IDW Publishing Collects Archie in 2010!

On the heels of Archie‘s sudden resurgence in the comic book cultural zeitgeist… around here, anyway… okay, mostly with me… comes news that starting in May 2010, IDW Publishing will begin offering classic Archie Comics in new trade paperbacks.

First up is Archie: The Best of Dan DeCarlo Volume 1, which collects some of the best work of the man who drew Archie for over 50 years and is as responsible for Archie’s iconic look than anyone else. The collection will feature stories reproduced from the original art pages, and will be recolored.

Future “Best of” collections will include volumes dedicated to Bob Montana and Stan Goldberg.

Following Archie: The Best of Dan DeCarlo Vol. 1 in May 2010, will come Archie: The Classic Newspaper Comics Vol. 1, to be released in June 2010. This hardcover collection will include the Archie newspaper strips from 1946-1948 which were drawn by Bob Montana. These are the strips where the character and relationships that Archie fans know and love were first developed.

In July 2010 comes Archie: Pureheart the Powerful which collects the brief series of “Archie as superhero” stories which were published in the 1960s . Man, you’ve got to love some of the crazy stuff that came out of the 1960s.

So there you have it, IDW’s first wave of Archie collections hits next year and hopefully they are a success because in the history of American comic books, these are important books and important stories and they deserve the archive treatment.



  2. Pretty cool, I actually can’t wait to read some of these. I’m sure some of them are horribly outdated now.

  3. Archie already puts put  collections of their own, I wonder why they’re farming these out to IDW?


    I’m probably in for the newpaper strip reprints. I’d also be interested if they put out spme big black and white "phone-book" collections, ala the essentials or showcase.

  4. When I was a kid, everytime I would go with my mom to the grocery store, I would make her by me one of the Archie Digests.  I had tons…and had know idea who drew any of them.  I cant wait to re-read these stories.

  5. I smell Book of the Month.