Human Target – S01E05 – Run

Tonight's Episode – Run

I've really been enjoying Human Target and would like to see it continue. So the big question is: How have the ratings been?

Episode 1 – 10.09 million viewers
Episode 2 – 10.46 million viewers
Episode 3 – 9.60 million viewers
Episode 4 – 7.76 million viewers

I'm not going to lie to you, dear readers, that's a pretty bad trend. I'd feel better if and when the numbers stabilize, but they haven't yet. Even if they bottom out at about 7 million viewers, these days I'd think that that would be good enough for a full-season pick-up. Maybe they should move the show back to Tuesday?



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I like this show and it’s on my DVR.  I hope they’re catching that!!

  2. Not even caring about the ratings. This show is too much fun to get into all of that seriousness.

    Only 37mins to go!

  3. I have this on my queue on Hulu, and I’ve enjoyed it throughly so far.

  4. It’s starting!

  5. I’m gonna be a few minutes behind… I’ll probably be live after the first commercial break.

  6. I thought the guy had a sex change or something. lol

  7. Like it how the narrator is talking to himself.

  8. That’s not the Smoking Man from X-Files in the car is it?

  9. Yes, drive towards the men shooting at you.

  10. That lady could be Ana Torv’s stunt double

  11. I watched this episode this morning. This ones as good as the rest, but don’t expect a lot of Rorschach this week.

  12. So the regular government won’t help you out…..why?

  13. I like it how much he acts like a college student.

  14. I swear I’ve seen this lady before. Anyone recognize her?

  15. I’ve had stains like that on my shirt before.

  16. When she asked "Why?" it reminded me of when I asked a judge why I had to call him "Your Honor"

  17. I would be interested in finding out how people find out about Chance. They just seem to sort of have a problem and then end up at his office.
  18. Charles Barkley needs to lose some weight.

  19. @PraxJarvin: I was thinking that too.

  20. @Prax: Thanks for that, but I still don’t recognize her. lol

  21. @PraxJarvin I imagine since he deals with a very particular clientele its all through word of mouth

  22. I’m live. I had to skip through about 30 seconds of the show there to get live, but screw it. Now I’m live.

  23. This supervisor — the DA, I guess — he’s got to be a bad guy. He’s always a bad guy.

  24. He’s like Rain Man, but at least Chance can use guns.

  25. Or maybe he’s the chief ADA.

  26. @conor You’re good, you just missed the MiniMarvels skit

  27. @conor: Fuck it! Do it live!!

  28. Have we seen Chance shoot people on the show? I can’t remember. I was thinking about that today when I was reading the comic.

  29. Winston just called, he says we’re out of tacos for lunch…..I’m sorry.

  30. Mark Valley has good genes. He does not look 45.

  31. @conor: He shoots sometimes, but in true A-Team fashion he never hits anything.

  32. This is gonna turn out to be a twist

  33. If that was Cigarette Smoking Man in the first scene… he does not scream irish mobster to me. He’s a little WASPy.

  34. See

  35. Well that was easy….

  36. and so it begins. God I love the pacing and layouts of these fights.

  37. Pacey’s brother just has the kinda face you WANT to punch!  Hit him again Chance!

  38. That was exciting. This show excels at close qusrters fight scenes.

  39. Seatbelts save lives…..unless you’re Christopher Chance

  40. Great sequence. It feels like I’m watching a mini-film.

  41. @Heroville "Unsafe at Any Speed II" 😉

  42. Jesus shoot her already

  43. She seems a little naive for a seasoned ADA.

  44. Damn these guys are good.

  45. She’s stupid, so so stupid.

  46. "Take your clothes off" is usually step one for me

  47. If only the hunt for Whitey Bulger was this exciting.

  48. I love it how Winson isn’t excited anymore. He’s used to this stuff with the phone convo’s now.

  49. "They try to cover up but I’ve already seen everything"

  50. She’s only in her……*wispers* Bra….

  51. Guererro is a surgeon!

  52. I’m guessing this show is shot in Vancouver because it sure looks a lot like fake-New York.

  53. We just passed by that Guerrero probably just killed someone. lol

  54. When someone groans like that, it never is a good thing.

  55. I thought this was fake Chicago?

  56. Chris Mulkey — Popping up in the most unlikely places.

  57. It’s interesting how every client isn’t perfect nor are they not criminals in one way or another.

  58. God I hope she has to walk around with tinfoil on her head for the rest of the ep

  59. @PraJarvin:  It’s definitely shot in Vancouver.

