Human Target – S01E12 – Christopher Chance

Tonight’s Episode – Christopher Chance

In tonight’s season finale we go back to the past to see how Christopher Chance went from hitman working for The Old Man to wisecracking do-gooder. This should be a good one.

I’ve enjoyed this show more than I thought I would. I really hope it comes back for another season.


As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. It is coming back for a 2nd season! I believe at WonderCon they had a panel and the creators/actors stated a 2nd season is in the works.

    I’m trying this out on my ipod touch so pray this works….I can’t wait to finally see the origin of Chance.

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, is there anyone else doing this? Or is it just me tonight?

  3. I’ll be here but I’ll be in and out. I’m still cooking dinner.

  4. I watched this a couple of nights ago. Had no idea it was a season finale. It was great though, probably my favorite episode so far. Loved the origins story, Baptist was back, and we even get to see a little bit of action between Chance and Guerrero. Very entertaining episode.

  5. Here we go!

  6. Is this the Foot from TMNT?

  7. Chance’s place is bigger then I thought

  8. That’s a weird name for a person..

  9. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

  10. Okay that still is a weird name for a guy…

  11. He wass about to shoot the dog, that’s how you know they’re evil

  12. Damn this just got real!

    Winston using a shotgun.

  13. After a while I wouldn’tlet anyone call me Connie. But I’m not also cool as Chance is.

  14. I wish this was Chance’s former boss. Can’t wait to see who it is.

  15. I’m hoping it’s either Rick Springfield or Ed Harris like I suggested last time.

  16. For a second I though that guy was Tim Curry.

  17. Funny how no one on the streets saw these guys break into this buildig.

  18. This is a straight up origins story



  19. Such a cute dog!

    Plus did they just show who I think will be his boss with the cast credits?

  20. This woman had killed before with her cookies.

  21. OOO, he’s evil

  22. Though you’d think they’d make his reveal a bit bigger

  23. Wow sorry that was not good line reading by the man in the shadows.

  24. "I’m single and I live downtown….also I used to work for vampire detective and was a doctor in a sci-fi brothel"

  25. Not scared enough to get semi-naked.

  26. Knew that was going to be Guerreo.

  27. Now we get to see this dude on action!

  28. Not surprised these two are also good friends.

  29. Is this Lee Majors or Mickey Rourke? Cause it sounds like both at this point.

  30. Rick Sprinfield!

  31. Christopher Chance?! Wha?!

  32. no..Lee Majors

  33. Interesting. So the name is symbolic to the person who weilds is. Kinda comc booky.

  34. Christopher Chance is apparently like thr Dread Pirate Roberts


    Why is she answering the phone while in hiding?

  35. “You know I could be a P.I. at a small town working for a pie maker right now!”

  36. "Or a tough but fair Boston high school principal!"

  37. Oh they kissed, that means she’s dead…

  38. How does she know so much about shipping containers?

  39. She took a class on shipping containers in college, she needed it for her shipping container major

  40. @herosville College Credit?

  41. What’s in those jars anyway? And who did they get to put all that together?

  42. That seems like a waste of storage.

  43. I like Baptise, hopefully we see more of him next season.

  44. It didn’t look like she was in the boat.

  45. Should anything happen to Valley I think Baptise should be the next Chance.

  46. Aw they killed the interesting character! I wouldve love to see more of this guy.

  47. Oh no! Winston might be in trouble.

  48. Well we knew he had to die for him to take the name

  49. But that moment was genuinely shocking

  50. Well I guess the boss is screwed.

  51. Or not?

    Well I guess we know what the plot is for the next episode/season.

  52. This episode signifys why this is such a good series.

    It has a great cast, good history with the characters, a nice universe setting up, great action. Basically it’s a tiny series of films fit onto one hour. There was a tiny hiccup in this with the ‘death’ of Katherine. Maybe it was just bad CGI but I swear I didn’t see a body when the boat blew up. Maybe that comes back later on in the series?

    FOX has a really good hit on their hands if they keep at it. Maybe a good replacement for 24? Still I hope there is another season just to save Winston. Chi McBride doesn’t go out like that!

  53. That was all kinds of awesome!

  54. Maybe she wasn’t on the boat and hr just wanted Chance to think she was…DUN-DUN-DUN!

  55. I assumed this show would fall victim to being preempted for other programming after 4 episodes. While not a great show, it’s one that I enjoy and I’m happy to see that it went through it’s entire season unobstructed by Fox executives.

  56. Also, I want to see more of that female computer whiz who guest starred in a couple of episodes in the first season. Crush.

  57. If you wanna be cyncical could it be that Valley is now distantly related to Rupert Murdoch by marriage that this show is being left alone?  Though really if its was hemmoraging money Fox would drop it like a brick.

  58. Lee Majors is fuckin awesome

  59. With the 6 million dollar man, Danger bay and the beach combers being covered, all they needed to do to complete the episode was to have Chance jump into Airwolf to hunt down Winston’s captors

  60. Well he did go off in a helicopter

  61. my name is CHRISTOPHER CHANCE… what a great show!!!!

     Wish i coulda been here for som liveblogging action… anyways, comic book fans know the old tenet: no body = no death

  62. Nobody is born with the name Christopher Chance….. But i’ll sure as hell be looking that name next season.

    ps any idea when the DVD’s come out.

  63. My theory, she’s alive & has the book, Chance doesn’t know that, she dies for real in the next season premire since Amy Acker already has a new show.

  64. I really enjoyed this show more than I thought, too.  But, by the episode where Chance is having a great hand to hand in a moving frickin’ car, I said, "Okay, this will be great.", but, the moment I really liked Valley for Chance was in the first episode and he and his client are about to jump out the back of the crashing train car, and he says, "C’mon, it’ll be fun."  Yeah, that was pretty cool.

    This episode would be the one I would point people to if they wanted to get onboard real quick to understand the whole set up.  Very solid show.  Solid season.

    Bring on Season 2.