If people are grilling meat, New Comics for 07/01/09 will be there!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Justice League: Cry For Justice #1, Batman & Robin #2 and Captain America: Reborn #1. That’s pretty much all you need to know about this week in comics.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you’re American, what are your Fourth of July plans? If you’re not American, got anything fun going on this weekend?  And if you’re English, this one’s for you:

“Suck it, King George”


  1. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Mike Mignola’s WITCHFINDER!!!!

  2. BQ: grilling and not working. oh and a transformers animated series marathon to cleanse myself of revenge of the fallen

  3. Really digging the one-two of Superman-analogs gone bad of Mighty and Irredeemable. Two of my fav titles right now.

    BQ: My wife’s family reunion. Yay.

  4. Batman and Robin, and Reborn. I’m really hoping not to be disappointed with either. Plus, another $1 first issue? I might try that.

    BQ: Sleeping. The entire three-day weekend.

  5. I can’t wait for Batman and Robin #2!!

    BQ: my LCS is having a flea market I might go to.

  6. The kid in me loves this week. Muppet Show, Muppet Robin Hood, Finding Nemo and Toy Story!

    Also excited for Chew 2 and Greek street for a buck! Deadpool and the conclusion of the Simspons Summer Crossover!

    BQ: A bbq, my 4-year old cousin’s b-day party, and fireworks…not necessarily in that order.

  7. My list:

    Batman & Robin #02
    GLC #38
    Justice League: Cry for Justice #01
    Astounding Wolf-Man #17
    Chew #02
    Captain America Reborn #01
    Daredevil Noir #04
    Destroyer #04
    Uncanny X-Men #513
    USA Comics #01 70th Anniversary Special
    Boys #32
    Toy Story: The Mysterious Stranger #02
    Locke & Key: Head Games #06
    Irredeemable #04
    Greek Street #01

    Between LOCKE & KEY, BATMAN & ROBIN, CHEW, GLC & CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBORN this should be a great week.

    Also interested to see what CRY FOR JUSTICE and GREEK STREET have to offer.

    And another anniversary issue, yay!

    BQ: We’ll (Batmylashes and I) be leaving for the beach Friday night. Her family owns a few acres out in the wood so we’ll be staying in a Cabin there and most likely spending most of the day at the beach. We’ll be there all weekend, but the 4th is probably going to be mostly about cooking, eating, and fireworking. Can’t wait.

  8. I’m looking forward to more Crossed, the end of 2nd arc of Locke & Key, definitely B&R, finally get to read Chew cause my LCS guy forgot to order it, the Sword and Echo for my heroine fix.  Gonna be another big-ass comic week for me.  Very interested in the Existence 2.0 story.  Wondering how that’s gonna go.

  9. BQ: Of course beaucoup cookouts.  I have 3 counted so far.

    Due, if it wasn’t for the English, we wouldn’t be here.

  10. I just received the first 10 Ultimate Spider-Man hardcovers that I won in an eBay auction for $100 and Friday I should receive Invincible Ultimate Collections 2-4. I may skip going to the comic shop this week.

  11. bq: I will be celebrating my birthday on july 4th.

  12. Justice League and Batman + Robin. And I’m spending the 4th of July on Mars. In my tomb. Thanks for reminding me.

  13. holy crap — this is a great week for me. I love it when I’m excited for books that are all over the map. Mignola’s Witchfinder, Batman & Robin, Cap Reborn, Peter Milligan’s new Greek Street series, James Robinson on The Justice League… four of those are #1 issues. I like #1’s when I’m a fan of the creative team — so much potential goodness.

    BQ: forecast calls for chillin’ & grillin’.

  14. Batman and Robin 2, Chew 2, Green Lantern Corps 38, Invincible Iron Man 15, Cry for Justice 1, Muppet Show 4, Savage Dragon 150, Secret Six 11, and Greek Street 1 (sounds awful, but it’s a buck!)

    BQ: Sittin’ 

  15. Hmm, just noticed that there’s no Superman book this week… makes me sad

  16. Pretty interesting week:

    We got the next issue of Batman and Robin which will surely be entertaining. Deadpool: Merc with the Mouth debuts and will see if that is worth a release. Green Lantern Corps….that’s all I need to say. Finally we have a Destroyer retrospective with ‘USA Comics’. Another 70th Anniversary issue by Marvel? SOLD!

    BQ: HUGE BBQ this saturday with friends and family.