  60. Taco Bell drive thru and a serious dose of fiber should take care of this…

  61. Oh snap!

  62. Yeppers

  63. Oops.

  64. Abilify! The drug that Christopher Chance recommends on a daily basis.

  65. Err… "There’s no official record of it…" and "He split when I was two" don’t actually agree with each other.

  66. @Prax: She’s probably hiding more info from him, at this state it seems likely.

  67. @PraxJarvin: Unless the falsified her birth certificate when she was born.

  68. Old cop who wants to set things right? Yeah he’s gonna die.

  69. "Saw your underpants too"

  70. Damn! Every episode he does something pretty damn badass.

  71. Hahaha. Guererro doesn’t fuck around.

  72. Man, Haley is badass.  

    @Conor True. But the construction of the sentence is that him leaving when she was two is the reason there’s no record of it.

  73. "Lady this is Rice King Chinese Food, you got the wrong number"

  74. You don’t see that kind of gunplay at Sacred Heart

  75. Called it!

  76. Blah Blah Blah lady.

  77. There’s a reason why Gordon left Chicago to go TO Gotham City.

  78. @conor: Chicago has Chance, Gotham has Batman…..Yeah I prefer Gotham.

  79. Genius!

  80. Where’s Chance?

  81. That music sting sounded like something from THE DARK KNIGHT.

  82. Ah, nevermind. The show loves to misguide the audience.

  83. I bet her stomach was cut out and is on a shelf in there.

  84. Ah, well.

  85. Damn I was hoping for the stomach….as conor mentioned

  86. I feel like leading through the door with your head is probably not a smart tactical move.


  88. "Daddy this totally makes up for not getting me a pony"

  89. Is it the Cigarette Smoking Man? I forgot what he looks like……oh wait.

  90. Oh, so she’s Mulder’s sister? :p

  91. Do they ever get paid? lol

  92. Did he end up as Mulder’s father? I dropped off that show after about five seasons when it became clear that they were making it up as they went along. 

  93. He’s the Terminator!

  94. GUererro is going to make Gibson feel pain.

  95. Damn, not Guererro.

  96. It ended almost exactly like Y

  97. nice endinG!

  98. "You can’t run from me… I’m Batman!"

  99. That’s not a good sign for Gibson…

  100. I want to see some more exploration of Chance’s very clear and deep dark side.

  101. Next week looks fun!

  102. I really wish we could have seen him beat the crap out of Gibson!!!!  D8mmit!!!

  103. Another great episode. So far it’s been five and there hasn’t been a low point at all. Writing? Solid. The Action? Oh yeah there is a lot of it and it’s downright perfect. The acting? All great all around, especially Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley.

    I don’t care about the slipping ratings, there is no better action show out there right now then this. Can’t wait for next week.

  104. @Conor I don’t think it ever got explicitly stated, but there was a lot of hinting and such for the last few years of the show.

  105. I really liked this episode, I was really iffy on the first episode but it’s continuing to win me over. My favorite episode so far. 

    The car stunt was I believe movie quality and that’s hard for a t.v. show to pull off.

    Someone mentioned birth certificates. Mom only has to say "I don’t know." and it’s left blank. Which if you were a huge mob guy, you’d want your "on the side" not turning up legitimately.  

  106. If anyone is still nervous about the ratings, the ratings for this episode was a 8.9 or a 9. So that is almost a 2 million increase in viewership from last episode. So…..I think we’re fine we can stop worrying. 🙂

  107. I think I officially fell in love with this show right at the very last scene.