Human Target – S01E07 – Salvage and Reclamation

Tonight's Episode: Salvage & Reclamation

Let forth your thoughts, comments, and live-bloggitude!


  1. Wow nobody did it this week. I had an excuse, I work now on Wednesday.

    I have it on DVR so I’ll comment it tomorrow.

  2. No one watched it tonight??? This show is awesome! And this episode was good

  3. I watched it but this blog wasn’t up during the broadcast.  The guy from Love, Actually who moved to America was in this.

  4. Finally got to watch after a looooong day.

    Man, this show is a lot of fun. Humor, action, and appealing characters. The opening scene when Chase tries to bluff the soldier in Spanish was really funny. And we need to see more of Maria because she and Chase have intense chemistry.

    I feel like we’re going to see Bertram and his ridiculous haircut again.

    Next week looks GREAT!

  5. @heroville haha guy from Love Actually, I said the same thing when I saw A Single Man

  6. I usually DVR it and watch it later in the week.. but this show has some of the best action secquences in TV.  I really really enjoy it.

  7. LOVE this show… each episode is like a mini-44 minute movie..

  8. Finally got around to watching it. Great as always.

    I’m loving that we are getting so many glimpses of Chance’s life but not really fleshing them out. It’s better if his life stays this mysterious cause it would be overdoing it to reveal so much at one time. Music was a bit off to me though. Can’t put my finger on why but it seemed like the music wasn’t that well….put together. Minor quibble though.

    Next week looks amazing! A man he trained to be a hired killer? Loads of fun you could have there.

  9. More people need to be watching this show, it is pure fun.  I can’t believe there are only 8 comments on this weeks thread so far this week.  Probably due to people recording the show, like myself.  I’ll probably get to it on Saturday.



  10. i watch it on hulu because i don’t have a tv. it’s a fun show and i hope the ratings take into account the various ways of watching.