  17. Chew #2
    Dead Run #2
    Destroyer #4 (OF 5)
    Existence 2.0 #1 (OF 3)
    Greek Street #1
    Irredeemable #4
    Locke & Key Head Games #6
    Mighty #6
    Sword #18
    Terry Moores Echo #13
    Witchfinder In The Service Of Angels #1 (OF 5)

    BQ:  Back from the Acapulco honeymoon and ready for some grilling and Wisconsin microbrews!

  18. can ask you americians a question? where’s the logic in setting off fireworks in the middle of summer?


    anyhow, it looks like a good week. batman and Robin, Reborn, and Greek street are at the top of the pile


    BQ: this weekend i’ll be heading to some of australia’s extremely shitty snowfields. 

  19. BQ: My 4th of July plans are to get paid to stay home. ON A SATURDAY!

  20. Batman And Robin #2

    I bet that this will probably be my pick of the week, I hope I get the variant!

    Batman Confidential #31

    I’m gonna give this arc a shot, Bad Cop wasn’t all that terrible.

    Boys Tp Vol 04 We Gotta Go Now

    I am finally gonna be caught up enough to get the issues soon.

    Final Crisis Aftermath Run #3 (OF 6)

    This is a blast.  I knew Final Crisis would be worth something sooner or later.

    Greek Street #1

    This looks like it will be worth a buck.

    Mighty #6

    I can’t wait to see which direction this is going to take, I wish I could trade wait it but DC sux bout that.

    Uncanny X-Men #513

    No ASM this week so I’ll see if Utopia can keep my attention up.


    BQ: Reading Astro City trades.  The show you guys did had me fall in love with Life In The Big City and now I wanna try Confessor BAD!!


  21. Looking forward to Cap Reborn & Uncanny XMen, plus the Parker 2-fer (Exiles and Agents of Atlas) and another issue of Echo.  Huh, I thought I’d have FEWER books this week.

    BQ: My father has promised to grill something, that’s good enough for me.

  22. Another 8 book week –  Batman and Robin, Captain America Reborn, Fantastic Four, GLC, Iron Man, X-men Utopia, Deadpool, and I’m gonna check out Greek Street.

    BQ: I’m currently laid off, so it’ll just be another day in the never ending party that is my pathetic life

  23. Wow that’s a lot of books this week. I’m most looking forward to Mighty and Irreedemable.

    BQ: Cycling. 

  24. Batman and Robin #2! Looking forward to seeing if they can keep up the same level of awesomeness.

    BQ: Some bike riding and a little hiking with family. On a comics-related note, I’m working on a couple of 2000AD Future Shock submissions, so I’m gonna use the long weekend to hunker down and wrap up the first draft of those.

  25. @Edward, the logic is pretty complex. But basically, what it boils down to is:

     Oooooooooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Oooooooooooooh!

  26. So many good books this week. My wallet just ran and hid under the couch! Oh and the King George thing, hilarious 🙂

  27. @pdollar: are those the terrified screams of people from california?

  28. I am most looking forward to… let’s see, here…

    Wow. I’m eager to get my mitts on about 80% of what I’m buying. Not too shabby.

    Conversely: it’s reached the point where, if my shop just didn’t have Buffy, I doubt I would notice, much less care. Pity. I came in with such enthusiasm.

    BQ: You know, if we have plans, nobody’s told me what they are. I may be able to relax this year!

  29. A manageable 9 books after the last few weeks. My wallet is grateful! Very excited for Batman & Robin #2! 


    BQ: I volunteered to work on the 4th of July. but I need money to take my wife out for her birthday. Plus I really want that John Adams mini series on Blue-Ray, and that’s kind of patriotic, right? 

  30. Enter text here.lets see batman and robin (where i hope damien gets the crap beat outta him), bang tango (which has been awesome), captain america reborn (need i say more?), green lantern corps (blackest night prologue), justice league cry for justice (the art OMG), star wars invasion (yuuzhan vhong), uncanny xmen (dark xmen), war of kings (spacey goodness), and theres more but those are my highlights

     bq: working lol all weekend oh well i get the night off though if i work at 5 so im down

  31. Finally a week under twenty dollars.

    BQ: Even though it will be in the 100s in California, I plan to be at a BBQ along with of friends returning home after all our first year at college. 

  32. So many good comics! Can’t wait for Batman & Robin, Greek Street, Justice League: Cry For Justice and two Muppet comics!!!

    BQ: Workng(at least from 3 to 8) and spending as much time as I can with my girlfriend.

