This one’s for the history lovers out there. Those who appreciate the finer comics things in life will understand the value of The Best of EC Comics Artist’s Edition out in June from IDW.

EC Comics was responsible for some of the greatest genre comics of the the era, until Professor Wertham’s witch hunt basically put them out of business. How about these names? Frank Frazetta. Al Williamson. Harvey Kurtzman. Bernie Krigstein. Johnny Craig.

Most of these original art pages haven’t been seen by anyone other than their owners, and if you’ve never seen pages from these masters, you’re in for an immense treat of comic book history. I saw a page of Kurtzman original art at a museum exhibit, and I’m still thinking about how good it was. And that page was mounted up next to a bunch of Kirby originals. So, I’m a little excited.


Look for this glorious thing in June for $95, which is, admittedly, pretty pricey.


  1. This is going to be so beautiful and great. I feel like this edition was created just for me and I’m sure it will be wonderful. I really want to get just about all of these artists editions but, unfortunately, the price point is too high to fit into my meager budget.

  2. Producing an image like that on the cover would be like, my life’s work.

  3. So for this artist edition does anyone know if it is a collection of indiviaully awesome pages or a collection of stories that they were able to find all the orignal artwork for?

  4. I need a better way to display/store these artists editions. Hard not to consider buying this one too.

  5. IDW’s Artist Edition’s are my vice. I want them all. I’m really looking forward to this one as the Wally Wood EC one was so great, and the Jack Davis one from later this year looks fantastic as well. That’s a solid line-up of old school creators. Definitely going to be picking this one up.

  6. Wow, this is awesome. I would love to own all these editions but just can’t really afford them…but this one may tempt me beyond my normal restraint.

  7. That cover is truly incredible. I’ll definitely be picking this up and eventually a new bookshelf where it and future volumes can rest.

  8. I thought a McFarlane Spidey edition would end up being my first, but I can’t pass this up…

  9. I have the Daredevil AE and I just cant find the best way to display these. I have tried the wood easels and the don’t fully support the bottom of the book. Any suggestions? I really want this book. Nice write-up, Josh.

  10. OK. June and 95 bucks. I’ll start saving now.

    The most chilling thing on the cover (for me) are the words: “Volume One.” I can’t stand the anticipation.

  11. I’ll be dipping into my kids’ college fund for this. Yes I will.