Hugo Weaving is the Red Skull

It was just announced that Hugo Weaving was cast as the Red Skull in next year's Captain America: The First Avengers, to star opposite Chris Evans. Weaving's past credits are a cornucopia of geek-approved cult films, so it seems like a perfect match.


Make way for Johann!  I can think of no thing about this that isn't fantastic.  Weaving seems perfect.  We know he has gravitas and can be threatening all at the same time. It isn't often that you can say this and have it be a good thing, but I think he would be an excellent Nazi.


  1. Ace news! I’m curious as to how Red Skull will be portrayed in this "dark and gritty" superhero movie-world we’ve got now. I mean, the guy’s a Nazi, it doesn’t get any more black-and-white than that. Also, willhe wear a mask or not? That’s much more important.

  2. Zeig heil herr Skull! I know this was speculated for some time but it’s finally nice to have it confirmed. This is great news and I agree with Josh that this is a perfect fit. Now as look as they don’t cast Dakota Fanning as Bucky this will be a great film.

  3. He’s certainly proven he can act effectively (in my opinion) behind a mask.  I have faith in him.

  4. The skull’s face has gotta be cgi enhanced makeup right?

  5. This is great casting.

  6. @JesTr.

     i can actually see this guy as Red Skull. Its actually kinda scary. ha


  7. I hope they don’t go a CG route with the mask, it’s too distracting. They can easily do it with practical makeup. Hire Tom Savini and be done with it. Or whoever Del Toro got for Hellboy II

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  9. Just announced?


    Sorry Josh, I couldn’t resist.. it’s an internet thing ^_^”

  10. it depends on how they interpret the character…is it a mask or is it the disfigurement?

  11. It was just officially announced. I got a press release any everything.

  12. @Harper, @Roi, @wally: Maybe they can do both. Start him off in a mask in the 40s and have him disfigured in the present.

  13. I’m just hoping they don’t make him disfigured.  I always liked that the Red Skull wears the mask just because he likes to look scary.  

  14. I guess old news is new again

  15. Fantastic call… I wouldn’t have thought of it, but it makes SO much sense. I’m all for it

  16. Cool. I’m still not 100% sold on Chis Evans, but Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull is GREAT.

  17. I love me some Weaving. If I can’t have him as Sinestro, I’ll happily take him as the Skull.

  18. Ditto WheelHands

  19. @SirSullymore: I think he would’ve been an absolutely perfect Sinestro. Can you imagine his massive eyes in black with yellow irises? Oh well. After seeing Sherlock Holmes last week, I have no doubt that Mark Strong will be more than sufficient. There’s actually a line towards the end where he says "I will use fear to rule this world." Gave me chills.

  20. You HAVE to see the Hugo Weaving movie "The Interview"… he’s an amazing performer even while not playing Megatron.

  21. Hooray! This counteracts my indifference for Chris Evans. Cause no matter how good/bad the film is; Weaving will give 110% in his preformance. Perfect casting.

  22. Super sweet.

  23. This is going to be awesome. Weaving is a hell of an actor, he can even make the most boring of films seem exciting the minutes he’s in them. And no matter how much make up for whatever they put on him, he’ll still be able to do a hell of a job, we know this because of V.

  24. Awesome. My only concern would be him possibly outshining Cap, like Joker did Batman.

  25. Mr. Rogers? doesn’t sound as cool as Anderson

  26. He was great in V for Vendetta even though his entire performance was behind a mask.  I’m so stoked by this announcement as I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pick.

  27. Great casting. I know Weaving will be a great Red Skull. Though, I hope they don’t update him to anything else, but a Nazi.

    And hopefully we won’t get have Weaving do his Agent Smith voice:

    "Caaaaaaptain America."

  28. It’s a great choice. Maybe the press release just came out, but Comic Geek Speak talked about this like a month ago, and they seemed 100% sure it was happening then.

  29. Previous news was that Marvel was close to a deal with Weaving.  Current news is that it’s a done deal.