  33. BQ: Celebrating Loyalist Days of course!  Long live the Queen! 

  34. In other news, yeah, there are some really strong titles here.  Marvel’s summer of Brubaker begins now.  Come on Eddie!  I’m trusting him to do it right!

  35. Batman And Robin #2
    Captain America Reborn #1
    Chew #2



    1. Gym

    2. Pickup Comics in the city

    3. BBQ baby!!!

  36. 4. Watch Fireworks from house!! My house has the greatest view of SF ever!!

  37. looking forward to another issue of chew, greek street looks great!, of course batman and robin, I still buy way too many comics.

    bonus:  sleeping, definately have to work the preceding couple of nights..

  38. Only 2 books this week…again.I almost feel like a fraud visiting this site now…I swear I like comics,I really do.

    BQ:I’ll be wondering why a lot of Americans put marshmallows in salads.ITS NOT RIGHT! Or is that more a Thanksgiving thing?

  39. People put marshmellows in salads?

  40. Excited for Batman & Robin, Justic League, and Captain America. Too bad I won’t be around to get my books until next week.

    BQ: I’m American but will be spending the 4th in London, so i’ll be doing whatever they do over there. Plot to reinvade? Ignore us completely? Watch Wimbeldon?

  41. wait, wait, wait…. who is king geogre saying suck it to? England? why would he say that? i guess he really was crazy.


    the marshmellow thing is totally true. Americian have marshmellow salads after picking up a super-sized big mac meal in their SUVs than going home to watch sit-com repeats on a plasma screen TV, right?

  42. King George is a douche and I wipe my ass with pages torn from Ministry of Space.

    I love America, but no way in hell am I buying that GI Joe movie adaptation.

  43. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    New titles: Captain America: Reborn, Greek Street, and Justice League: Cry for Justice.

    Most looking forward to Batman & Robin, Irredeemable, and Reborn.

    BQ: Getting paid to not work. It’s all I can ask for.

  44. Wait, this was supposed to be a small week. Damn, there is some goodness coming out this week!


    BQ: Waterfront blues festival, Portland Oregon!

  45. GLC and Witchblade but still got to pick up last weeks comics.

    BQ: no work, Transformers 2 (due to continuous pressure from son) and BBQ, hopefully.

    Will also be wondering why, if Americans are SO independent, they don’t have their own language??

  46. A little easier on the wallet but some exciting books – Batman and Robin, War of Kings, Greek St, FF and Iron Man are probably the most interesting to me – oh, and Reborn.  Some real quality to look forward to.

    BQ: Night shifts, all weekend.  So, fun?  Not so much.

  47. My comic shop clerk said this was going to be a small week, oh well there goes that idea.  17 books for me.  Maybe i need to become more picky.  Anyway, my most anticipated books this week are:  Batman and Robin-  loving the new direction of the batman universe lately: Reborn- return of steve rogers?  at least we’re assuming that.  Does anyone know if they’ve said in black and white he is definitely returning to stay or could there be a curve ball coming to the plate?; GL Corps-  this has been go-to reading for a while now;  Jonah Hex,  this six gun war will be awesome;  JLA- see if this new group can breath life into a nearly dead title;  and finally Witchblade- war of the witchblades definitely works for me.  Hard to say what will come out on top for me, quite an exciting week 

    BQ:  working till the sun goes down then speeding home to set off fireworks.

  48. Astro City The Dark Age Book Three
    Batman And Robin
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Captain America Reborn
    Chew 2 and Chew 1 (if the LCS has it)
    War Of Kings

    BQ:Starting my holiday (that’s vacation to you yanks) with a ball (that’s a prom to you yanks) , honestly we don’t mind you going it alone but did you have to do such damage to the language on the way?

  49. @dusman7 I’m still thinking that there’s a surprise coming in Reborn. At least I’m hoping for one.

  50. Lighter week for me.


    QOTW: Not american. I have a few plans, a picnic and Transformer 2 releases here this week.

  51. OK, I haven’t been smoking crack but I do have a bad memory.A friend once told me about a Thanksgiving dinner her American boyfriend made her.At around the same time I saw an Ellen show where she mentioned a similar dish.I checked with my friend and it turns out it was a yam casserole,not a salad.I realise I also erred in assuming two Americans were representative of the majority.So now I’m eating humble pie…with marshmallows,mmmm.

  52. @ultimatehoratio your aware that edward was referring to the picture above, which is of George Washington right?  So technically your saying George Washingon is a douche, right?

