I miss the old Hostess Cupcakes ads

And now I’m hungry.


  1. I once gave it to someone on the old chinchilla.

    It got weird.

  2. Are all those question marks really necessary, Dick??????? 

  3. Never saw a Batman ad before.

    I remember getting back into comics the same time Spider-Man 3 came out. The tie-in game came out and I was confused on why a random mission was to stop theives taking a ‘Hostess’ Truck. I’m like: "What a random choice for product placement".

    Little did I knew that this was an homage to these classic ads. But again, I didn’t know DC were in on this too. Thought it was a Marvel thing.

  4. Fur Plaza? Who knew Gotham had such a lasting monument to the trapping industry.

  5. I’m trying to find comedian Patton Oswalt’s mock script for a Punisher/Fruit Pies ad, but the page is dead on his site, so the next best thing is the video some fans made from Oswalt’s script: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNCYuEHWmO8

  6. How did giving her the cupcakes stop the robbery? If she didn’t stop to eat, would she really have been able to outrun two grown men (well, one grown man and a manboy) with an armload of furs? In those heels, no less? There are some serious plot holes here; I’m going to try and figure them out and get a no-prize.

  7. "that’s giving it to her on the old chinchilla!!!!" What does that even mean??

    Didn’t they reprint a spider man hostess ad in the last issue of ASM? That was pretty good as well 

  8. I like how Batman is stating how impressive her style of fashion is.

    Smiling away while she’s probably stealing hundreds of dollars worth of fur. If this was 1700s America then the French would be pissed at him.

  9. @ArtiePhilie I think it implied that Batman and Robin seeded every Fur store in the whole plaza with Hostess products. The Sable was delayed by their tasty sweetness long enough for B&R to find her on their patrol past all their Cupcake traps. Too bad they cut the add right before the next panel, where the Sable Lady gnaws off her own arm to get away.

  10. notice how shes wearing a brown fur coat and shes weraing a white dress and batman keeps reittering her "great taste? Batman wasnt left wondering "wheres the cream filling?"

  11. Man this is great.  I love how she was defeated by gluttony.

  12. I always liked the twinkie one with wonderwoman

  13. @convoy83: The one where she raced the train?

  14. @convoy83: Ah, yes — a classic!

  15. Man I could go for some Hostess cupcakes right now.

  16. I love these completely random posts.

  17. Damn you, Conor…now I want to eat a delicious Hostess Cupcake 🙁 

  18. There was a Spider-Man one in this weeks issue of ASM

  19. I was just looking at those old adds that were done by the company that makes the fruit pies.  There was one with Daredevil and another with the RoadRunner.  Classic stuff.

  20. Oh no!  What mischief have you gotten into now, Winona Rider?

  21. The webcomic Super Stupor did a great parody of those ads here:


  22. i liked on dexter’s lab the Justice Friends Paradoy of these 😀

  23. Horatio, you crack me up.

  24. "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

    I see a rather unique collected edition of ads like this on its way. Poor Sable Lady, then the world will never forget how weak you truly were.

  25. Hey I found a website that has a collection of all the Hostess ad’s! Some of them are really funny. Especially the Aquaman ads.


  26. I thought these were only in marvel books!

  27. Nope. 🙂

  28. Oh yeah…I love me the smell of nostalgia.  I always thought the Flash one was cool.

  29. I’ve been reading comics since 1981, and I NEVER knew that DC Comics also did these Hostess ads. I was such a Marvel Zombie as a kid in the early 80s, I had hundreds of Marvel comics and like 3 DC comics. So I fondly remember Spider-Man throwing Hostess Fruit Pies at hungry criminals, but had no idea Batman was doing the same thing!

  30. How do these ads fit into continuity? 😛

  31. Anyone know Yahtzee from the Zero Punctuation game reviews? He made up a fak Hostess ad featuring Rorschach from Watchmen: http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/features/rorschach.htm


    Theres also an archive page with all the actual ads: http://www.seanbaby.com/hostess.htm

  32. The Hostess Ads are classic.  My all time fave was the one with Batman saving a singing act from being sucked into a piano!!!  I also find the real ones are so much more entertaining then the zillion tired parodies.

    But while I love the Hostess ads, the greatest comic strip type ad ever in history is the classic Dr. J/Rick Barry Spalding Basketball ad!

    "A 30 Footer!"


    I remember this being on TONS of comics when I was a kid.

  33. I remember that Dr. J and Rick barry ad! OMG that was in like EVERY comic back in the day!

  34. @Edez: They were retconned just like the letter’s pages.

  35. @TNC: nice find!

  36. Oh Batman, is there anything you won’t sell out for? 😉

    It’s fun to look at these now, remembering those days. As a _very_ young kid they bugged me. I had this strange continuity-like funny feeling about them. I think down deep in me I wanted to somehow place these ads into the on-going storylines.

    It’s funny to remember that feeling now, but that’s one of my earliest impressions.