll keep reading and insisting they do, so why not do it with a beer in your hand in these awesome old school Marvel pint glasses? Because, hey, alcohol can’t hurt. It can only help. And you’ve probably already been driven to drink after 20 years of X-Men continuity, anyway. Might as well be stylish while you’re at it.


For the ex-superhero occasional actor vegan family man:

Designed by the iFanbase’s own Blair Campbell, these kick ass “Evolve or Die” t-shirts are based off an off-hand reference from Animal Man #1. Show everyone how cool you are and that you have excellent comic book taste with a shirt that doesn’t hit you over the head with comic book imagery, but is instantly recognizable to everyone in the know. Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire was even spotted wearing one at New York Comic Con this year!


For the old school Spider-Man:

Sometimes the best statues come from the most unusual places. Dark Horse has the license for a line of statues called “Classic Marvel Characters” and this Steve Ditko inspired Spider-Man offering was the first and is by far the best. Everything about this statue is awesome, from the heavy black webbing lines on the costume to the somewhat timid posture, it screams Spider-Man from the 1960s. Steve Ditko would be proud, if he wasn’t, you know, Steve Ditko.


For your friend who knows what kerning is:

Todd Klein is a lettering legend in comic books, there’s just no two ways about it. And lucky for you and your friend who is a lettering nerd, he sells lettering related prints on his website. Truth be told, they aren’t just for lettering nerds, they’re for anyone with a love of the medium. But really, for there’s no better gift for the lettering nerd in your life. And don’t try to pretend you don’t have a lettering nerd in your life–you do. Maybe they’re just hiding from their loved ones that late at night, after everyone has gone to bed, they frequent messages boards dedicated to kerning. This print’s my favorite. Well, the color version is, but it’s out of… um, print.


For the fan of non-obvious superhero t-shirts:

I love comic book shirts that make you work for it and this W00t! shirt called “The Dark Knight” does just that. A passing glance might cause one to think that the person wearing this shirt is just really into chess. But, oh no, you busy passer-by, a closer inspection reveals that the knight piece isn’t a knight piece at all: it’s Batman. And he’s coming for your lawbreaking ass. Plus, the highlights on Batman glow in the dark!


For the manic pixie dream girl:

At first when I saw these Wonder Woman socks I kind of giggled because, you know, they’ve got capes! But then I showed them to a couple of women that I know and they both went “awesome!” So what do I know? Nothing, that’s what.



  1. I love how you manage to sort of debunk your whole list with that last sentence.
    Also I want those pint glasses and both of those t-shirts.

  2. Here’s a tip, fellas: if you meet a woman wearing custom comic book pumps, MARRY HER!

  3. 4.8 million copies of Arkham City, with people going nuts over redemption codes for skins, and DC dropped the ball, and didn’t put a code in the Arkham City trade. Not actually like the hordes of pre pubescent profanity laden XBox Live brats would actually read the thing, but it would have sold just by virtue of the code.

  4. You guys keep posting awesome, yet currently unavailable/out of stock gift ideas. Also, most of your suggestions just end up on my own wishlist!

  5. Everything on Todd Klein’s page is amazing. It’s also really affordable. I do not want his CD’s.

  6. I have all of the Marvel funko plushies, I love them, can’t seem to find any of the DC one’s anywhere(I’ll have to suck it up and buy them online). In fact the Hulk was so hard to find I couldn’t find him anywhere in Montreal or Ontario and had to pay way too much for him at comic con. He was worth every penny. I have a whole series of funny pictures of the places and things Hulk was done (He travels with me everywhere) But back to the topic, OMGAWD Wonder woman knee length socks!!!! I would totally rock them with my WW tank top and Spidey short shorts lol Since it would be weird if I kept walking around in my WW costume….

  7. I want those socks for me

  8. I think I need to get myself that Animal Man shirt for Christmas. It’s pretty amazing.

  9. How messed up is it to put Iron Man on a shot glass? I have to assume that’s Rhodey. Right? RIGHT?!

  10. The Todd Klein stuff? Awesome. The print you posted is fantastic, as are the vellum overlays.