  53. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @vadamowens – Horatio was talking about King George of England. I have no idea what Edward is talking about because the quote is addressing King George, not credited to him. 

  54. My Pull List This Week

    Batman And Robin #2
    Cable #16
    Captain America Reborn #1 (OF 5)
    Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #1
    Destroyer #4 (OF 5)
    Exiles #4
    Fantastic Four #568
    Green Lantern Corps #38
    Invincible Iron Man #15
    Jonah Hex #45
    Justice League Cry For Justice #1 (OF 7)
    Locke & Key Head Games #6
    Mighty #6
    Sword #18
    Uncanny X-Men #513
    War Of Kings #5 (OF 6)

    I’m look forward to reading Jonah Hex, Locke & Key, Batman & Robin, The Sword, and GLC.  This weekend I’ll be kicking back drinking beer, grilling and blowing stuff up.  Happy Independence Day, wooooo MarEka!!!

  55. BQ: I’ll quietly celebrate my 37th birthday.

  56. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I think I’m just sticking with BATMAN AND ROBIN and the new JUSTICE LEAGUE title.  That’ll be it for me.

    BQ:  I’ll be waiting to see if the state of Ohio guts library funding.  And fireworks.  Lots of pretty fireworks to distract me.

  57. I`m really looking forward to Reborn, Batman & Robin and Locke & Key (so good). 

    BQ: I`ll be celebrating July 1st by going to see some fireworks downtown, and then July 4th the Stampede will have started so I might go check that out then, or early next week (greatest outdoor show on Earth!)

  58. George Washington is my copilot.

  59. @Paul Well I know that, silly.  For god sakes man, I’m a history teacher not a mind reader:)

  60. …and when do we ever truly know what Edward is talking about? lol

  61. Mmm… Batman and Robin, Buffy and Witchfinder. Good… very good.

  62. @Fugmo:

    I believe you’re thinking of  "Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes" for Thanksgiving. Here is a recipe:

      3 large sweet potatoes, cooked until tender, or 1 29-oz. can of sweet potatoes
    1 egg
    1/3 cup sugar
    1/2 tsp. cinnamon
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    2 cups mini marshmallows


  63. After last week this week is definitely a little lighter.  Only 12 books. I’m most looking forward to Capt. and B&R #2.   I want to read the U.S.A. Comics #1 w/ Destroyer since I haven’t picked up the Capt, Torch, or Namor issue’s they have released. 

  64. @AmirCat: thankyou! I’m not entirely talking out of my backside…although I did get the holiday wrong..and the dish…can I put in a request to delete all my comments in this thread 🙂 Or a hole to open up and swallow me?

  65. Interested to see what Reborn is all about down right giddy for Batman and Robin and the Mighty.

    BQ: Massive amounts of Drinking and playing massive amounts of Softball.

  66. Astounding Wolf-Man #17

    Batman And Robin #2

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #26

    Cable #16

    Captain America Reborn #1 (OF 5)

    Destroyer #4 (OF 5)

    Green Lantern Corps #38

    Invincible Iron Man #15

    Justice League Cry For Justice #1 (OF 7)

    Secret Six #11

    Uncanny X-Men #513


    Don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy to see 11 books.


    Really looking forward to Reborn of course.


    BQ:  Supposed to go hang out with friends, but may end up going to Dallas instead.

  67. There’s a slight change that I could perish from comics ecstasy this week.  So many good books!  I can’t wait for Batman and Robin, Chew, Justice League: Cry for Justice, and Reborn.

    BQ: My soon to be brother-in-law (the wedding is 19 days away!) is coming in town, so we’ll probably drink beer, grill out, play some video games, and go watch the local firework show.  It will be very chill. 

  68. The girl at my comic shop who holds eye contact too long slipped a free copy of Berserker into my bag… after a flip through, I’ve already got a "thanks but no thanks" feeling about it.

  69. That’s what you’re calling it now? "slipping a free copy of Bersker in my bag?"


  70. I saw a girl at my LCS once.  She had a boyfriend though.

  71. I’ve only got 17 issues, and my store didn’t have the Vampirella Sketchbook (no surprise there) so really only 16. That’s a ridiculously light week. I’m a happy man. It’s 2 am here, I only have 4 more comics to read.

    BQ: I’ll probably be finishing up some trades and maybe catching up on some pictureless books as well.

  72. haha "slipping a free copy of Bersker in my bag"



  73. BQ: I was celebrating Mrs. Slocombe’s life.

  74. just: an update the snow was awesome. i rule